All Ashore
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Description: Two tars on shore leave behave like tarts, fucking each other in a hotel room (and they keep their sailor hats on!)
Studly Sergeant tugs his rifle
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Description: Everybody loves a man in uniform. Hot young Sergeant Aaron is back from Iraq after serving as one of the fine Army intelligence workers. His hands dive right in and start stroking his meat and pretty soon he is sporting a major bulge that needs to be released. He quickly runs out of room in his pants and needs to unleash his raging hard cock. Once his pants are down, his big cum filled nuts hanging low with days worth of cum are right out in the open for anyone to see. His muscles tighten up and he starts stroking his ball sack, working himself up for the ultimate cum shot. Soon his abs are dotted with cum shots. There aren't any better shots on an artillery range.
Hung Military Studs Go At It
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Description: They lock lips and begin a muscle bound, uniform clad steamy make out session. By now, Conan considers himself the real winner of the game they played since Jayden's cock was the real prize all along. The Petty Officer pulls a thick schlong from Jayden's cammmies and proceeds to do what he does best. Conan's expert lips can barely fit around the thick tool that Jayden is working with. Things get real when Jayden's dick gets hungry for more than Conan's wet mouth. Bean pole Conan straddles his long hairy legs over Jayden and his throbbing cock. He slowly lowers himself down until the shaft is buried deep in his crevice. Conan happily rocks back and forth loving every minute of the Army intruder inside of him. The boys fuck long and hard until Jayden is about to lose his cool.