Bay of Pigs
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Description: 11 hot and horny studs whip out their big drippin' cocks, rear their asses up, punch it to the elbow, rain torrents and pull out all the stops in this 2-plus hour, non-stop, group and 1-on-1 pigfest.
Muscles, tattoos and JERKOFF!
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Description: Leaning back on the sofa, he massages his meat through his cammies. He takes off his shirt and reveals giant muscles covered by colorful ink. He's ready to whip out his military cock and starts stroking; his giant biceps flexing with each motion of his hands. He lays back to really enjoy himself, edging his cammies all the way down to his combat boots. His schlong grows as he caresses it. Standing, he bends over with his massive ass up in the air, still stroking. He reaches back and spreads his round ass cheeks to reveal a perfectly puckered pink hole. With his eyes tightly closed, he works his index finger into his sphincter, massaging his prostate from within. A little more rectal pleasure and he's ready to unload. His cheeks become more flushed as his pleasure juices start to swell to the surface. Several thick pellets seep out of his stiff soldier, dripping down his shaft and into his dark brown bush.
r167: Chest Cum
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Description: Roughhouser Blake Barnes meets soft-spoken Southern boy Dixon today. They spank each other with their belts, jack their cocks together and shoot their loads on each other's chests.
Needy boy gets home from hard day’s work
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Description: First day at work could be more stressful than you might think! Especially if you're a needy oversexed twink. Oh, these pants rubbing against his dick all day... No wonder one and only thing was on his mind, and as soon as he was home, he started doing it. Watch this thick, heavy twink dick get whipped out, stroked – and then handled by the boy's older lover. The air got super thick with hot sex as the twink buried his pulsing fuck tool into his older partner's wet, willing ass. So much for a welcome home fuck!
Young chums take a cock up the ass and shoot jizz
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Description: While one twink was reading his favorite magazine, the other wanted to while away the time by fucking instead of reading. He coaxed him into it by whipping out his cock, as they both got a mouthful before getting an ass full of a long swollen pecker.
Spicy boyish love-making in the exotic paradise
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Description: Now, there must be something in the air, because while these two Latin mates were walking through the jungles to the creek, they suddenly felt ants in the pants. Wanna know what happened next? They just called a halt, and one of them whipped out his dick, so the other could pump it into his mouth!
Hustling twink whips out his young boner
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Description: Looks like this rent boy gives his cock a five-knuckle shuffle right in the jeans, since he comes out with a nice hard-on later. However, the horny oldie wants to see it all, so he slides the twink's red trunks to the side to see his little puckered hole too before stroking a young boner.
BBC stroked to completion
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Description: The long dark chocolate meat is stiff against the blue of his underwear. He finally whips it out and gives it some good strong strokes. It's getting hot in the room and the military hunk strips from the waist up. His warm brown skin is stretched over bulging muscles and is adorned by several tattoos. Making himself a little more comfortable, he reclines across the sofa with his boots still on. His cock is stiff and oozing precum from the dark purple tip as he switches hands occasionally. He moans slightly and white jizz leaps from the end of his dick. He skillfully catches it on his wrist and hand. There's so much, it wells up and begins dripping over his knuckles and onto his thigh. He milks the last few drops out and grunts while staring at his new creation.
Ink'd stud gives Tony a hummer
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Description: Max Cameron decided to take a trip down to visit me and some of his other friends in San Diego, and so far his trip has been loads of fun. So I whipped mine out and let him have at it. Max has almost no gag reflex, so he laid into it like a champ. His cock makes a nice hand full, so I made sure to give it some attention too before I kicked off my pants and went in for another go at the back of his throat. Good thing he was hungry for it, because I let loose a huge load all over his mouth - enough that it gushed out the sides. But he made sure to get every last drop and lick my dick clean before I squeezed one last drop onto his lips.
Muscular hottie has HUGE uncut meat
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Description: Eddy whips his clothes off as soon as I gave him the green light. His sexy body is bursting at the seams with taut sinewy muscles underneath his darkly tanned skin. His dick keeps growing and growing as he brings him monster to life. His cock is so large, he has to jerk it off with two hands! Eddy works his magic and tames the beast keeping it under his watchful eye the whole time until he is ready to bust. With a warrior's cry Eddy spews gravity defying ropes four inches straight into the air. His white pearly cum rockets forth and lands on his tight six pack, the rest of his load cascades down his hands and into Eddy's thick bush. Wow, I'm really looking forward to see which one of the studs in my stable is willing to take on this most impressive challenge.
Private in boots unleashes his rifle
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Description: Private Robert spent his time in the Marines fulfilling orders for the front line troops medical supply needs. He's already shirtless and starts to rub his cock as soon as he's given marching orders. He whips out the long black uncut meat and strokes gently. He decides to stretch out on the couch and really rub one out. As he gets more comfortable, he decides to get the camouflage pants all the way down to his combat boots. Popping up on his knees for a good stretch, Robert shows off his round ass. Pulling at the cheeks, a glimpse of the dark hole in between appears. He's ready to blow it now, and starts to jerk furiously. Beautiful thick white globs bounce onto his abs, creating a perfect contrast to his black skin.
