Nico Moratti’s Exhibitionist Suck Job
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Added: 14 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:48
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Description: Ripped stud Nico Moratti is back, this time cruising for some meaty cock at his local cottage, sharing a blowjob with a hot skater who's ducked in to lose a load. As Nico is pressed up against the urinal taking a deep bare fucking, the duo is perved at by a handsome passer-by, who dumps his load on the sticky floor.
Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 6
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Description: Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 6 Lucas Entertainment This scene appears only in the Director's Cut. In the cigar lounge, Will Faust impales himself on a huge dildo as Akos Piros, Kevin Cage and Tom Ryan watch. Will self-fists himself, and Akos gets so excited that he shoots his load on him, pisses on him, and steps on his groin. Tom and Kevin follow suit and use him as a human urinal. These guys sure know how to treat a guy!
Bedroom Rimming
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Description: Arjo rimming his ass so deep. Jeff pisses all over himself while Arjo rams his bareback cock into him. Finally Jeff blows his load to mingle with his urine. Arjo follows with an oozing cum shot soon after.
Asian Piss and Fuck
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Description: Thomas wants to piss again, and urinates on Dominik's shaft as he pounds Jason. The hard barebacking turns the trio on so much, they piss and drink each others urine. Bladders empty of piss, the golden shower lovers start to lick and suck on each others cocks