Brady and Dean
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Description: If there was an Olympic event called "Speed Undressing," Brady Jensen and Dean Monroe would be gold-medal winners! These two hunks simply can't wait to get naked and nasty, and who can blame them? Cocksuremen exclusive Brady Jensen is like Michelangelo's David, finely sculpted and accustomed to being photographed. Dean Monroe has a tight body, sexy brown eyes, and a passion for wild play. He swallows Brady's cock as our camera catches him grabbing on to his own impressive piece of meat. Once the action moves up to the bed you'll never forget seeing Brady eat out Dean's hole. It's HD at its best! Brady then taps that ass twice; once with his finger and again with his cock. Even long time fans may not remember Brady fucking with this much gusto! Brady finishes up by blowing his load right into Dean's open mouth. Yum.
Sleeping in white
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Description: Isn't he just irresistible? With snow white cotton panties wrapped tightly around his even tighter bottom, that boy was too much to handle. However much his older lover did not want to wake him up, he pretty much had to. Check out the older ripped hunk get undressed and join the *****y boy on the bed, filling his throat - and then his tight, firm ass. The two looked glorious, both really athletic, smooth-skinned and just plain gorgeous. The older lover kept pounding that tiny ass till the two exploded in orgasm at the same time. What a sticky morning!
Bareback Flip Flop
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Description: The two of them can't keep their hands off each other and with tongues entwined in a passionate embrace, they slowly undress each other and take their time to caress and lick. With cocks hard, they blow each other before the skinhead rims his pals' cute arsehole and shoves his rigid member up his chute. These cuties flip flop and shaft each other with raw energy before both guys blow their pent-up loads!
A different kind of game
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Description: Playing console games is fun but how about even more fun? The boy's older partner wasn't that much into gaming, anyway. What he was into was getting the boy undressed and wrapping his lips around the twink's thick veiny shaft! The boy got into it right away, spreading his legs, moaning and thrusting deeper and deeper into that very able mouth. Soon both got really turned on, and time has come for the older guy to bend over and take it all like a man. Boy was there a lot to take! Watch the boy jackhammer his tool right into that willing older ass, leaving it ******d and glazed with hot fresh cream minutes later.
Straight To The Point Fuckers
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Description: Aggressively going after one another, these “straight to the point” twinks ditch their tops and heat up the place. Troy Eros, the blonde, will top and Carter Bentley, the “longer” one, will bottom. Locking lips often, they grind; Troy's belt gives them a good laugh, but once their hands slide down each other's pants, it gets serious fast. Undressing Carter, Troy works that big cock, first with his hand, then with his mouth. Just as “oral,” Troy feels what Carter's tongue can do to his “southern region.” With more kissing, the top tells Carter to, “keep touching yourself to get ready for me.” Working it hard, Troy has no problem doing Cater, as the table tries to keep together. In various positions, these two fuckers are hot; not an inch wasted from either one. With a “fuck me hard,” Cater starts to jerk himself. Close, the top complies again with the bottom's request, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”
Two Thumbs Up For Fucking Fuji
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Description: We all know “who” goes on here, lots of sex with older guys and younger boys. This is a perfect place for Fuji, the young bottom, to meet Heddo Bosu, the top. Seductive in his ways, Fuji undresses in front of the top, for all our pleasure. This video answers the question, “who do you have to fuck around here to get a-head?” As the two caress and explore one another, Fuji loves Heddo Bosu's big chest. Bent over, looks like the top found his favorite “spot” on the boy as well. Appreciating the boy's sweet hole, the top sucks it and explores “internally.” Returning the sensation, Fuji takes in Heddo Bosu's cock and tastes. Bobbing up and down, the bottom's mouth is working almost as hard as his ass will. Lubing him up, Heddo Bosu fingers and even gives the boy “two thumbs up” for fun. With a firm grip on both hips, the top slides in and has Fuji nodding “yes” continually. Putting Fuji in a headlock, Heddo Bosu pounds the boy from behind. Fully sat
Sensual Sensations Between Boys
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Description: Here to have some fun, Riku, on the left will bottom and Nobu will top. Both of these models enjoy the sensual touch of a man and judging by their bashful smiles, this is going to be a hot scene. Long, lingering kisses with full on fondling, has both Riku and Nobu up and hard even before they undress one another. So sensitive are Riku's nipples, that Nobu can't help but spend some “quality time” lapping at them. Sucking the bottom's dick, Nobu is enthralled. Then it's the top's turn; I love how he pushes Riku's face into his crotch. As the camera goes behind the bottom's bottom, I envy the enjoyment they will soon have as that bubble butt looks like sheer pleasure. The pair intertwine their bodies and orally satisfy each other. Nobu then lubes up Riku's hole and penetrates with his finger; love seeing the top's dick twitch as his digit explores. Hearing Riku's soft moans intensifies the bond they are sharing.