Bad Boy with Massive Meat
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Description: During the interview Justice was pulling at his baggy pants and I assumed he was just nervous. Then he whipped his pants off and released the huge delinquent cock hiding under all that fabric. There was nine inches of eager cock trying to escape its denim prison! Justice wasn't kidding when he said he liked it rough. He tugged at his shaft so hard I could have sworn he was punishing it for something. Justice's feet curled up into fists, his muscular hips rocked to and fro, and his upper lip came up into a slight curl. Then the frenzied tugging came to an end when his huge load shot straight up into the air and man-ropes found their home all over his rock hard lap.
Roman Squirts Huge Loads!
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Description: Roman lies back on the couch and works his cock into a raging hard-on through his cammies, and finally pulls them down to unleash a great, big boner. The private has perfect abs, an awesome tattoo above his navel that says "soldier," which is extremely fitting and only enhances his 6 pack even more as he is jacking off. He soon lays down like the Adonis that he is, urging his dick to get even harder. Roman then whips around his nice bubble butt and inserts one of his fingers deep in his virgin, pink hole. He quickly gets accustomed to how it feels and slams his ass up and down with his lubed up finger, while still jerking off his thick shaft.
Threeway Mizzen Masts
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Description: Two white-clad sailors are minding their own business when a officer accosts them. He wants to inspect their cocks! Once indoors, he them to whip out their mizzen masts - and a threeway sucking and fucking frenzy ensues! In the next scene, a sailor is at a loose end having just come ashore.
Cutie Latin Stud and His Uncut Cock
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Description: He unbuckles his belt and works on his cock through the cotton of his underwear for a few moments before he whips out a good-sized, uncut monster. He slumps a little on the couch as he gets more comfortable, stroking his cock against a black bush of pubic fur. He pulls the purple foreskin all the way up over the pink dick head while caressing his balls with the other hand. Slipping his shorts down to his ankles, he spreads his legs wide, giving a glimpse of his anal crack. He rolls onto his stomach and fingers his hole briefly before flipping onto his back and laying across the sofa. His balls pull in tighter to his taint and his body tenses. He lets out a whimper and cum squirts from his foreskin, landing on his neck in a giant white gob. Several more streams issue from his cock and land on his taut stomach.
Seamus O'Brian Gets a Hand
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Description: He lets me keep massaging his cock as he looks on in amazement. Then I pull another trick out of my bag and whip out my own hard cock. His eyes grow wide at the sight of another man's hard cock. Then he starts to moan as I rub our cocks together. He's realizing that a couple of guys feeling good together isn't so bad after all. It doesn't take long before he's asking me if it's ok to cum. I happily grant the sexy fucker's wish--milking each drop of delicious boy juice from his pole. Now it's my turn and I'm ready to let loose my own pearly load. I ask him if he minds if I shoot on him. He obliges, as long as it's not on his face! Now that this man-boy is covered in cum, he smiles and let's me know he had a much better time than he thought he would.
Kinky Straight Surfer Stud Plugs Furry Hole
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Description: A surfer from sunny Southern Cali has a secret he wants to tell Dirty Tony! He likes to be tied up, whipped, electrocuted, the whole nine yards! His nickname is Monkey (for the antics he pulls in the domination dungeon and biting girls). You could tell he was used to someone telling him what to do in the bedroom. I got this dirty little Monkey to bite a pillow for me in the studio while shoving a nightstick sized dildo in his hole. But it was the smaller silver one that got those big blue eyes really shining. He literally bent over backwards for me. And like a good boy should, got his well-deserved desserts in the end!
Casting Couch - Taylor Jones
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Description: Taylor starts digging in his undies at his dick that is already stiff as a board. I peek over his shoulder as he whips out his huge pierced pink cock. This guy has everything going for him, a great body, big hairy bush, and a pair of low hanging balls that just beg to be cradled. As Taylor starts stroking faster and faster, his dick gets more and more engorged and impressive. Taylor moves onto the bed to get a little more comfortable and to spread his cheeks just for little ol' me. His middle finger traces his pink rimmed hole and then plunges deep into his cavity. All this anal activity is too much for Taylor, he flips onto his back and quickly strokes his dick to completion. A big all-American white boy load comes shooting out the tip and lands on his blond pube patch. Taylor smiles for the camera, obviously relieved of the load that had been weighing him down all day. Damn, I love straight guys!
Ferdi Ramza
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Description: We continue our trek around the globe with 25 year old, Turkish-born Ferdi Ramza. Of course, the first thing that Ferdi's gotta do is whip out his 8", thick, Mediterranean cock. Enjoy!
