Very Horny Asian
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Description: Dink was hard long before he got his two layers of underwar off. This guy was ready for anything , and he got both holes filled up ;) full movie at
Kai wants to be Fucked!!!
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Description: It's been a little while since Leighton's solo film went live so I thought it was about time we got his beautiful body back on screen! To help initiate him in to his first ever duo I decided he needed someone with plenty of experience and as luck would have it, he really liked Kai. The guys spent the evening together before the day of the shoot and they hit it off fantastically‚Ķ and needless to say Leighton's nerves were quickly put aside ;-) Both guys couldn't wait to finally get their hands on each other. Gentle kissing and touching leads to some fairly hefty foreplay where both Leighton and Kai certainly prove their deep-throating abilities! Turning his attention to Kai's ass, Leighton gives him a thorough rimming, preparing that hole for things to come! Eventually Kai tells Leighton that he wants to be fucked, and Leighton's sweet smile is the only answer he needs... With one deep slow thrust Leighton enters Kai. The thrusts didn't stay slow for long as Leighton quickly picke
DJ - Stunning Twink!
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Description: What an absolute stunner of a guy we have to kick start the new year! Meet DJ, a 20 year old Dancer who has one of the fittest bodies I have seen in a long time. He's not overly ripped, just exquisite to look at if you know what I mean ;-) He has a beautiful tan that accentuates every part of his truly masculine body... and at only 20 years of age his body is only going to get fitter and fitter! DJ's another complete newbie to swinging his thing for the camera and with all the stage experience this guy has had (but not in a nude way!) an audience of one camera man wasn't too much for him to handle. DJ and Shayne have a good chat before the main event - and when DJ peels off his clothes it's simply a lovely moment! Once sat in just his tight black Calvin's he really is a sight to behold... I could've left him just like that and still filmed him. But then I thought a few of you might want him totally naked... and then he was left to crack on and enjoy himself! He isn't the noisie
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Description: Fransico is one of those adorable boys you just meet from time to time and just needs the extra mney to get by, I was very keen to photograpgh him naked and for him to show off his torso and great looking abs, He really know how to make a boy really happy. He lives in a small village away from the fishing village and gay scene in S****. I approach him while on another assignment , here is some of the pictures we did together.
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Description: all over the floor underware and shirt