Raw Twink Flip Fuck
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Description: In a passionate embrace, these cute twinks slowly undress each other and take their time to caress and lick. With cocks hard, the two trade blowjobs, before the skinhead rims his pals' little ass and shoves his raw cock in. This leads to a hot bareback flip fuck, followed by both shooting their cum loads.
Han and Jee
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Description: Han and Jee got bored and think to something fun to do. They try to mix and match their outfits... while their dressing up Han remove all his clothes and kiss Jee deeply and hold him tenderly. He suddenly undress Jee and suck his cock and fuck him.
Man On Twink: Tommy Defendi + Max Carter
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Added: 18 Jul 14
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Description: Max Carter reminisces about the time he got to live out his ultimate fantasy by putting the moves on a hunky fashion photographer. The blond boy shows up for what he thinks is a routine photo shoot only to find Tommy Defendi behind the camera! The twink's eyes light up as he can't resist the muscles bulging through Tommy's shirt and the thought of his famous thick cock inside of him. Max immediately starts putting the moves on the older man, getting Tommy to undress while playfully flirting with the hot daddy. The blond boy's considerable charm has Tommy hooked and the two handsome men proceed to get it on right there in the studio for a hard pounding, loud moaning fantasy fuck that will have all jock and twink lovers begging for more.
Brenno & Gabriel
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Description: This scene opens with Latin boys Brenno and Gabriel making out as they slowly undress each other. Naked, except for his hat, the top is soon getting his big uncut cock serviced. After a nice long blow job, he gives his bottom a good ass rimming. Then he gets his dick fluffed back up again, before sliding it into his buddy's ass. The two fuck in several positions and we get some good close-ups of the action. They end up in missionary, where we enjoy a great view of the top's cute little butt, as he rabbit fucks his bottom. They wrap things up with the bottom taking a cum facial, while he strokes his load out onto his belly.
Bananas From Brazil - Gomez Aguilar and Richard Pene
Category: Brazilian
Added: 11 Jul 14
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Description: In a kitchen even more unprepossessing than the one in the second scene, handsome Richard Pene decides to call Gomez Aguilar to help fix it up. Gomez seems a tad older than many of the models, but beefy and absolutely hunky. Richard is a smaller reedier guy, so the daddy-boy factor adds to the heat. Gomez gets on a ladder and Richard ends up undressing him down to his unbelievably extra large dark dick. This one would need two mouths conservatively to deep-throat it, but Richard works as hard as anyone could. How that will fit in his ass, I have no idea. Richard, packing mighty down there too, has a sweet ass and bends it over for his scary friend. Richard begs Gomez to go slow. He does, but he also manages to park the entire cock in Richard and then fuck with speed! This fuck is a definite keeper, if for no other reason than the fact that it happens, but it also helps that Gomez is a knowing top and keeps socking away at Richard with skill. Gomez is apparently so good that he gets a s
Neighborly Twink Fuck Part 1
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Description: A couple has a neighborhood twink over for some fun. The daddies have been together for years, but they're adding Toraemon to get some fresh meat in the mix. shows just what two elders can do with a sweet boy. We know Toraemon is super sensitive, and with all these hands on him, he'll be flopping around like a fish in no time. As the men fondle and finger the boy, Toraemon happily “sucks on some wisdom.” Teaching a “new” boy some tricks, the men undress, then disrobe the twink; good thing they're not at the airport, the alarms would all be going off by now. Servicing the daddies, Toraemon licks and tugs at every inch, the twink even does a double-duty-header on the guys. Grinding the boy between them, these daddies are about to “in-part” some knowledge into Toraemon; got to love those “neighborly visits.”
