Czech Hunter 105
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Description: We have a pretty huge Vietnamese market here in Prague. It's close to the trains stop Holesovice. Although I never buy there something it's still fun to go there as it's always vivid and crowded with young people. And it didn't take long to get into contact with the first young guys. My idea that day was to be more open and plain. Maybe that's why the first two guys rejected my offers. Then I noticed a young guy with a broken toy-chopper in his hand. He told me that he wanted it to be repaired. I offered him money for a new one. So I was in the game. He showed me his dick right there in public. And for a few crowns more he was willing to suck my dick in the nearby park. How far would he go?
Eddie Gets His Chance
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Description: Brandon, our Canadian producer, was having a drink at Woody's -- in the Boystown area of Toronto, when he started chatting with Jake, a white man in his mid 30's and his 20-year-old Vietnamese/Mexican boyfriend -- Eddie. When he told the couple that he produced porn for a living, Jake looked at Eddie and exclaimed,