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Description: We are really going international lately. Rhys is a hot and sexy gay guy from Wales, and although his accent is pretty damn horny to hear we really want to see the rest of him. You can tell he has a pretty hot bod, and it won't be long before we get to see him in action stroking his dick and working up one of his big loads. We spend some time finding out more about him and when we get the box of toys out for him to take a look through he seems interested in almost everything, from cock pumping to the massive anal toys! Handsome Rhys starts his amateur jerk off with some great showing off, playing with the shape of his cock in his jeans. And when he finally reveals it we find a hard and pink boner with a great head and a tight pair of balls too. He's stroking that thing right away, then showing us his smooth little ass. Rhys thinks his ass is his best asset and we have to agree that it's near the top of our list, along with his handsome good looks and that delicious uncut cock...
Big Dicked Twink Fucks Slutty Botton
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Description: Brooke Summers from Wales went to Birmingham for the Pride Weekend. Before the 9 inch hung boy went on the trip, he made sure, to invite 8.5 hung local boy Josh Hancock over to his hotel
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Description: Jason is a cute fresh faced 18 yo soccer player from Albury New South Wales. He came to the city to play on a sports scholarship after leaving school. He had a full erection even before he took it out of his board shorts. Baz one of our new beasts couldn�t help himself. His hand appearing full of lube which immediately latched onto young Jason�s fully erect hard cock. In not time after stimulating Jasons cock, up and down relentlessly - it spurt
Lean Hairy Bloke From Wales Jerking Cock
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Description: Thomas Rees is a handsome dude who visited us from Wales last year. This hottie is hairy, lean and has a pretty big dick. He does a bit of posing and flexing with a boner, blows sticky cum all over himself and then claims
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Description: I always wonder how all these fit straight guys stumble across our site. I mean, I understand where the gorgeous gay guys come from, but every now and then men like Thomas who ****s in the depths of Wales knew where to come when he wanted to get his kit off! And is not he a sight to behold? Just look at those stunning good looks and his ***** fit body with its dusting of hair... and don't forget about his big fat uncut cock either! Foreskin fans need look no further than this film - Thomas certainly has a majestic and magical foreskin for sure! It's got a super thickness to it and when pulled back it completely disappears... and then it rolls back to completely cover the head of his cock again in one fell swoop! In fact there's stacks of hot foreskin play to feast your eyes on and the way it rubs back and forth over his swollen glands is truly special. And for a total newbie Thomas puts on a brilliant show - he has a unique wanking technique but it clearly pushes all the right
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Description: What a total live-wire we have for you today! The delicious Mackenzie dropped in to see us last week and this tanned and toned tearaway sure woke us all up ;-) He comes from Wales but has just moved to London where he's about to start his studies. Make no mistake - Mackenzie is a little bit of a handful... but that just adds to this guy's charm and his very lovely rock solid 7 fat uncut inches of man-meat! I'm sure more than a few of you are going to fall for this one... No surprise then that Mackenzie was more than keen to make this a cracking jerk off video - he really wants to make a few visits and have some great sex on camera with some of the other guys! And he's not in it for the cash either - but for the love of the job! He loves sex, loves guys and loves to show himself off... the right recipe for a budding model! So Mackenzie has a good chat before removing his clothes - in fact we were still talking as his hand found his cock! And Mackenzie sure wasn't quiet, moaning an
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Description: This week's solo is BLAKEMASON's very own Mr Gorgeous or Joshua as he likes to be known! He is a very sexy straight man from Wales who has the most beautiful blue eyes that are enough to get sparks flying and interest