Navy Studs Strokes Uncut Cock
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Description: Tom starts off by sitting pensively on the trunk while tenderly stroking his camouflaged crotch. As the bulge in his pants expands, he just has to whip his big uncircumcised sausage out and whack it around. Like the enemy retreating from a heavy fire-fight, Tom's clothes begin to peel away; revealing more skin and muscles. He leans back smirking while squeezing that swollen chubby into a tremendous and intimidating soldier, Visibly working up a sweat. Tom cools things down for a bit by bending over - the crack of his juicy ass close and fresh. With his cock at full salute, he gets back up to begin jerking even harder. Finally hovering over the trunk, Tom cant take it any more as he launches grenades of semen all over the room which explode everywhere upon impact.
Griz and Anderson
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Description: Anderson is teaching Tyler some basic evasive moves for hand-to-hand combat. Tyler looks bigger and stronger, but Anderson takes him down several times. Tyler has a move of his own, throwing Anderson onto his back with his face in his crotch. He skillfully unbuckles Anderson's belt before diving in face first for some military cocksucking. The slim corporal has a surprise for Tyler, who is unwrapping a sizable piece of meat. Anderson doesn't want to miss out on oral exercises and offers to give his buddy some head. With Tyler's stiff cock in his face, Anderson swallows it whole while whacking his own. The corporal is greedy and wants the thick cock somewhere besides his mouth. As Tyler reclines, Anderson straddles him, easing the wooden dong deep into his man cavern. As his slim body is split in two by the Private's thick cock, Anderson moans softly at first, then louder as the pace quickens. Anderson bounces on it for a good long time before hopping on all fours with his ass offered u
Hung Military Foreskin Slurping Session
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Description: Mark jams the giant snake into his mouth and starts sucking. He likes a challenge and does his best to swallow as much of it as possible. He can barely wrap his fingers all the way around. But he keeps slurping the foreskin like an expert cocksucker. As he's sucking, he reaches into his own pants to pleasure himself. While gobbling down Eddy's schlong, he pulls out his cock and whacks his meat. Mark is enjoying sucking that giant dick. He occasionally moans as he sucks and jerks it - trying to get it to spit at him. Finally, after an expert blowjob, Mark is rewarded with Eddy's river of cum. His cock explodes with jizz all over Mark's cheek and onto his knee. Mark leans back and jacks himself until he cums a massive load onto his surfboard abs.
Twink Strokes Cock
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Description: He continues to whack his meat, his chest heaving with pleasure. He lays across the casting couch, getting more comfortable for his jack-off session. He slips off his shorts and lays there completely naked with his hard dick in his hand, stroking happily. He works a couple fingers into his asshole to add to the fun, rubbing his prostate gently. The rhythm of the strokes increases and he begins to moan softly at first; then louder and louder. Globs of thick white goo issue forth from the tip of his swollen pink dick, spraying over his tan abs and chest. A bit of his salty load spills onto the blue of my sofa. I chide him for spilling on the furniture, and he laughs apologetically.
Ripped Miles
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Description: Using both hands and some spit, he really goes to town on his meat while his steel blue eyes stare off in the distance. He springs to his knees and begins kneading his ass cheeks with one hand, while still jacking with the other. Gradually, his fingers work their way to his hole as he arches his back and thrusts his hips away from his cock. His hairy taint and pink balls are fully in view as his fingers plunge deep into depths of his sphincter. He finally works his hole over enough to bring himself to climax. Whacking at full speed, he grunts as his chest heaves. He squirts himself in the face as a giant load sprays out of his cock. He continues moaning as the remaining contents of his balls explode onto his chest.