Cum Pusher
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Description: Matthias invites Arab stud Amir into his playroom for some fisting fun. Amir pulls out his thick cock for Matthias to worship before rough fucking and fisting his piggy-ass senseless and gives him a creamy load of Middle Eastern spunk.
Moonek and Axel Pierce
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Description: Although Axel loves his friend's hard cock, what he really has been longing for is a little foot worship and Moonek is only too happy to oblige. Axel wastes no time nuzzling Moonek's dirty smelly shoes, laying down so he can lick them all over. The beefy Moonek leans back and Axel eagerly licks and sucks all over his hard shaft. Soon he is pulling off Moonek's shoes to reveal the dirty smelly white athletic socks underneath. Axel alternates between sucking on Moonek's stiffy and his sock covered feet while he strokes himself until he is rock hard.
A Step In the Right Direction
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Description: Guess who calls us for some work, Shinji. He was here a while ago, jerking, but this straight boy wanted to come back to for more. We paired him with Yura who just worships boys. This video's not about romance, but it does show just what can happen under a skilled mouth and hand. As Yura works on Shinji, you can tell he's enjoying it, or at least his already hard cock is. Up and being blown, Yura also massages the boy's very sensitive nipples. And when his cock is deep throated, Shinji begins to moan. Yura puts his partner on his knees, jerking him before adding even more "stimulation." With precum oozing out and adding to the arousal, the pair gets comfy, as Shinji lays his head on Yura's shoulder. Watching Shinji closely, notice how he doesn't really want to look, but Yura has him on the edge; Shinji keeps one eye on his cock and the other one shut. Close, the boy starts pumping his hips. As he gives out a shout, Shinji blows a huge load that leaps into the air and land
Eight Feet O' Fun
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Description: 4 cute, smooth, sexy Asian boys + 8 smooth tastey feet = one HOT HOT foot worship foursome!
Feet / Cum Worship by Military guy
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Description: Aitan does some great boot worship, licking and caressing the boots, but finally gets down to what he really wants…FEET! He dives right in between those savory toes, touching every inch of the desirable shrimps wanting to be nib**** upon. All the while, Paco is masturbating intently in the background as Aitan is servicing his feet, completely enjoying every minute of his first experience with foot play. Unable to hold in his feet fervor any longer, Aitan finally gushes out hot, white spunk all over Paco's foot. Paco in turn, feeling the hot juices on his body, gets up on his knees and explodes a load of warm cum on his boots and Aitan's face. Aitan aggressively jumps for the cum, licking every last drop up off of Paco's boots. Aitan opens up his mouth, showing off for the cameras the white goo in his insatiable mouth.
Ink'd stud jerks off 6-7 times a day!
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Description: Owen the tattooed hooligan couldn't stop smiling the moment he hit the bed. This was obviously a dream come true to a guy who watches porn constantly and cums six to seven times a day...a day! He is into ass worship and can't wait to get his eager tongue into some lucky girl's tight pucker. He is very open minded and even got a blowjob in a festival booth from some guy. His strong inked arms stroked back and forth until his face turned a light shade of pink and his cock exploded all over his trimmed triangle of pubes. Still all smiles but now out of breath, Owen was the happiest hooligan on the block.
Locker Room Twinks
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Description: The next vignette is a duet in a locker room, with Joshua on his knees lapping and worshipping Timmy's young, but rock hard cock. The two lads fall into the ever pleasurable 69 before Timmy positions himself behind Joshua and eases his bare penis between his tight butt cheeks, plowing his arse until he's ready to shoot his load.