Brian Wanks His Meat
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Added: 17 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:06:03
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Description: Brian has that surfer boy "come on I dare you" look with his bleach blond hair and thick red lips. In this scene Brian is all about showing you just how he likes to wank on his meat.
Jayce Aussie Rugged & Hairy
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 19 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:02:53
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Description: Jayce is a true Aussie amateur! This hairy stud told us that this is his very first time in naked front of a camera. We know that our members love hairy guys, and we knew right away that he would be perfect for the site.
Aussie Aiden First JO
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 18 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:02:20
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Description: Aden is a versatile gay dude who is 26 years old with handsome, boy-next-door looks. He absolutely loves jerking himself off and putting on a show, and is totally into getting his first JO video online.
Athletic Bottom Darren
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 29 Sep 14
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Description: Darren is a good looking Aussie lad who enjoys being fit. As to his sexual preference he says he is a bottom. Today he has agreed to come in and give us a solo performance and shows off his beautiful cock as he jerks off in the bathroom.
Outdoor Construction
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 10 May 14
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Duration: 0:02:36
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Description: This week, we head to the construction site for a hot on-location shoot! We meet up with Aussie native Noah, a sexy stud with a smooth body and a massive surprise under his toolbelt.
Hairy Aussie Arthur Jerks Off
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 01 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:06:39
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Description: This is 19yo Arthur's first solo video that he did with AmateursDoIt. He is so damned cute and quickly became a fan favorite. Be sure to sign up to see more of Arthur, including his first anal sex scene.
Hunter's 9 inch Cock
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 08 Mar 14
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Description: This week I want to introduce you to a brand new amateur Australian guy named Hunter. He has those boy-next-door cute looks with his slim build, light brown hair and blue eyes. Hunter also has this innocent aura about him, but let me tell you… this boy packs a pistol! I'm talking about a 9 inch big cock that is loaded and ready for a massive shoot!
Charlie JOs To Porn Video
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Added: 27 Feb 14
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Description: Charlie is sitting at his desk, stoking his cock through his pants while watching a porn video. It isn't long before Charlie unzips his fly and begins transforming his uncut cock into a hot jizz shooting rocket launcher!
Aussie Cody Has Big Cock
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 26 Feb 14
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Description: Cody has that boy-next-door look about him, but he's certainly not shy about getting out of his clothes and getting that huge cock of his between his fist. A bit of lube on a dildo and some anal play and it isn't long before Cody covers his belly in white sticky cum.
Sauna Lover Bryce Jacks Off
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: We at Amateurs Do It love it when we find a guy that loves to beat off in our sauna. All that sweat is just something that is so erotic. And when a guy has a very nice, suckable, uncut cock like Bryce has, it makes things all the more better. Bryce is a tall, lithe twink and is just about as horny as you can get. He loves jerking off in front of the camera and once he heard about our sauna he was stripped down and masturbating in no time flat!
Sonny 25yo Massive Cum Bank
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 15 Jan 14
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Description: We have a hot one for you this week! Meet Sonny, a 25 year old uncut Australian boy-next-door. This is Sonny's first ever performance in front of a camera, so be gentle with him! Sonny is your typical boy next door, he is a bit chubby and has a great ass! We got him to strip for us, showing off his natural curves and sweet ass, and he surprised us with a fresh shave. It really makes his uncut cock pop nicely! We shot this set in the shower because he was so horny that he just wanted to jerk off. He is quite a shooter too, when he lets lose his load it makes a big mess all over the bathroom floor. Now just imagine this boy getting fucked and spurting that load all over himself while getting penetrated deep. Keep your eyes open for a future update!
Drew Ripped Muscled and Hungry
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 15 Jan 14
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Description: For muscle lovers everywhere, we have a special treat for you this week. Meet Drew, a sexy ripped muscle stud. Drew is not only hot as hell, he is also super eager to show off his hot body and bulging assets! This stud is hungry and we get to enjoy feeding his enjoyment as he strips off and poses for us. Check out that amazing ass as he poses in his jock strap, and enjoy the fantasy of Drew having his muscular arms wrapped around you. This is Drew's first ever shoot, but don't worry, if you like what you see you will be pleased to know we have more of Drew coming up in the next few weeks too.
