Blond Joseph Jerks Massive Uncut Cock
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Added: 03 Jul 11
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Description: BLAKEMASON have, managed to find yet another hot Welsh guy for you to feast your eyes on this week, let me introduce you to Joseph. He's a very good looking guy with a golden tan, a gorgeous face and a perfectly tight body... oh yes, and best of all he's got one very big, thick uncut cock! It seems some guys get all the luck but at least he's willing to do the honourable thing and share himself with the world ;-) And not only is Joseph good to look at, he's also a really nice guy... Joseph, he's the kind of guy that you would want to spend more than just one night with - this fella is prime boyfriend material! Joseph spends most of his free time down on the beach topping up his tan, or out with his mates either in the pool, climbing or like most 21 year olds - in the pub! But get this guy in the bedroom and this is where he really shines! Admitting he's completely versatile in the bedroom, Joseph gets up to all sorts of fun, and looking like that why not??? ;-) But this film is all
Tattooed Kieron Blows his Load!
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Description: I love it when Welsh guys apply to feature on BLAKEMASON, they're just so damned sexy! Kieron's a fine example and he's got a very warm and friendly personality to lure you in... but this fella is actually bi-sexual and lives with his girlfriend who doesn't know he bats for both teams! He's a very social and active character who likes to play football to keep in shape - and what a nice body he has ;-) He loves tattoos and his body is adorned with tales of his life including his girlfriends and his baby son. And once he strips and reveals all he's still very calm and relaxed, letting his soft uncut cock swing free for the cameras... before settling back and getting to work on it. Within 30 seconds it's up and hard - this man seriously needs to get off but he's in no hurry. Oh no, he wants to savour this wank session and put on a great show! He plays and tugs with his dick and bounces it around...he lubricates himself with spit and rubs his fraenulum with his fingers... he also lets hi
Hot Ex-Navy Surf Stud
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Description: Beautiful bulky Kyle is a 20 year old bouncer at a popular bar in Honolulu. I've noticed him for months, but I finally asked him to model for me when he grew a full adult moustache. This soft spoken shy guy has the most handsome baby face, and with a manly moustache he became a really sexy Man / Boy! Born and raised on Oahu by alternative Welsh parents, Kyle became a Buddhist when he was in high school. Kyle recently returned home after serving in the Navy in San Diego. My dialogue with him is very Military: exact, direct, curt, dry, and unedited. Listen to our conversations as I ask him to work replanting flower pots balls out naked! Kyle claims that he has never planted anything in his entire life, "I live in an apartment with no plants", he states plainly. There is something very erotic about watching a very young ex-Navy boy become so uncomfortable and nervous while working naked in front of my cameras. "Ok", Kyle states with dismay, "this is the weirdest thing I have EVER done.
Dylan Thomas & Sebastion Kain
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Description: Back for more, this time it's Dylan Thomas our super hot, super fit Welsh boy who can't stop coming back for more! Sebastian loves play-time with Dylan and this time gets artistic as Seb, does rope-work on Dylan's upper body before securing him tight to a bench. Once Dylan has lost all control, Seb gets out the pegs and begins to decorate this toned twink. With his upper body and balls pegged it's time to extract [banned word] cum, Seb is the best and it isn't long before Dylan lets loose his load which ends up splattered over his own face!
Tyler Brooks
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Description: Tyler Brooks is a Boynapped wannabe who visited the Boynapped penthouse hoping to meet the Bait-bois and crew! Let this be a lesson to all wannabe people! Visit only if you are ready to ******* at Sebastian's hands! Watch Tyler find out what really happens to wannabes who turn up without invitation. Sebastian warns up Tyler's cute ass before noticing that Tyler has a massive 9 inch cock swinging between his legs! Listen and watch as this hot, young Welsh twink gets 2 very pink cheeks as he pleads to be told how much he must take to be forgiven for turn-up. Next time Tyler will watch to be invited and I think Sebastian will have this lad back!
Locker room invasion
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Description: Ruggerbugger penetrates the locker rooms of the world's most famous sports teams. Real athletes are caught when they are fully naked and at their most vulnerable. The SKG Gräfenhausen football team mucking about naked after a game. Welsh rugger Gareth Thomas strutting naked and flashing the camera. Stade Francais player David Skrela caught full frontal!
I WET DREAM OF GENIE (uknakedmen 56)
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Description: Why whistle up one muscle-stud Genie when you can whistle up two, Calvin gets his throat and arse stuffed by the hung, muscular genies Michael and Ben. Sexy, welsh guy Calvin is horny as hell and with the powers of the magic lamp he can conjure up anything his, sex crazed heart can imagine. So with one rub its muscle bound slab-of-beef, Ben Mason and with the next rub its porn virgin and gym toned Scot, Michael. With these two hung genies working his holes at both ends and blowing their loads all over him, its not long before Calvins cumming all over himself and nursing a battered mouth and smashed in arse hole.