Taking Stock (uknakedmen 114)
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Added: 20 Apr 10
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Description: Warehouse manager Jed's checking the goods on the shelves when he discovers trainee Toby stroking his fat dick to a jizz mag. Checking the goods in Toby's hand, Jed decides against instant dismissal and opts for some staff training instead. Lesson one is how to take the boss's uncut cock down your throat and how to count the thrusts as he's pounding your arse, ramming his length inside your tight hole, his balls slapping against yours. Lesson two is how the boss's hot spunk feels as he empties his sack onto you, and how he likes you to play with his cum. Good thing Toby's a quick learner or he'd be out of a job. In fact if he carries on performing like this he could find himself up for promotion!
Hot wet and Hung (uknakedmen 39)
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Added: 02 Oct 09
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Description: As world economies go from the black into the red, so do we in the first of our Sweatbox series of videos. World-class athlete and all- round sex-bomb Jed Wilcox shows us how to navigate these turbulent waters and have the most fun doing it. He's joined by first-timer (and where has he been hiding?!) Nic James, owner of an amazing body and a dick like a pneumatic drill. The pair take a dip in the hot-tub and raise the heat from hot to boiling with their man-on-man action - munching greedily on each other's meaty uncut dicks and licking every inch of stubble-covered muscle. When Nic slides his thick uncut length between Jed's amazingly toned arse-cheeks and up to his huge nuts into Jed's tight hole, the drilling starts, and as the thrusting motion builds, the turbulence increases and the steam rises until the two men explode, shooting hot torrents of cum onto furry chests.
Sweatbox (uknakedmen 11)
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Added: 10 May 09
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Description: Kurt and Jed are cruising at the hot, new gym - sweatbox. Their smooth muscles ripple as they workout and they can t help but admire each other. Kurt follows Jed into the steamroom where the men get naked and the temperature quickly rises. Sweat pours from their bodies as Jed sucks Kurt s massive, uncut cock. Then Kurt eats out Jed s perfect, gymnast arse. They fuck for everyone to see then spunk all over the black tiles.