harley and issac (uknakedmen)
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 08 Sep 11
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Duration: 0:01:04
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Description: Muscle mountain Harley Everett takes sexy French man Issac Jones in hand and rides his tight, hot rump until Issac begs for mercy.
matt surfer solo (uknakedmen)
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 06 Sep 11
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Description: stunning first timer Matt shows off his huge, uncut dick and tight, hot hole
builders break (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 05 Sep 11
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Description: justin king losses his porno cherry and get an almighty soaking from lucas (heavy cummer) knowles
krash party 3
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Description: another night in the notorious parisian cruise bar with uknakedmen
krash party part 1 (uknakedmen)
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Added: 17 Jun 11
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Description: the infamous 'krash bar' in paris, uncut studs getting down and nasty at uknakedmen
pump and squat (uknakedmen)
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Description: Pumping weights gets juices flowing and muscles growing and before you know it, you're comparing bulk with your gym buddy and showing your appreciation with a rock-hard uncut cock, then you're back to comparing size and seeing how much you can get down your throat and in your arse and he's pumping away, which makes you cum loads and he sees you cum and it...
hard hats (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 01 May 11
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Duration: 0:01:33
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Description: Hard-hatted Porn sensation Issac Jones takes on porn sharp-suited legend Jay Roberts in this tale of two sides of the construction indutry where blue & white collars and muscled flesh rub together, uncut cocks are swallowed whole and friction between workers and bosses is definitely a good thing. Hot jets of cum help releave the tension and both sides a...
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Description: Think of Harry Louis and you'll think of that big uncut cock of his slamming mercilessly into a tight but willing arse, so when our blue-eyed boy told us he's just as good at taking it, we presented him with not one but two enormous uncut cocks to handle. Harry's eyes bulged and he swallowed hard - a nervous reaction? We don't think so... Harry had one cock..
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Description: What's a bloke to do? Drew's massive, (truely huge) dick seems to be permanently hard, so he takes his weighty problem to a professional. Dr Justin tried to take the matter in hand, but this big, fat, uncut cock is a two hander. There's only so far he can take his Hippocratic oath and poor horny Justin gives in to temptation, slurping on the massive tool and
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Description: Our Gloryhole boy is Johann and boy, is he a greedy one. We lined up some of our biggest, fattest uncut cocks for Johann and he lapped them up, feasting on the hard muscle and slurping on those foreskins, swallowing inch after inch of throbbing cock until they explode and he gets to taste hot, fresh cum as it splashes onto his bearded face and runs down his chin. All the fat cocks, belonged to straight guys, wanting to experiment but remain anonymous, dirty fuckers!
Spread The Word (uknakedmen)
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Description: K Naked Men brings you the very best of British gay porn, featuring hung, uncut and horny naked men having great sex. Our videos are shot and encoded in High Definition, bringing you DVD quality here on the web. We update 3 times a week with exclusive hardcore videos and hundreds of original photos, plus bonus photos and videos featuring solo and behind-the-scenes action. If you're into toned and muscled guys who fuck with passion and lots of attitude and like watching them shoot their hot loads, join us and see why our members say we're the best on the we
snookered (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 24 Feb 11
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Description: Once again Kurt is working out his after-office-tensions in some dingy run down club. He's joined by swarthy muscle-stud and UKNM first timer Carioca, who's a master of the cue - and strictly top, which means we get to see a very different side to Kurt, as he climbs onto the baize and takes Carioca's dark meat deep inside him. The guys are gripping and grunting with passion and going at it like hungry ******s until they can't hold back any more and they're pumping hot loads all over each other. With a few trick shots Kurt and Carioca both score a maximum in the hottest game of snooker you'll ever see. p.s. In real life the two guys go to the same gym and have been eying each other for months so this collision was a long time coming and oh my, it shows... talk about pent-up passion!
Cigano and Nicolas (uknakedmen)
Category: Latino
Added: 20 Feb 11
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Description: Hispanic horn ***s Cigano and Nicolas are another real couple, who love to put on a show. Tattooed, muscle boys, with big, fat, dark, uncut cocks, are always welcome here. Cigano offers up his eager hole for a right royal ploughing and Nicolas is more than happy to slide his dick all the way inside, until our two sexy studs are hosing each other down with cum.
morning glory (uknakedmen)
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Added: 30 Jan 11
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Description: Sam walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but a hard-on and finds he's not as alone in the house as he'd thought... J.P. was just about to leave, but faced with a hard, uncut cock, decides to stick around and stick his own juicy fat cock in Sam's willing arse... well, it would be rude not to! Sam wakes up with a raging hard-on as usual and begins a leisurely wank. It's his day off, and as he has the all the time in the world, he decides to take a break and save his cum for..
Full Service Valet (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 21 Jan 11
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Duration: 0:01:30
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Description: Jake's a hard man to please, as Issac is finding, as runs his white-gloved hand around the recently dusted furniture. It seems Jake's housekeeping skills are lacking and there's only one thing the eager-to -please young man can offer to keep his job - his hard, uncut dick and perfectly toned naked body. Jake takes absolute advantage, pressing his hard dick to Issac's tight hole until it yields and his stiff tool is swallowed up in hot, muscular arsehole. Being a valet can be demanding, but Issac loves his job.
