Keep Em Cumming
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Closeted Big Dick Part 2
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Description: We had been fucking each others brains out all night. It was sometime in the early morning when we shot this vid. Eli was on a big dick cum hungry binge.
Tate at Club Amateur USA
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Description: Tate is back on the CAUSA massage table for Round Two. Dear gawd, this is one frickin' hot video!As you may have noticed in Tate's debut video, his cock is rather sensitive and when properly played with, it tends to send him into involuntary body spasms -- verging on convulsions. Well, I decided to capitalize on that bit of foreknowledge, and I put Tate through the ringer! Kudos to him for not blacking out from the intensity during the shoot nor *********** at the end of the shoot. :-P As you can see in the associated images before watching the video, Tate was all over the massage table -- back arched, legs extended, legs crunched, toes curled, toes stretched... moaning... gasping... damn-near squealing like a pig. LOL! I know just from editing this vid, I was doubly moist and so horny, I was ready to bite the paint off of the side of the house. Grab a couple of cum towels cuz this video is 46 minutes long, and I'm sure you will need several self-pleasuring sessions to m
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Description: Mi boyfriend since 1995 and he jerks because i am massage his big balls this vid was recorded with VHS and i filmd it up today with an digicam from a LCD TV
My first vid
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Description: Not quite the way i wanted, but hey.. thers Always a second chance
Blake Bennet & Gabe Parrillo
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Description: Blake Bennet takes time to teach Gabe Parrillo some man loving skills as they take in some new scenery at Coconut Cove. Gabe is an eager student and Blake is the type of teacher most of us dream of. When the vid ends, everyone has a good (hot) grade!
Sam Truitt
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Description: Colin and Max start this weekend's vid in mid stroke, with Max going balls deep into Colin's smooth ass. There is so much more after that, including two cum shots from one model. Guess who?
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Description: This is for my GayTube friend Steveman! I edge and cum to a super hot porn vid. I think I had a little oral fixation going on here too!
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Cum He Wanted, Cum He Got
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Description: This sexy fuck came so hard and so much that he covered his own face with gobs of man batter! The fucking and dirty talk in this vid is hot as hell. We cover a lot of ground in this vid; we included lots of fun stuff like the night clubs and when Hunter and Frat Boy got charged by a cop on a ******, lol.
Jake The Chaser
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The Chaser
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