Its Not If.....its when (uknakedmen)
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Added: 23 Nov 09
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Duration: 0:01:51
Tags: dillon buck michael madison uncut cocks foreskin

Description: Pent-up lusts run rampant in the exclusive private finishing school that Michael attends. He watches his gym instructor and begins to feel a tightness in his underpants. He's seen the weight in the crotch of Dillon's pants and wanked himself to ****** just imagining his teachers fat cock pressing to his lips and to the aching, twitching hole of his arse. But little does he know Dillon has been taking more than a professional interest in his pupil, and its not a question of if somethings going to happen between them - its when...
Harry's Club (uknakedmen 57)
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Added: 22 Nov 09
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Description: Its been a while since we've seen UK Naked Men favourite Harry Louis, but he's back on top form with another hot, muscular, naked man - Stefan Colby. Stefan is the last customer at 'Harry's Private Members Club', and he's been admiring the sexy barman all night. So as Harry clears up Stefan takes a chance and he's soon naked on his knees worshipping Harry's huge, hard, uncut cock. Harry hammers Stefan's arse until the poor bloke can barely take it, sliding his fat tool, deep inside, before pulling out and unloading creamy jets of cum over Stefan's belly.
Something for the weekend (uknakedmen)
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Added: 22 Nov 09
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Tags: edward fox justin harris uncut cocks

Description: Edward slips in to his local barber shop for a quick trim and gets a whole lot more. He's liking the feel of barber Justin'shands on his head and as Justin leans in and his crotch presses against Edward's hand, it's clear he's enjoying it too... You wouldn't believe such an angelic-faced guy as Justin was such a cock hound, he slurps Edward's big fat cock - and really, its a monster - then sticks his tongue under the foreskin and pulls it back to reveal the sheen of the purple head. he's making a meal of it - but we all know where he reaaly wants it! So its 'about face' and Edward slides the beast right up into the barbers guts and stuffs him again and again, before shooting a fountain of cum and then Justin convulses as he squirts over Edward.
I WET DREAM OF GENIE (uknakedmen 56)
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Added: 16 Nov 09
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Tags: calvin cox ben mason michael hunt uncut cocks 3some

Description: Why whistle up one muscle-stud Genie when you can whistle up two, Calvin gets his throat and arse stuffed by the hung, muscular genies Michael and Ben. Sexy, welsh guy Calvin is horny as hell and with the powers of the magic lamp he can conjure up anything his, sex crazed heart can imagine. So with one rub its muscle bound slab-of-beef, Ben Mason and with the next rub its porn virgin and gym toned Scot, Michael. With these two hung genies working his holes at both ends and blowing their loads all over him, its not long before Calvins cumming all over himself and nursing a battered mouth and smashed in arse hole.
EDUCATING PETER (uknakedmen 54)
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Added: 14 Nov 09
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Duration: 0:01:48
Tags: korben stefan colby spanking uncut cocks

Description: Professor Korben is a master of language, and when his student Peter finds it difficult to get his tongue around the teachers lessons he's persuaded to improve his oral skills by sucking the prof's fat, uncut dick. But the rules here are strict and poor Peter is given a good spanking, naked, over the gym ****** to make sure he learns his lesson, and even as his arse cheeks are glowing from the slaps, the Prof sinks his thick, juicy dick deep inside his errant young charge, then pulls out and drenches Peter's chest in thick, gooey cum, which we think is more reward than punishment - and a lesson young Peter definitely won't forget.
DEEP (uknakedmen 51)
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Added: 02 Nov 09
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Tags: nicolas torri david castan uncut cocks cul

Description: Ahhh les mecs... Nicolas Torri and David Castan are cooling off in the pool, but the bulges in their speedos suggest temperatures will be rising even further. Nicolas eagerly buries his face in David's crotch, worshipping the bulge in his wet Speedos, before slowly peeling back the trunks to reveal David's, fat, juicy uncut dick. He plunges the massive member into his mouth and down his throat, tasting the salty pre-cum, before he finds himself, bent over the edge of the pool as David stretches his hot, furry arse cheeks wide and sticks his tongue in, snogging his hole for all he's worth, then sliding his fat prick up Nicolas' spit-lubed arse. And when David's finished ploughing his arse he wanks out a creamy load of jizz into Nicolas' face.
On The Ropes ( UKNAKEDMEN )
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Added: 02 Nov 09
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Duration: 0:02:03
Tags: dillon buck ross hurston uncut cocks

Description: Dillon Buck returns as D.I.Sweeney to UK Naked Men and he's facing his old adversary Ross Hurston. Restrained and unable to resist, Sweeney submits to Ross's masterful mouth, his thick 10
scott stone (uknakedmen 50)
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Added: 28 Oct 09
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Duration: 0:01:08
Tags: scott stone uncut cock rubber

