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Description: With all the fuzz going around me I was worried if I am gonna find someone I need for my special “project” . After very long period of time I've spotted young, well build hunk walking in my direction. I didn't hesitate and approached him. He wasn't one of the festival goers, just getting back home from a shopping. Perfect prey for my dirty game. I was impressed with his size. After a short chat I found out that he studies at army academy. Perfect catch for me cause I love uniformed men. I got him into selling me his undies and I knew this was the time for me to strike, and go straight to the point. Was hard to come up with a right amount as a reward for what was about to come. But I've said to myself, that I won't regret even if I pay him more the usually. I knew there is something very special and sexy about him. He was a real turn on. What happend in hotel room was breath taking, Gents!
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Description: Chris Harder and Levi Michaels are two handsome, adventurous, and sexually liberated young men! For their scene, they decided that they wanted to explore the path less traveled - literally. So they went out for a hike and when they found a place that was semi-secluded they got completely naked and went to town on each other!
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Description: Two horny young men are hard at work and decide to go bareback at each other right there on the construction sight!
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Description: Hot and hairy young men on a bed. These are some of my favorite things! Laid back Mark shares his easy-living philosophy with city boy Seth. The boys talk about life, love, and some foot love talk. Seth seems a little more energetic than usual. Maybe it's the straight boy, surfer hottie sitting next to him that ruffled his feathers today. They had passed each other in the halls of the studio, but never formally met. Seth is more than pleased to be set up with this So-Cal cutie. Riled up and ready for action, Seth must have skipped breakfast, because he starts gobbling Mark's hairy hole like a full course meal. Sucking, fucking, ass munching, and two huge pink dicks! I sure love my job.
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Description: What could be better than a hot young stud with a big full bush and an uncut cock? Two uncircumcised, hot, and hairy lads fucking like the world is about to end! Power bottom Lance came in feeling pretty good about himself, since winning a wet underwear contest the night before. He tells me he would like to top sometime and show off his skills. After getting a peek at his scene partner, however, Lance is more than happy to accept the 8.5 inches of straight boy schlong coming his way. When America finds out that Lance is 1/2 Cherokee Indian, he becomes giddy like a school girl and explains that he had never had one before. America seems to be very fond of Lance, especially when the head of his dick starts to tickle the power-bottom's tonsils. Greedy Lance takes every inch of America's Turkish sausage and begs for more. What a great day for porn. Hot bodies, hard abs, uncircumcised cocks, full pubic manes, and young beautiful men.
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Description: Jason's getting a reputation as a top, but Max isn't willing to take that lying down. Max takes the bull by the horn, though, as he power bottoms for him. Max sucks Jason's hard cock, and then he feeds his big cock to him before giving his ass to Jason's long hard strokes.Their epic explosions, Max's reaching his chest, are the culmination of their exciting afternoon together. GayHoopla members will revel in the hot sex between these two gorgeous young men.
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Description: Anderson comes from a long tradition of men in the Marines. Although fighting wasn't where his mind was at when he joined, he wanted to be part of something that would make him proud. He is a member of the Marine band. He's a slight young man and his woodland camouflage uniform almost seems too big for his frame. Having to shower around a bunch of other men had it's challenges for Anderson. A couple of times he would get aroused and had to hide his hardon from his fellow Marines. He's feeling pretty horny today and leans back before he starts pulling at his crotch. A few minutes later he's unbuttoning his fly and pulling on a very large cock for such a little guy. He begins stripping down by pulling off his blouse and t-shirt. Beneath is a slim, toned body adorned with the familiar tattoo of the Eagle, Anchor, and Globe of the United States Marines. His abs tense as he strokes his giant swollen dick. Kneeling, he begins to manhandle his round rump, sliding a finger or two deep inside h
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Description: We have Zac today. I found this brave young man on the internet where he had posted photos of himself, wanting to find hot Navy men. Calling him up, I asked him come down to the studio to film for SDBoys; he now cums for us. He is 20 years old, 6'4" and likes to be outdoors, rock climbing or biking; Zac wants to get his college degree in electronics. I ask him about his preferences for Navy men, he says he really likes the "athletic types," hence the Navy, which he served in for a few years. As far as sex goes, Zac is a power bottom, who can even cum hands free if "you hit my G-spot." Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
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Description: Blonde, baby-faced, horny as fuck, and a ton of fun is the best way to describe Micah. This young scrapper came all the way from Colorado to storm his way into the wonderful world of porn. He loves men, women, and everything in between. He has a boyfriend, a girlfriend, and plenty of guys at the gym to get some hot and heavy ring-time in with. This guy is a walking hard-on! Power bottom Justin had no idea what he was in for when he saw that innocent face--all smiles and sweeter than honey, perched on my couch. Then Micah opened his mouth and gave Justin just a glimpse of just how worldly youngsters are these days. The boys get into some of my favorite subjects, MMA fighting, fucking, and getting straight guys to blow them. Man, I like this k*d! With both of these hotties' backgrounds in wrestling, the fucking is so good, they couldn't keep it on the couch, and ended up going at it on the floor. Puffing and panting all with a million dollar smile on his face, Micah renders Justin's ass
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Description: The final scene of this adventure features all eight boys as they gather together in a remote house to play a game of “strip balloons”. The object is to roll a giant dice, find a balloon with the number and then pick a person to take a piece of clothing off. Soon there are eight cocks and eight pairs of balls bouncing around attached to smooth golden skinned young Asian men ready for some action.
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Description: Johnny Rapid is almost ready to get out on parole but he needs a recommendation from the prison shrink. Landon Conrad seizes the opportunity to get in Johnny's tight ass and shares the treat with prison guard Cooper Reed!
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Description: If you're into twinks look no further, because these three young men are going to keep glued to the screen as they give each other oral pleasure. Cum inside and enjoy this raw threesome sex scene and watch as they reach orgasm and cum hard. Three horny twinks unload their creamy jizz on each other.
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Description: Conceived as a follow-up to the highly acclaimed series A THING OF BEAUTY, this new series is designed to explore and intertwine both the sexual and creative energy of both the filmmakers and performers. Meet Justin: A true southern boy with a big heart, a beaming smile, and a strong passion for music. He lives his life the same way he plays his guitar--on the fly. Along with Colby Keller and Duncan Black, Justin's version of the perfect day is collected into simple pleasures in life. And from that perfect day he creates a perfect song, sung around the campfire with friends and lovers. (Note: The music you hear in this film is a result of a collaboration between Justin Matthews, Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian, as all there worked to create both the mood, energy, and a sound track to a life well lived.) Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love showcases harmony in its many forms, celebrating the natural moments that occur from the Power of Three!Watch as these confident young men strip away their inhibitio
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Description: It must be summer holidays for so many hot twinks to have so much time on their hands. All around the neighbourhood the lads are sucking and fucking, hooking up in the cruising area or just kicking back in bed to do what young lads do best – pumping jizz!
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Description: A lad has to dump his load where and when he can, and our cameraman picks up horny young stud Jimy Fix from home early to take him to an outdoor spot where he's introduced to Luke London for some blowjob trading to empty their heavy sacks.
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