Saimon & Vilem
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Added: 27 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:04:08
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Description: Saimon gets a little worked up during his workout, and after Vilem walks in on the situation, he knows exactly the type of cardio to perform to get both of their *****s pumping. Enjoy!
Badpuppy Vilem
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 24 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: badpuppy European masturbation Michal uncircumcised uncut cock uncut/uncircumcised Vilem.

Description: During his workout, 21 year-old Vilem gets a little distracted by the chubby that he's popping in his shorts & has to take a pause for the cause. Enjoy!
The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2 - Lucas Kazan
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Added: 13 Jan 14
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Description: Worshipped by his guests, the innkeeper (Sasha Byazrov) flirts with everyone, but loves no one. Not Arsura (Max Veneziano), not Albafiorita (Vilem Cage), not Fabrizio (Matthias Vannelli), the hunky waiter who's fallen in love with the boss, but settles for the village twinks (Matt Van Dorn). When gruff Ripafratta (Michele Luppo) professes his freedom from the allure of beauty, Sasha sets out to win him over. And win him over he does, teasing the sullen guest, charming him and finally conquering him. Meantime, the suitors take comfort in each other's company (Vilem with Eric Flower; Max with Vilem and Giorgio Salieri); the innkeeper in Fabrizio's arms. THE INNKEEPER - HOTEL ITALIA 2 is based on Carlo Goldoni's famed play, "La locandiera", first staged in 1752. It was filmed in the Tuscan countryside, not far from Florence, in June 2003.
The Elixir of Love
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Added: 26 Aug 09
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Tags: Lucas Kazan Lucas Foz Federico Bulsara Vilem Cage uncut cocks muscle men European men

Description: Obsessed with the object of his desire, but unable to attain it, Lucas Foz seeks solace elesewhere. A love potion will change things for good. Starring Lucas Foz, Vilem Cage, Federico Bulsara, Giorgio Salieri and many others
The Innkeeper
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Added: 06 Aug 09
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Duration: 0:04:34
Tags: Lucas Kazan Matthias Vannelli Max Veneziano hunks musclemen uncut cock cock threeways Euro studs

Description: The innkeeper (SASHA BYAZROV) flirts with everyone, but loves no one. Not MAX VENEZIANO, not VILEM CAGE, not MATTHIAS VANNELLI, the hunky waiter who's fallen in love with the boss, but settles for the village twinks (MATT VAN DORN). Euro studs galore and huge uncut cocks...