Julian Puts On Seductive Tease
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 08 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:19
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Description: Julian loves to tease, and he sure puts on the show for us in the first couple of minutes of his amateur JO video. Wearing zipper briefs Julian caresses his cock and just from the bulging outline we're already anxious to see it in all its glory!
Hot Cum Eater
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Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: Two dudes jackoff while watching a porn flik and one isn't satisfied until he can lick clean his buddy's cock.
August Underwear Collection Pt2
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 16 Nov 13
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Description: August is back! After an awesome model show of his sexy underwear, August is starting to feel frisky. We know that this boy loves anal play, so we give him a thank-you gift - a big fat dildo to shove up his ass and enjoy! This gets August excited and he rips his new dildo out of the packaging and has a play. Its not long before those red undies are bulging! He teases us with a peak down his red undies, showing off his shaved private area and revealing his sweet uncut piece of meat. August's cock is getting rock hard. Its time to ditch the undies and get down to business. But don't fret, the show continues as August just loves performing! His thick uncut cock throbs as he strokes it off. You can smell the excitement as August continues his jerk off show. He gets comfy on the couch as he gets closer to cumming. Stroking, moaning, getting closer and closer - until that magic moment happens, his dick throbs and his balls pulsate as he pumps out a massi
Mature Man Uses 2 Cockrings To JO
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 15 Nov 13
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Description: Lazlo is a mature man, aged 48, who knows what he likes, and he's excited to go before our cameras to show us just how he pleasures himself. Lazlo wears not one, but two cockrings to enhance his JO. He strokes himself using a variety of different grips. He speeds up and slows down; tightens and loosens his grip on the shaft as he savours the exquisite pleasure. His other hand grabs his balls and massages them, adding more intensity to the erotic sensation.
gorgeous and perfectly ripped
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 30 Jan 14
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Description: Ed is a 23 year old straight hunk with a gorgeous and perfectly ripped body and handsome model-good looks. Although inexperienced when it comes to getting down with other guys, he is open minded and willing to try new and exciting things. Ed is puffing a cigarette in the attic while sitting on the bench of a bench press set with his shirt off. As he sets the mood for himself, he starts sensually massaging and caressing his smooth, muscled body. He puts his hand inside his pants and strokes himself. Soon, he strips his pants off and is down to his green briefs. He walks over into the bedroom and gets totally naked, showing off his perfect, sexy body. He starts to wank off making his beautiful cock harden. The sight of his naked body and hard cock gets the cameraman so worked up that he just has to join in the action. He strokes Ed's cock and touches him all over his chest and abs before handing him a fleshlight...
Tight Hole Filled With Thick Cock
Category: Black
Added: 25 Dec 13
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Description: Tadeu and Apollo love to play outdoors, both sexually and actively! On the day of this shoot, both agreed to having some outdoor recreational fun before getting naked and going down on each other. And wait until you see Tadeu's cock... if only every guy was this endowed and thick! Apollo cries out more than once as his tight hole gets filled with that thick piece of meat. Our amateur shoot ends in some very heavy loads of semen! Over 400 exclusive images of this shoot and 31 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!
Blowjobs 4 Uncut Euro Lads
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Added: 25 Dec 13
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Description: Nineteen year old Sasha and Ricko who is 20 years old, recently changed their labeling to gay and no longer consider themselves to be bisexual. Both auditioned with us separately but we knew they would work well together so we brought them back for an amateur couples shoot. Both are uncut Euro lads, and they made it clear they were only keen to do oral sex and blow two hot loads! View 50 exclusive images of this shoot and 13 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!
BiSexual 3 Way
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Description: Many of you have asked for more bisexual 3way action. So recently we filmed this exclusive bi 3way in Brazil, featuring Agatha, Victor and Sandro. These three certainly know how to have fun and fuck! Cum watch as Agatha gets both of her holes plugged at the same time by these 2 super hot studs. Over 210 exclusive images of this shoot and 30 minutes of exclusive video, only at Wankoff World!
