Youthful Lads
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Added: 10 Nov 09
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Description: After a lonely walk in the park, a youthful lad fantasizes about sucking cock.
Fireman's big hose
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Description: Maddock is a tall drink of water in a collared shirt and a broad smile. A combination of short dark hair, a youthful face, and some great energy gives Maddock a boy next door look. This handsome lifesaver is actually the fireman next door. He shares some great stories about the antics that go on in the firestation, with all the *********ly love running around. On more than one occasion Maddock has recieved a casual pat on the head of his dick from one of his comrades during some station shower fun. He has been facinated with porn since he was a [banned word] and has chosen my studio to dive right into the industry. When the pants come off, out comes a very impressive fireman's hose. Maddock takes charge, grips his cock and puts it to work. His long, lean torso starts to perspire as the attention on his cock intensifies. His rippled muscles and his heavy tattoos start to shine while he edges closer and closer to the to orgasm. His hips start rocking, his big brown eyes lift towards my l
Nudist Frat Outside
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Description: Standing 6'4” tall sporting a nice fury chest, belly, and pubes (which have never been trimmed), Peter is one big beautiful guy! His handsome youthful face is a bit deceiving. This 21 year old native Island boy has the stature, demeanor, and voice of someone much older and wiser. Yep, this laid back Island Stud has one sexy man's voice. His fine white ass and thighs reveals that he is not a nudist and usually wears shorts while working in his boss's orchard. I asked this gentle giant if he would be willing to work in the lychee orchard naked for my cameras. Peter was completely comfortable balls out, up a ladder, harvesting and eating this tasty fruit. Enjoy yet another sexy naked Island Stud worker!
Jungle Cruisers 2
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Added: 30 May 09
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Description: Everything is status quo until two jungle rangers Jose Versas and Alex Mello appear. They plot to sneak up on the masturbating model-perfect boy. With the same two hidden bystanders lurking nearby, the two guards attempt to humiliate their captive, first by grilling him about the size of his penga, then by working their fingers and batons into the lilly-white ass of the youth, who is obviously no virgin to orgiastic sex scenes! As the sound of parrots squawk in the background, the sound of a tongue-smacking suckfest ensues. Pero Coresma, the hot boy captive, gives Jose Versas -- God of Brazil -- a tonsil-tickling blow-job. Can you blame him? Jose's got the hottest body south of the Amazon, and the cutest, sultriest lips. Before long, the captured twink gets hammered by Jose, then rear-ended by Alex's gigantic black jungle hard-on. Then, in an explosive climax, the bottom is literally showered with the white ecstasy juice from the two sentinel tops.
Randy Blue - Nathan Wright
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Description: With a lickably smooth torso and gorgeously hairy legs, Nathan Wright embodies both a youthful and manly look. Check him and other hot guys out at Randy Blue. Why else was the internet created?