Description: Scott Stone makes his first appearance on UK Naked Men. The 22 year old straight builder (he even has a white van!) has a bit of laugh with us in the studio as it's the first time he's worn rubber shorts and a leather harness. But once he frees his sweaty uncut cock from it's rubber confinement, the good-natured, smiling lad gets right serious! He wanks his thick cock until he squirts a massive load right at the camera. The studio was very nearly flooded!
THE TESTING BENCH (uknakedmen 42)
Category: Toys
Added: 26 Oct 09
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Duration: 0:02:05
Tags: ashley ryder korben viktor uncut cocks dildo facial cum

Description: Our version of the clash of the titans was to put Ashley Ryder, the UK's notorious arse fetishist up against the guys from Crackstuffers and to throw in two more muscular hung men for good measure. Cute young Ashely's arse is stretched to capacity by the massive dildos. Then Victor joins in and they ****** the cute blonde, naked man to the floor and he takes it in turns sucking on their dicks before they wank their creamy loads into his eager face.
marcello (uknakedmen 46)
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Added: 24 Oct 09
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Duration: 0:01:41
Tags: straight rugby sport solo wank cum uncut cock

Description: MARCELLO IN RUGBY KIT The great thing about straight Northern blokes is that when you ask them to roll around on turf, in the rain, getting muddy and covered in wet grass, they don't blink an eye - in fact they love it! Marcello's a guy who loves being watched and gets into the shoot from the start, peeling off the UKNM rugby kit (which he filled to capacity with his huge chest and meaty thighs...) sniffing the socks and rubbing himself all over with the dirty kit and caressing the ball whilst pumping his ever-hard uncut cock until it's ready to explode. This guy's quite happy to show his puckered arse hole too and shows every inch of himself from every angle. You can tell you're working with a true exhibitionist by the power of the cum-shot and Marcello gives us an 8-squirt shuddering splatter of the white stuff making our shoot even wetter.
stefan Colby (uknakedmen 45)
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Added: 23 Oct 09
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Duration: 0:01:30
Tags: uncut cocks stefan colby

Description: The first thing we noticed about Stefan is those beautiful big lips and of course we got to thinking how good they'd look wrapped around a big juicy cock.. Then we met him and discovered his many other talents, along with his smooth toned body and a delicious uncut cock of his own, which hangs over a large, full ball-sack. Once we get talking to Stefan he reveals his appetite for big cocks, saying he can handle whatever we give him - and however many... we will of course put that to the test in future videos, but here we get him all to ourselves.. he's gazing into the camera as he strokes his hard cock, his dark eyes connecting with us as he works up to a huge climax and a fountain of cum which gushes onto the glass floor. The second camera was underneath the floor so we get a unique angle for the cum explosion.
Marek (uknakedmen 41)
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 11 Oct 09
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Duration: 0:00:54
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Description: Sexy, thick-dicked Marek was more than eager to please when he arrived at the studio, he turned himself on as he peeled off his clothes, showing us his peachy little are cheeks, fat prick and foreskin. He ran his hands over his, smooth tanned , toned body, all the time stroking his hard cock until he was squirting a thick, hot load on the floor.
TRESPASS ( uknakedmen 43)
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Added: 09 Oct 09
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Description: TRESPASS - ANTHONY & DRAKE<br /> Anthony doesn't realise he's stum**** into the private grounds of Studley Manor, he strips almost naked to sunbathe but when he's discovered by the horny, hairy groundsman, he's willing to fuck his way out of trouble. The two find a shady spot and Anthony sucks on Drake's massive uncut member, licking his hairy, heavy balls, then spreads his bum cheeks wide, aching to feel his sphincter stretching around the fat head and thick shaft. Drake pummels him good and proper and unleashes a monster load in the lads face. What punishment!
Hot wet and Hung (uknakedmen 39)
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Added: 02 Oct 09
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Duration: 0:01:50
Tags: Nic James Jed Wilcox uncut cocks

Description: As world economies go from the black into the red, so do we in the first of our Sweatbox series of videos. World-class athlete and all- round sex-bomb Jed Wilcox shows us how to navigate these turbulent waters and have the most fun doing it. He's joined by first-timer (and where has he been hiding?!) Nic James, owner of an amazing body and a dick like a pneumatic drill. The pair take a dip in the hot-tub and raise the heat from hot to boiling with their man-on-man action - munching greedily on each other's meaty uncut dicks and licking every inch of stubble-covered muscle. When Nic slides his thick uncut length between Jed's amazingly toned arse-cheeks and up to his huge nuts into Jed's tight hole, the drilling starts, and as the thrusting motion builds, the turbulence increases and the steam rises until the two men explode, shooting hot torrents of cum onto furry chests.
The Dark Room (uknakedmen 39)
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Added: 11 Sep 09
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Duration: 0:01:44
Tags: tony thorne Matt Richie uncut cocks

