You Love Jack - Mario Costa! - Butt Buster!
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Added: 17 Sep 09
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Description: Mario can't even close his hand around the meaty shaft of his uncut cock but that doesn't stop him from grabbing that monster and pounding out a nice hot load all over his smooth twink belly. Muy caliente!
You Love Jack - Chris Nichols!
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Added: 20 Aug 09
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Description: This kinky little Italian twink works his cock while his fingers are buried deep in his ass - stretching that poor little hole until he shoots a massive load all over himself. He scoops up his jizz and stuffs it deep inside his ass before licking those fi
You Love Jack - Ashton Hardy
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Added: 12 Aug 09
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Description: He's a down on his luck club promoter with a gigantic uncut cock that he can't wait to pry out of his pants and show off for the camera. After releasing that monster of a cock he hops on his knees and slides two fingers deep in his ass before dumping a pi
You Love Jack - Twinks Take it Raw
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Added: 28 May 09
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Description: These two never take their eyes off each other and you can tell they re not following any kind of pattern - they re just moving on instinct, passion and lust. Fuck this is a hot video!
You Love Jack - Marcus Allen
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 01 May 09
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Description: Marcus was one of the very first models to appear on YouLoveJack! Several years have passed and he s matured into a deliciously fit young man with a scruffy beard which gives him that
You Love jack - Tucker Jones!!
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 23 Mar 09
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Description: Spring has sprung at YouLoveJack and we re kicking things off with a bare-naked college dude fingering his ass! Tucker is smoldering with dreamy desire as he gets lost in the simple acts of self pleasure...
You love Jack - SHAWN DOUGLAS 2
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Added: 05 Jan 09
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Description: Shawn's got it all... Beautiful dark skin, perfect chiseled abs. Thick uncut cock... And a dildo shaped like a pawn from some kind of gigantic chess set! I guess they do come in all shapes and sizes!
You Love Jack - Nick Jordan
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 12 Dec 08
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Description: Nick Jordan is back and looking better than ever! This hunky russion dude has a look of steely determination on his face as he expertly milks a load out of his curvy uncut cock. By the time he's done he's splattered mess all over his t-shirt AND the sheet
You Love Jack - Tommy Finch
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Added: 05 Dec 08
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Description: Tommy's a man of few words and it suits him just fine. According to this hot little number, "Why bother talking about it when I can just show you?!"
You Love Jack - Max and Shawn
Category: Blowjob
Added: 27 Nov 08
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Description: They literally rip each others clothes off before Max jumps on Shawn's cock and gets the action started. Before you know it they're swapping blow jobs, trading rim jobs and deposting their hot sticky loads all over each other. This is pure uninhibited gay
Nicky Blacklock and His Toys
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Description: Sure, stuffing his super thick 8 inch cock all the way into a transparent Fleshlight is fun... But things really heat up once his favorite butt plug is stuffed deep inside his ass! This fucker is double stuffed and he likes it like that!
You Love Jack Charlie Jack
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Description: There's no mistaking it - Charlie's hot as hell! That tight little body, those big blue eyes... That fucking thick 7 inch cock! If guys like this grew on trees we'd all be ****ers!
Joe Plummer!
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Added: 30 Oct 08
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Description: This smooth straight dude is packing a perfect 8 inch uncut cock and he's not afraid to use it
Oscar Mann
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Added: 14 Oct 08
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Description: From his all-american good looks to his monster physique, Oscar is a masterpiece. The second he takes his shirt off to reveal his huge pecs and incredible abs you know you're in for a treat and he doesn't disappoint. Fucking hell, this one is hot!
You Love jack Gregory Smith
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 22 Sep 08
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Description: Greg works as a junior broker at a small investment firm - well, he "used" to work there. The recent market shake-up left this fine looking young man out of work on the spot! And that's where we come in... "To be honest, I wanted to do this anyway," Greg
You Love Jack Naked As A Jaybird
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 15 Sep 08
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Description: Max is bare-ass naked when the video starts and it looks good on him! Turns out this cute-as-fuck small town dude is a practicing nudist "It's just another part of who I am," he confided in a note attached to his video. "I really don't see what the big d
Tyler Biggs
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 08 Sep 08
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Description: He just broke up with his girlfriend but according to Tyler, "That's okay, she was a fucking bitch!" Fight the power straight dude! And speaking of fighting the power - this one is quick to stuff a rather futuristic looking dildo up his ass! And judging
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 25 Aug 08
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Description: And in spite of all that, it's his laid-back attitude that really makes Kip shine. Oh, sure... he's confident and cock-sure. But by the time he's laying back on the couch and casually stroking his rock hard cock you almost forget you're watching a video.
Nicky Blacklock
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 20 Aug 08
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Description: His cock is rock hard as he slowly stretches his ass - stuffing his fingers all up in his guts before plugging that hole with a dildo. Then the dirty little skater grabs a rubber jack-off sleeve and uses it to stroke out one of the biggest loads i've seen