Michael Green (uknakedmen)
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 16 Jan 11
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Description: Blond, blue-eyed Brit Michael's natural charm is matched by his love of being watched and his ability to shoot hard and far. This straight lad is more than happy being naked in front of us guys, playing with his uncut cock and letting the camera explore every inch of his body. Michael takes a shower then towels down the body, drying the soft blond down which covers his arms, legs and balls. Just having a camera in the room has his cock springing to attention and aching to be.
collars and cuffs (uknakedmen)
Category: Straight
Added: 11 Jan 11
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Duration: 0:01:09
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Description: Not only is this an intimate fantasy of one of our viewers its also the first time 'straight' Stefan has fucked a man. The lucky guy on the receiving end of that thick, hard cock was Andrea who obviously enjoyed every minute of it. The two lads are smart for town but Andrea has a trick up his sleeve - a pair of handcuffs. Stefan doesn't mind being restrained, and though he's straight he can't stop himself getting a hard on from Andrea's hot, expert lips. But when Andrea...
SP4 bound to please (uknakedmen)
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 09 Jan 11
Views: 27918
Duration: 0:01:34
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Description: Deep down in the cellars beneath UKNM Towers, the dungeon basement is where we find Muscle mountain, Harley Everett chained up, anticipating the arrival of handsome, leather clad Jay Roberts. He's wearing nothing but a jock strap... Harley's muscles strain against the chains whilst his aching, throbbing, uncut cock strains against the jock. Jay *****s him before spreading his hard, muscle arse and mercilessly slamming his rock hard dick all the way inside him, cruelly...
cosmo the bodybuilder (uknakedmen)
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 31 Dec 10
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Description:  Champion bodybuilder Cosmo has bulges in all the right places and then some... he loves to pose, flexing his huge muscles and stroking first his nipples, then his uncut cock, until it's standing to attention and ready to shoot hot cum all over those bulging muscles. This straight lad was a little nervous at first but relaxed into it when we distracted him with an iPhone full of porn!
todger (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 22 Dec 10
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Description: On the shoot for Todger underwear, temperatures are rising. We all love to see Dillon Buck in action; this handsome, all-beef Brit can certainly hand out a pounding with his thick, uncut curved cock. Luckily Braxton can handle all that comes at him. The blue-eyed blond American took the full length of Dillon's dick, feeling it open him all the way up, until Dillon pulled out his cock, leaving a stretched,gaping hole, tingling all over with pleasure. The cum is soon flying and glistening on Braxton's smooth body as the hairy, muscled Dillon adds his huge load to Braxton's hot cum.
the flesh is willing (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 07 Dec 10
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Description: Naive, sexy, young JP is out spreading the good word, but when he comes up against hardened sinner Jamie, there's nothing that can save him. JP's thick 8
Up The Aristocracy (uknakedmen)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 27 Nov 10
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Description: Uknakedmen's latest release is two and half hours of aristocratic, uncut cock action. From the steaming hot fuck between Pedro and Daniel, which leaves Daniel drenched in hot spurts of man juice to the horny gamekeeper who catches a trespasser on his land
Miles Alessandro (uknakedmen)
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Description: We'd been trying to get this guy for months - with his model good looks, defined, muscular body, and fat, lip-smacking, uncut dick, we got him in the end. Theres a touch of mediterranean heat in Miles and the fullest, most kissable lips, tanned, naturally smooth...yum
world of spurt (uknakedmen)
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Description: sport, spunk, sweat and big, fat uncut cocks, the latest dvd from uknakedmen
Poke 'is face  (uknakedmen)
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 21 Nov 10
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Duration: 0:01:49
Tags: david castan nicolas torri conner habib uncut cocks naked men 3 some

Description:  At a men only game of cards, our three smart gents are playing for high stakes, but when the money's gone, closely followed by Nicolas Torri's clothes, there's any one way the poor loser can pay up, by giving up his hot arse. The winners take it in turns to stuff his hot throat and arse with their fat uncut dicks, Conner loosens him up, then David plunges his fat tool into Nicolas' guts, stretching him wide, before they both shoot their hot loads on him. The greedy...
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Description: Cocky, reveller Hayden spills the wrong drink as he staggers around the night club. Stefan's bouncer decides on what punishment to extract from Hayden, but to this cock and cum hungry young pup its a pleasure to service the hard dicks of burly Nathan and Stefan's monstrous, fat tool. As Straight Stefan has his cock sucked by a guy for the first time, Nathan is eagerly up to his nuts in Hayden's tight hole. As they shoot their hot loads this spunk crazed man can't wait to lick...
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Added: 30 Oct 10
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Description: Novice Dean is having trouble keeping to his holy vows, he secretly lusts for ****** Buck. Night after night, he imagines the ******'s naked body on top of him, his hard, uncut cock, pushing deep inside him. He decides to tell the ****** his secret within the security of the confessional, and though the secret remains untold, ****** Buck takes action... Visiting the novice priest's bedroom that night, he makes the young man's secret, shameful fantasies a shuddering, hard, wet reality.