Hetero Mike Strips for Pervy Men
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Description: Businessman Mike is a healthy sexy heterosexual with an easily excitable cock and a pert tight arse. Like many of the bright young gents we see every morning travelling on the train he appears completely arrogant and untouchable. But at CMNM.net he’s stripped bare and sexually used. He’s taken into a seedy den to be unclothed and presented to a group of older pervy onlookers. This hunky stud is completely objectified with his entire naked body covered by eager male hands.
Blake  And  Mickael
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Description: Blake and MickaelMickael and Blake are back at Amateurs Do It and one we heard how much they were into one another we really couldn't resist putting them in a video together. Blake is older than Mickael, but the man sure loves to server a younger, leather clad stud like him. Following some great making out and groping, the men are soon unclothed and ready for whatever might be. Blake started off the action by dropping to his knees and allowing his face to be fucked with Mickael's big, hard dick!Mickael can be such a domineering top, smacking Blake's handsome, hairy face with his man meat. And Blake eats it all up too of course! His mouth and throat and relentless, opening right up to that long cock for some serious oral activity. Mickael is a courteous top too though, bending Blake's hairy asshole over for a fantastic rimjob. Blake stays on his knees the entire time look a good bottom will do too!Mickael doesn't just wear a leather harness because he looks great in it. The man is an ex
Footballer Naked Physical
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Description: Charlie is a rising young football star in Mancastle United and an injury might take him out of action for months. He's swiftly unclothed and given a radical new treatment for his thick muscular haunches, but his body needs to be fully prepared first. The oil covering his frame, tight buttocks and pendulous cock shows it off nicely. It's a busy club with different clothed men coming in and out. Athletes have to take it in their stride that they will be fully exposed to multiple clothed men while being treated. The innocent lad finds it particularly sensitive having his pisshole penetrated for a swab, but he fully submits to the experienced professionals and knows he's in good hands.