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Description: Logan knows some things about physical fitness that Eddie hasnít learned yet. Loganís hands work their way up Eddyís thighs, stopping to give extra attention to the area still covered by the black underwear. Before long, Loganís pink lips are enveloping the light brown foreskin and thick hardon. Logan, still fully dressed out in uniform continues servicing the giant meat, savoring the foreskin with every mouthful of suction. He squats over Eddyís lap and lowers his hole gently onto the pole. Logan slides all the way to the base as he cups his balls and strokes his cock, grunting and groaning all the way. Eddy pounds him from behind before Logan says heís about to cum. He obediently licks up his mess then kneels in front of Eddy, ready to eat more. The thick purple snake starts spitting white semen onto Loganís tongue, covering his tonsils and cheek in pearly thick stripes.
Deepthroating The Lifeguards Cock
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Description: Slobbering his warm saliva all over, from the base to the tip of the cock. Mark then slowly puts his mouth on Tim's cock, as the dick goes further into the back of his throat. Tim couldn't get enough cock so he took over deep throating Mark's cock. Tim didn't have to suck too long. Mark moans loud and shoots his hot load in Tim's face, coating his cheek and lips with the delicious white goo. A few minutes later, Tim lets his balls explode and issues forth his own set of ropes goodness.