Lockie Bottoms For Seth
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Description: Seth is back at WankOff World and we've paired him with a cute jock, Seth, who agrees to bottom bareback for Seth's huge uncut piece of man meat. Now there's a brave man! Lockie wastes no time in applying saliva, tongue and mouth to Seth's cock, getting it hard and ready to start pummeling Lockie's tight hole. View the full amateur bareback video at WankoffWorld!
Hairy With Thick Cock
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Added: 12 Jan 14
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Description: For those of us into men with hairy asses, Beau has just the right amount of man fur covering his cheeks and man hole to please all. He really liked showing it off too while stroking and shaking his fat cock. Beau has the kind of man meat that makes a person's mouth water for a taste and the way he jerks it off makes it all that more tantalizing!
18yo Amateur First Time JO
Category: Straight
Added: 09 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:01:59
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Description: Corey takes off his pants and starts to play with the bulge in his underwear. It visibly grows bigger and harder as he flips over on the bed and rubs up against the mattress, delighting in the pleasure he feels. He lets his hand get inside his briefs to play with his cock. This 18yo bisexual amateur wanks off on the bed, getting himself harder and harder with each stroke of his hand. His cock is uncut, with a nice pinkish head that quickly moistens as the precum starts to leak. He wanks off in different positions – kneeling first, before lying down on his back. His plays with his cock and keeps it hard and hot by alternating from fast, hard strokes to slow, gentle ones. But he is young and eager to explode, so he starts wanking off furiously, wanting badly to get off…
Ashley Loves Huge Toys
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 09 Jan 14
Views: 34738
Duration: 0:02:34
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Description: 36 year old Ashley returns to AmateursDoIt for a solo amateur jerk off video. With his black hair and eyes and his stocky build he has that raw sex appeal appreciated by many. He describes himself as being 80% bottom and absolutely loves sex. He says his cock is cut and thick and when he is alone, he likes practicing being a fist bottom - and that means using huge toys. He lubes up the black ass toy and bends over to pump his own ass, easily taking it all in and clearly enjoying his amateur jerk off, really getting into sharing his solo fun with a load of horny guys watching.
Elijah Jerks Off Uncut Cock
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 08 Jan 14
Views: 3066
Duration: 0:02:12
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Description: Elijah definitely has the rebellious looks and bad-boy appeal to become a favorite among the multitude of guys on amateur video. He knows how to tease and please. He looks lustily into the camera and starts to make his hands wander all over his body, caressing himself through his clothes. He takes his time and slowly peels off each item of clothing one by one, beginning with his shirt. He continues to stroke his chest, playing with his ticklish and sensitive nipples through the cloth of his undershirt, while his other hand massages the burgeoning flesh in his pants, slowly making it come to life... Watch the full solo jerkoff video now at AmateursDoIt!
College Jock Bobbie JO
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 03 Jan 14
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Description: We have 160 photos and 28 minutes of hardcore video featuring Bobbie, a first time amateur posing before our cameras for a bit of quick cash. Bobbie is a smooth muscled college jock who discovered he loved posing and jacking his meat off while the camera rolled! Bobbie's final cum shot shoots up and over his well muscled right thigh, and was most impressive! Download the photos and video now at WankOffWorld!
Marc Long Thick Hung Top
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 28 Jan 14
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Description: Sexy muscle stud Marc is back! You may remember Marc from a few shoots that he starred in with Julian back in August. We simply fell in love with Marc's giant uncut cock and needed to have him back for another show! Marc is in a horny mood today, he is already rock hard when he is stripping and teases us with a massive outline of his huge cock in his grey briefs! We know what really turns Marc on, so we give him a laptop with some of his favorite videos and then sit back and watch as he strips off and starts jacking off. This muscle stud gets pumped right up, so we move into the bedroom where he can pump out a load of cum all over!
Bisexual 20yo Jerks Off
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 25 Sep 13
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Duration: 0:02:34
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Description: Dave is a 20 year old amateur with a very impressive body. Sexually, he is bisexual and likes fucking both women and guys. But for this shoot Dave is performing solo and showing off his own personal jerk off technique. Once naked Dave jerks off while laying down, squatting and then standing up before shooting his cum load all over the carpet! Download over 510 exclusive images of this shoot and 19 minutes of exclusive video at Wank Off World now!