Latino Sexual Tention
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Description: An incredibly hot and cute latino construction worker is stopped before climbing the ladder by a cute white twink co-worker. They know they're alone and decide to break the sexual tention that has been going on all day between them. Soon they are fucking bareback on the floor in a mad release of sexual energy.
Mature JD Showing off his Cock
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Description: Is his hair really that color? Not sure, but I know that this warehouse worker is a nice fellow and a pleasure to be around. He's 36 y/o, 5' 11", and 165, and he's done a lot of moving in his life. He seems to have found a home here. Basically straight, he bends a little.
Interracial Twink Bareback Fuck
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Description: This cute Latin construction worker is stopped from climbing a ladder by his white twink co-worker. They know they're alone and decide to break the sexual tension that has been building. Soon the two are fucking bareback on the floor in a mad release of sexual energy.
Construction Site Sex
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Description: A construction worker asks his buddy over to help clean up after a particularly dirty day at the job site. One thing leads to another and these two end up getting down and dirty with each other. It's amateur action at its best!
Mateo And Alex
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Description: Mateo and Alex are two construction workers who've been giving each other the eye for weeks. Some overtime has been offered and both of them immediately voluteer to take on the two man job, knowing they will be the only ones on site. They find a secluded nook and the action begins as they shed their jump suits and release all that sexual tension they've had for each other for weeks!
TwinkBoy Media Two construction workers go bareback
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Description: Two horny young men are hard at work and decide to go bareback at each other right there on the construction sight!
Latino Deep Anal Bareback Fuck
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Description: Cute latino gay masturbates his cock when his co-worker saw him. His co-worker likes what his doing and offered him a sex. They do hard anal fucking at ranch and suck their cock deep throat until their cum comes out
Getting Sucked
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Description: Tanner was already checking out the lay of Kieran's land. Within minutes, Tanner reaches over and grabs Kieran's cock (that was as stiff as the rest of him). Tanner's skilled fingers worker their way into our graduate's pants and unleashed one of the biggest dicks I've seen on a scientist in a while! As mouth meets cock, Kieran's eyes widen then progressively roll back into his head as he gets the sucking of his life. The closer he gets to climax the faster his hips pump, shoving his cock further into Tanner's experienced throat, taking it all in. Finally Kieran explodes spreading his swinging ropes all over Tanners cheek and my carpet!
Boyhous Gets Pissed On and Fucked
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Description: Boyhous back talks muscle daddy Blaze, so gets tossed on the floor, used and pissed on by a group of muscled up construction workers.
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Description: My turn again. I was motivated by the first successful meeting which I had a week before. But as you never know how those guys might react when I make my immoral offer I realized that it would still take me some time to get used to it. I came there and I analyzed his financial problems. I felt quite like a professional social worker when I saw all his problems. So young and already so many debts. Poor guy. I decided to go a little bit further and to teach him a lesson which might help him to think twice about making new debts. He had to clean his apartment - naked of course. And then I even found some interesting toys in his apartment. From this moment his ass wasn't save anymore.
In Love With This Fat, Veiny Cock
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Description: A handsome young Spanish stud has seduced this rugged exterminator during a routine visit, and he gets to enjoy one of the perks of the job - getting his boned cock serviced by his horny customers. The fucking starts gently, but the worker soon picks up speed as his cock takes control, burying his fuckpole deep and hard.
Randy hitch-hikers
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Description: As Timo drives past a couple of fellow workers in his lorry, he offers them a lift. But as so much kindness on his part can only be used, he very quickly finds himself under the passengers' shoes and has to stop the lorry on the spot. Before he knows it he's involved in some hot fucking and foot licking in the skip.
Caught sniffing
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Description: One night in the fitters' barracks a young builder comes across a few pairs of cool sneakers belonging to other workers. Unfortunately he gets caught in the act and has to help his colleagues let off steam. They take turns to fuck him in all available holes and jerk off all over him while having their feet licked.
Trampled by his mates
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Description: Two other workers take it easy while a colleague must do all the work, and even take the mickey out of him. As he starts complaining the other two give him more than he bargained for: first one of them gets his arse licked and as it was so expertly done the other presses his filthy, sweaty socks onto his face. They end up using him as a doormat and indulging in a nice little trampling session.
Dirty Jobs 2: Team Building Exercise
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Description: “Dirty Jobs” is a series of films that show the present day workmen and the position they are put into. Being a traditional Japanese company, you have laborers doing whatever is asked. We have some younger boys, who are working their way up the ladder, as well as the established bosses, whose high standards must be met and beaten. There is even the “Executive Conference Room,” set up for “staffing.” As all the guys are “hard at work,” a good day ensures a “happy ending.” From the start of this video, you know means business, messy business. As Fuji, in the sweater and Keisuke, in the white shirt wait to give their all to the boss man, they figure a bit more practice wouldn't hurt; might even be a sweet ending. They both are “kekenshain” right now, but I'm sure the temporary worker status will convert to a “full on position.” Getting naked and showing his awesome twink body, Fuji stands to do some team work. Keisuke drops to his knees and blows
Twink Guys Fucking Hard
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Description: Naughty co-workers get together and spend some time getting to know each other personally. They get naked and suck each others' cock till they both ready and horny enough to fuck each others' ass till they both cum!