Boys Will Be Boys Part 3
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Description: In Boys Will Be Boys Part 3, Kaede agrees to have his wrists bound behind him in the chair and allow Fuji, Jo and Kaoru to do as they will. This isn't a bondage or S&M scene, but it certainly is a form of torture as you'll see. Kaede is stripped bare and appears "up" for the occasion even before the clothes come off. Fuji, Jo and Kaoru all take turns working his hard cock while the others rub and suck his nipples. They don't spare the lube in this scene either and a good thing they brought along a big dispenser of it too. Kaede is brought to the peak of cumming and each time, the boys stop short. This is also known as "edging" where you stop just before you cum and let things calm back down before proceeding. This is done numerous times and builds up quite an explosive release when you do let it rip. However, in this case with Kaede, the other boys have something else in mind. One by one, they all start to walk away and just as Kaoru has him ready to blow, Kaoru stops short and wal
Asian Twinks In Oral Sex
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Description: Wal is tracing an oral lesson with Sun. Sun seems to be quite happy with that, and also want the cameraman to join the fun.
Big Cock Thai Sucking
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Description: Sun get his big beautiful cock sucked by Wal , next up he get fucked by Wal and the cameraman.
Asian boys facial cum and fuck
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Description: Ather giving Sun a good fuck. Wal shoot his load in Sun's mouth who gladly sucked out the last drops of sperma. Then Sun get fucked by the camerman ;)