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Description: Caio introduced me to Rafa months ago and because of the UOMOTV.com blowup in the press he refused to make a video. I was so surprised when he called asking if I still wanted to video him. I told him I'm not sure I had to see how he looks. He came over and he said he really didn't want to do a video he just wanted to have sex. He told me he was really horny and he was looking for Caio for a quickie. After about 15 minutes he agreed to make the video if we could go later to a local strippers bar later that night he spent the night at my house.
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Description: Twinkalicious, Airto arrived here with a card and a box of chocolates from a Brazilian guy who he met on Orkut.com. Airto claims he's confused about his sexuality. He said he has fooled around twice, once with a neighbor during a *****over where he enjoyed getting his cock sucked and ass fingered. The second occasion he gave a life guard head at the local public pool. He said he thinks he's gay only because he keeps dreaming about get fucked.
UOMOTV Cheldrid and Emile Hot Latin Twinks
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Description:  Back by popular demand versatile Papi Cheldrid met up with Emile and these two twinks know how the sling their cocks. Neo was a little afraid at first when he saw Cheldrid's large member, but he handled it like a champ. Cheldrid told us that he loves plowing his fat cock more than getting fucked but Neo cock was the prefect size for him not to big and not too small. I really enjoy shooting this video and I I hope you enjoy watching it
Elias Gang Thug from UOMOTV
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Description: The first time I saw Elias I thought warning, warning, warning Will Roberson. But this guy I had to talk to because he has been giving some of the guys in the neighborhood problems about the video. So for my security we meet at a very public place. I asked him what was the problem with making a few dollars in less than an hour and to my surprise he asked me how much? I told him the price and he quickly agreed to make a video. To be honest was really didn't want to go any where alone with this guy because I knew he was dangerous but I did because I knew he would stop talking if he had a video too. After the we did the video I told Elias if he brings some of his gang member to make video I will give him a commission. He has been calling me every since. He told me he will make it so that all new recruits to his gang for their initiation that have to prove themselves by being video for UOMOTV.com.