A Threeway Amateur Gay Fucking
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Description: Three gays fucking! Yes its three amateur twinks in bed fun drilling each others ass.. They started kissing to start the intense and undressing all, two gays put there cock infront of the one who likes to suck two cock at the same time making it hard on his wet hungry mouth. Other one gives the pleasure in return by lying in bed giving the other one a delicious blowjob while he getting head from the other horny friend, they are all hot lactating each others hard cock playing in and out on their mouth. See these three hunks ended up cum swapping!
Cum On Gays Face After Bareback Sex
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Description: 2 Gays loving sex, after undressing he immediately sucks his long white dick, he loves to lick and suck his penis, he loves what he gets and sucks his dick deeper to make him harder. He moves into a better position so he can give him a more pleasurable blowjob and handjob, he holds the back of his head to push his mouth deeper into his dick. They get into a spoon position and penetrate his ass. He pushes his long hard dick faster on his tight as. he gently pulls out his penis and pushes it back in again.
Hottie Markus
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Description: He's got ripples of muscles everywhere and his naturally hairy chest is a huge turn on. With his shirt off and a chest covered in tattoos showing, he reaches under his jeans and starts stroking. Unzipping his jeans reveals a stiff dick surrounded by a perfectly natural bush of light brown pubic hair. He continues jerking his meat for a few minutes before he decides to get completely undressed. As he stands to remove his jeans, his stiff dong hangs away from his body, bouncing as he takes each leg off. He lays back again and begins working on pumping some cum out of his cock. But before he's ready for that, he has a little trick; he starts humping one of the pillows. His round ass cheeks bobbing while his dick rubs against the fine cotton. When he rolls back to recline, he's ready to pop. His abs tighten and a droplet of semen shoots up to his chest. He grunts and multiple jets of juice spray onto his rippled cum gutters while his balls contract.
True Cock Worship
Category: Older on Younger
Added: 11 Jun 14
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Description: Evengy invites Roman, the younger guy, over for some servicing. Today is all about Roman's “stud piece,” and getting him off. These two models go hot and heavy as the cock worship begins. From the start, Evengy is all over Roman, who enjoys the oral attention. As Evengy undresses Roman, the two caress. Pulling out Roman's cock, Evengy immediately latches on and is face fucked; the youngster knows how to treat this daddy. Pulling on Roman's hairy ball sack, Evengy welcomes every inch and tuft of this boy's body. Both stand naked and watch one another tug, but Evengy can't keep his mouth off of Roman's cock. He has Roman stand, then sit as he licks, sucks, and tugs his way to a happy end. Close, Roman stands over Evengy, who drops to his knees to catch the cream. Evengy greedily laps at the boy's balls and drinks in all that Roman offers; true cock worship at its finest.
Dirty Jobs: Leo Stands And Delivers
Category: Asian
Added: 06 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:02:05
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Description: DESCRIPTION: “Dirty Jobs” is a series of films that show the present day workmen and the position they are put into. Being a traditional Japanese company, you have laborers doing whatever is asked. We have some younger boys, who are working their way up the ladder, as well as the established bosses, whose high standards must be met and beaten. There is even the “Executive Locker Room,” set up for “working your muscle.” As all the guys are “hard at work,” a good day ensures a “happy ending.” From the start of this video, you know means business, messy business. Leo heads to the locker room for some “me” time. Undressing, this hot guy needs a break from the office and as he strips, we can see why he's moving up the company ladder. Using his phone for some focus, he scratches his dick and relieves that itch. Pulling out his erect “workload,” Leo tugs until he spews. Watching him “stand and deliver,” Leo is a boss' dream. Then it's back to the “dai
Beautiful Boy - Muscle Worship and Jerking Off
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Description: - It has been a long wait for some of you, but Pierre is back! Pierre will undress for you, to full nude, and will proceed to stroke his cock, while our photographer is exploring his beautiful young muscles and nipples. Then watch Pierre to jerk off with a splendid cumshot finale!
