Bath tub Fuck
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Description: Zoran and Andy are from Sydney, ive met up with them a couple times when we've been up there for weekend trips. I invited them both over to my hotel and before I knew it they were at each other, in the bath of all places. So ofcourse I turned on the camera. Check them both out at BentleyRace in this and many more videos.
Piss party
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Description: Group of horny older guys in group piss and fuck session.
Bladder Expansion
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Description: I filled my bladder with about 1500 ml of water using a small pump and catheter. When I was feeling full I sat up so you can see my distended bladder poking out forward from my flat belly. After some massaging and stimulation I let most of the water flow out through the catheter into a clear container. Note all equipment and fluids used in full bulging bladder catheter irrigation, bladder watersports and bladder inflation must be sterile to avoid infection. If you like the vid please leave your comments and have a look at my pics and profile, too.
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Description: Rex Roddick visits Kieron Ryan's hotel room to see why the neighbors called in a complaint... IS HE REALLY A COP??? He teaches Kieron a lesson he WONT forget any time soon...
Public watersports
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Description: Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time. From the streets of San Francisco
Used like ragdoll
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Description: Sorry no sound, but was suppose to be quick blow n go, 5 hours laters ******* fucked several times on a hidden cam and barely remember any of it. Was mad when vid was e-mailed to me, now when I watch it, it's total turn on.