His Mouth Drools with Pre-Cum
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Description: Chris grabs Kyle's hand and demands some attention for his cock still sheathed in it's cammie prison. Kyle shows a little backbone and whips off his belt and then plunges Chris's freckled hand into his fly. Chris has no problem brining Klye's dick to attention, after he has his fun, he leans back and waits for some famous sailor head. Chris leans back and sighs with pleasure, his mouth still wet with drool from Alex's pre-cum. Things get serious when Kyle takes it to the next level and straddles Chris's thick legs and lowers his hole onto the Marine's awaiting hard-on. Kyle rides Chris, gliding his ass up and down on the sweet pink cock. Chris's dominant nature really comes out during sex. He pulls Kyle around like a rag doll and fucks him until he blows a hot seaman's load all over his thicket of dark pube bush. Chris leans up, his heaving chest tenses up as he works toward climax. He launches a cum rocket all over Kyle and teaches him a lesson he didn't learn in bootcamp.
Slipping His Lips Over the Sergeant's Shaft
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Description: When Josh whips out his hot thick cock, John only took a few seconds before he was leaning over and jamming the military meat down his throat. He bobbed happily for several minutes on Josh's dick before he asked him to return the favor. Josh grudgingly obliged. He slipped his lips over the Staff Sergeant's shaft all the way to the base. Then slowly he starts to withdraw the other soldier's meat from his mouth, but gags as it releases from his throat. Now that these two are totally horned up, Josh needs to give John some marine fucking. He puts John on his back and slowly slides his cock into the other marine's ass. When he gets it all the way in, he begins to pump rhythmically—giving him the entire piece of meat with every stroke. He bangs away at John's ass, making the marine moan in ****. When he's satisfied that he's had a good fuck, Josh pulls out and circles around to John's face. He lets loose rope after rope of thick cum, coating John's face and chin with a thick film of whit
Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 5
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Description: Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 5 Lucas Entertainment Handsome Ted Colunga is busy in his office when Buck Monroe enters. Ted whips out his huge uncut cock to suck on, and Buck happily throws lips to it. Following a lengthy session of licking Ted's ass, Buck gets fucked and then fucks Ted in return. Every workday should start in this way!
Uncut Cock Sex Club Scene 5
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Description: Uncut Cock Sex Club Scene 5 Lucas Entertainment Tattooed stud Julian Vincenzo approaches Tim Black at the bar and gives him a good feeling up before whipping out his uncut dick to suck. Julian gives Tim a long rapid fuck while Tim groans for more.
Sexy Str8 Stud's HUGE Cock
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Tags: He teased me for the longest time stroking his pet trouser snake until I almost went mad with anticipation. Justin then whipped out one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in person and starts making it flex and pulse. I keep my cool standing aside wit

Description: He teased me for the longest time, stroking his pet trouser snake until I almost went mad with anticipation. Justin then whipped out one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in person and starts making it flex and pulse. I keep my cool standing aside with my trusty measuring tape in hand. Justin must have been as excited about the outcome as I was, after measuring a lovely seven inch circumference I draw my hand away and Justin gets very still and quiet. He almost came! He held it together and finished the job, beating that big beautiful meat of his. Large spurts of tasty straight man gravy spews out of the towering cock and lands on a soft pillow of big beautiful bush. Justin has the tools and the potential to go far in this industry. With a dick that size he's already halfway there!
Terry Loo
Category: Twink
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Description: When Terry Loo whips out his third-leg of a cock, you'll most likely have one of three responses: 1) shock & awe, 2) “you want to put that thing WHERE?!?!”, or 3) “yeah right, let me just throw it over my shoulder & burp it!” Holy shitballs, enjoy!
Navy Stud Cooper
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Description: His arms bulge out of his sleeves as he massages his cock through the material of his shorts. When he unzips, we're treated to a view of a nice thick piece of meat. He strokes his cock rhythmically while staring at the screen. Then he whips off his shirt while his stiff dick sticks up straight. He leans back to reveal a tattoo on his left pec—the mucles flexing with each stroke on his cock. This blonde haired, blue-eyed sailor works his cock steadily, getting harder every minute. Finally the stiffness needs to be relieved. He closes his eyes and beats faster. He grips his tool with all his might as each gush of cum follows, larger than the last. His entire stomach is coated with a thick puddle of translucent semen.
Fucking Fantasies
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Description: Lewis Quintini and Jo'Tey continue their reign of sex slaving and shove a double-sided dildo deep into William and Gabriel's bodies before tying them up to individually whip them and give them a good dose of dick.
Booty call that went well
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Description: Look at this cheeky brat, making a booty call to his older lover just as soon as he got that tasty tool of his all hard and engorged. Of course it worked! The guy was totally in the mood as well and showed up at the boy's place almost instantly. Of course! He was so desperate to finally wrap his lips around the boy's thick dripping shaft. The twink whipped out his big thing and his older lover just went crazy blowing it and sliding it into his own ass and riding it till the hose was ready to spurt hot goo all over his sweaty back.