Peter and Paul on the lake
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Description: Take a look at this a couple of young males. Both of them are the just embodiment of sex and passion.Observe how tenderly they suck yummy cocks of each other. Notice how much fun experiencing Paul, when Peter penetrates his ass with his long thick dick!
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Description: Today I get aquainted with Zachary Perry on my couch and I ask him what kinds of things make him horny. He likes jock type guys, muscles, and smiles. He also shares a secret fetish of his. Zachary is totally into leather but hasn't had an opportunity for it to happen yet! Hmm, maybe I can help him out in the future! Zachary has some amazing stories and is pretty talkative, which I like. He tells his story about a time he ran into his ex and they ended up fucking in a public bathroom. Zachary admits to being more of a bottom and that he loves to get fucked. This horny cutie is ready to show off his goods so I let him kick back and do what comes natural. Zachary's smooth body has been chiseled by years of dance, working out and fucking. His chest has just the perfect amount of definition and his abs ripple down to a perfect pube patch. Zachary rubs on his crotch and I can see he is already hard just from talking with me. He unzips his pants and out pops his thick penis and soft sack. Zac
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Description: Always popular, always horny Matthew explains that he and Rod are ¡§about to watch a video here and think maybe you guys would wanna watch us watch a video.¡¨ Welcome back to the world according to Defiant. As Matthew explains, ¡§think we¡¦re gonna get right to down to it.¡¨ Down to it, in this world, means here comes Matthew¡¦s one-eyed monster out to play. He plays hard. After a tentative two-finger hand job, Rod inhales Matthew¡¦s monster in a way that brings a smile to Mr. Matters: ¡§you like the taste of that cock?¡¨ ¡§O, yeah. Yummy,¡¨ Rod manages to mumble, admitting, ¡§think that¡¦s bigger than mine.¡¨ Yup. Bigger than most. ¡§I like it when you jack it and suck it at the same time,¡¨ encourages Matthew. ¡§That¡¦s just how I hold mine,¡¨ explains Rod. Rod¡¦s rod seems small next to Matthew¡¦s (almost anyone¡¦s would), but that doesn¡¦t stop Matthew from lathering it up with an expert tongue bath. ¡§You¡¦re a pro at this,¡¨ Rod