Hairy Bearded Hipster
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Description: Scott is a bearded tatted hipster with a nice big set of balls and a hairy crotch that's never been shaved before. He's mostly straight and he's all hairy with fur covering his cock, balls, stomach, chest and pits! Scott settles in to relax and beat off to his favorite porn.
Punk Surfer With Bushy Pubes
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Description: Dax is a punk surfer who loves to get down and dirty. He's doesn't care what people think of him and claims that he showers once a week. If you look closely you'll see his fingernails have a bit of wear as well. That's all part of the package with his hot, dirty punk and his bushy unshaved pubes.
Christian Matthews
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Description: OOOh ***********, this one's a sexy, meaty stud, I love his juicy dick and the musky hollow of his hole. A real man, hairy, unplucked, unshaved and a great smelling sexy guy, fresh sweat - I love it. Get a load of Christian he's a hot hottie.
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Description: This was a real success. My friend told me to wait in front of the university. He ensured me that a lot of Students there were quite flexible when it comes to making money. So I approached the first guy. Maybe I was too open in that moment. He almost tried to beat me. But I escaped. A little bit shocked but I was able to make a second try. And I was successful. A handsome guy who was unshaved with slightly curly hair passed my way. I asked him if he would show me his cock for 1.000. It didn't take long and he showed it. Only a few seconds but a whole lot of money later he agreed to suck me round the corner on the campus. It was great. And I had to make an unmoral offer to take him to my apartment.
Blond uncut twink jerks his foreskin!
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Description: Branden is a shy, naturally sexy 19-year old I found in Northern California with blue eyes, pale skin and an angelic look about him. As a true Bay Area boy, Branden's unshaved pubic hair is every bit as natural and earthy as his wicked 7" uncut cock. During his interview, I found out he keeps his lean, fit body toned by hiking and bike riding and that he doesn't have a gag reflex (!). In the video, Branden showers his firm, beautiful body before crawling in bed and to show us how he likes to work his foreskin, pulling the skin over the head of his glistening dickhead before working his sturdy cock into a tasty boner. He ultimately lets loose with a beautiful explosion of cum, starting of with two smaller spurts. Angelic or not, Branden is sure to give you impure thoughts you'll never forget.