Nico Moratti’s Exhibitionist Suck Job
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Added: 14 Sep 14
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Description: Ripped stud Nico Moratti is back, this time cruising for some meaty cock at his local cottage, sharing a blowjob with a hot skater who's ducked in to lose a load. As Nico is pressed up against the urinal taking a deep bare fucking, the duo is perved at by a handsome passer-by, who dumps his load on the sticky floor.
Asian Piss and Fuck
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Description: Thomas wants to piss again, and urinates on Dominik's shaft as he pounds Jason. The hard barebacking turns the trio on so much, they piss and drink each others urine. Bladders empty of piss, the golden shower lovers start to lick and suck on each others cocks
Hungry for Piss
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Description: The cute trio are hungry to taste cock. A warm mouth around his cock makes Dominik want to urinate, and he pisses into Jason's mouth, while Jason drinks it down. Jason drinks the drops from Dominik's cock end, and Thomas pees into his pal's mouth.
All Up for sex
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Description: Argie and Gilbert are two cute Asian boys who decide to experiment with piss fetish. They want to feel the warmth of their clothes getting piss soaked before they strip down for some 69 action and bareback gay sex in their urine saturated bed. Then they head into the bathroom for some more golden showers and gay fucking.
Twinks getting wet
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Description: After they have a wet start in the shower, the two boys move to bed and the first thing they do to make their mark is to spray their urine all over the mattress. Once it is really wet and smelly, Ray opens Nicks legs, rims his friend's ass and fucks it with a dildo. Then he barebacks the twink himself, but soon has to piss again. He sprays the piss over his fuckbuddy and then dumps more urine inside (!) Nick's ass
Twink facial Cum
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