Young Love
Category: Asian
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Description: Meeting in person, Chris, on the right, invites Ai over to get to know one another in person. They've been chatting on line, but with the help of, they can finally “cum” together. Giggling, Chris is so attracted to Ai, whose name means “love” in Japanese. Equally aroused, Ai sees Chris and the pair connect on all levels. As they undress, down to their underwear, it is obvious that these boys are in for a long hot love making session. Watching Ai's body respond to Chris' sensual touch, as he bends and leans into his partner, is so arousing; he uses every inch of his partner to satisfy them both. Taking Chris' cock into his mouth, Ai breathes in all of the boy's scent. Caressing his legs while he services Chris, neither boy wants to let go of the other. Chris then pulls Ai under him and begins to orally stimulate what his touch has already ignited. The pair then fold into one another as they 69 on the bed, deepening the bond. We also put in some
Erotic Ninja: The Hitman 4
Category: Asian
Added: 29 May 14
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Description: Haruo Arata is in today's "Erotic Ninja: The Hitman 4." He is a nice lean twink with very sensitive areolas. As our anonymous videographer has Haruo undress, we see the nipple play has brought Haruo to full attention. Watching this boy in his blue Speedo, I'm sure we're all in for a happy ending. With beautiful eyes and full lips, this model has the ability to mesmerize and lavish, orally. Download the full HD video at
Sora Solo - Tokyo First Timer
Category: Asian
Added: 28 May 14
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Description: New to porn and, today we have Sora Shima. He is a shy boy from Tokyo who wants to try being on film for us. Tsuyoshi interviews him and helps him through the process; Tsuyoshi is very hands on, as we have all enjoyed. The twinks chat and then it is time for Sora to undress and impress, and he does. As he unbuttons and removes his shirt, we see a nice clean chest and sweet pink nipples. He then removes his jeans and sits prone, in his salmon colored briefs, stroking his dick and watching himself. As he looks down, his wet bottom lip falls forward and pouts. He then stands and does a 360 to give us a hint of what's below; looks like his lips are not his only assets. Tsuyoshi then takes control to jerk and palms Sora's hardened dick. Sora lies still but continues to suck and bite his lips; Tsuyoshi does have great hands. As they both start to breathe heavily, Sora's head reddens and he moans; this encourages Tsuyoshi to intensify his abilities. Soon,
Rusty Taylor and Marcello Russo
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 24 May 14
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Duration: 0:02:09
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Description: Rusty is lying in bed waiting for Marcello. They start to passionately kiss as the temperature in the room rises. Marcello undresses Rusty and starts to swallow his swollen cock. The oral pleasures are shared equally as they move into a 69 - stroking and sucking each other's big dicks. Rusty wants a taste of Marcello's hot young ass and dives right in to that tasty hole - making sure he doesn't forget to fondle his balls while he licks it lovingly. Having Marcello's hole pointing skyward is too much temptation and Rusty has to start pounding it until the bed is squeaking.
Gay Passionate Sex and Hot Cum Felching
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Description: Two gay men got undressed to make love. They started with a nice blowjob and deepthroat. Once they get really really horny, they started fucking that tight ass. They both got too excited and came so he has to eat all the cum off of the ass of his partner and cumswap.
Felched Gay Couple Barebacks and Cum Drops
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Description: Two sexy gay couple undressed each other and blew his penis so hard, even manages to deep throat his long, hard cock. He then gets fucked in his tight ass and moan in pleasure. His partner cums in him, then drops all the cum from his ass.
Felching Gay Couple Suck Huge Cock and Barebacks
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Description: Gay couple started undressing themselves. One hurriedly went to his partner's already erect penis and sucked it. They were both too horny so they went ahead and spooned. Gotta watch this until the finale where he unloads a massive amount of cum in his butt.
Sam grove
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 16 Apr 14
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Description: Sam Grove, “likes men, a lot.” He's from San Diego and enjoys sex; his first time was “anonymous,” but “I realized who I was.” As a top, he's definitely a giver and is a very stimulating guy. Undressing, he is serious about working out and taking care of himself, and it shows. Naked, it just gets better; a hot bod and cock ready to please. Rocking his hefty meat back and forth, he chats about what he likes; yep, he's a very sensual giver with loads to offer. Zooming in, his cut cock is a sweet sight, surrounded by a natural bush. Standing, he rubs is balls and the precum just flows; from behind, even his ass is delicious. I zoom in to his chest, got to enjoy those hard nipples; he says they're not really sensitive, but I'd love to “persuade” him otherwise. Kneeling, Sam cums, oozing loads from his head; strings of cream plop from his hand onto the couch. He is a sexy beast and his boyfriend worships every inch of this stud; lucky boy.