Description: As Tony and Matt pour over horny shots of naked men. They lean in close and things soon start to develop. Our stunning, ripped men strip off and get down to some of their own steamy action, slurping at each others' rock hard cocks and puckered, twitching arseholes until they're dripping wet and eager to fuck their brains out. Tony plunders Matt's smooth hole before pulling out and squirting a hot load into Matt's hungry mouth.
The Optician (uknakedmen 37)
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Added: 04 Sep 09
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Duration: 0:02:01
Tags: big uncut cocks

Description: OPTICIAN - TOBY JAMES & KALLUM ASH We've been trying to get hairy young stud Toby James back for a while and at last he's here. We didn't think it possible for Toby to get any sexier... how wrong we were! Toby's joined by Kallum Ash who might be a UKNM newcommer but has been making some great porn in the U.K recently. The horny, young, hairy-chested optician has a special eye site test set aside for his cuter customers, and as Kallum Ash reads his way down the chart he realises words are being putting in his mouth - followed by Toby's hot, wet, uncut dick. Kallum can't get enough of Toby's furry body. The two studs fuck all over the examination room with Kallum more then eager to stick his sweet, smooth arse in the air and take a right royal battering.
Dirty Mechanics 3 (uknakedmen 36)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 20 Aug 09
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: axel ryder jake ryder uncut cocks

Description: They share a surname, they both have striking pale blue eyes, rugged, toned bodies and thick, uncut cocks - and they both love to fuck like there's no tomorrow. It's the perfect pairing! When arrogant city bloke Jake pulls up at Axels garage he gets more than his tyres rotated. Axel's oily hands are all over him in seconds, he rips Jake's shirt off his hairy torso and makes short work of the pants. The hulking mechanic pushes him down into the filthy tyres and spreads his hairy legs, dipping his tongue deep into Jake's hot, hole. Just another day in the tyre bay.
fuck me (uknakedmen 35)
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Added: 19 Aug 09
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Duration: 0:01:51
Tags: BJ Vladi big uncut cocks

Description: Take our advice - don't hire gay tradesmen! These two were meant to be painting the studio and spent the whole time fucking! There's hardly any paint on the walls, and they made quite a mess, but hey, they look great and we'd rather watch them fuck than watch paint dry. It seems there's no foreman either, if you know what we mean - it's an equal partnership. They take it in turns. One minute BJ's taking Vladi's huge cock deep in his hairy arse, the next it's all change and BJ's on top... we could hardly keep up! They're rolling around like they're trying to eat each other! It all ends in a great big fountain of cum and two very satisfied painters. We're satisfied too. Not with the painting of course, but that can wait - the show was worth every penny.
sensory pleasures 5 (uknakedmen 34)
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 15 Aug 09
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Duration: 0:02:02
Tags: lucas knowles ivo costa fetish uncut cocks

Description: SENSORY PLEASURES 5 - LUCAS KNOWLES & IVO COSTA Lucas Knowles has another helpless, yet willing naked soul in his dark dungeon. Filled with lust, Ivo Costa is there only to please his master. Although he doesn't know what is in store for him inside the master's lair, he anticipates Lucas's every move with a groan of desire. Strung up and blindfolded, Ivo is virtually helpless but he trusts that Lucas will bring him only pleasure... with a few twists. Bindings, a blindfold, cigarette smoke and cold water are only the foreplay. This master doesn't only tease and taunt. He also delivers the full-on fucking that Ivo has been anxiously awaiting. Both men eventually erupt in a cum explosion that leaves Ivo's chest and stomach drenched in spunk.
pulling punches (uknakedmen 33)
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Added: 09 Aug 09
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Duration: 0:01:58
Tags: uncut cocks dillon buck robbie rivers

Description: Robbie wants to get into boxing as a way to tone his smooth body and to spar with the fit lads he's seen at the boxing gym. He books a private training session with the club's trainer Dillon to learn how to handle himself, but his trainer thinks he can go much further than just some basic moves. Dillon folds his muscular arms around Robbie's shoulders and guides his fists into the punch bag. Both of them can feeling the rising sexual tension...
up n under (uknakedmen 29)
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 26 Jul 09
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Duration: 0:01:54
Tags: harry louis jorge ballantinos mitch collins

Description: Oh yes we know how much you love Harry Louis, but some of you crave fresh flesh, so once again we serve up a feast for everyman, as Harry Louis fucks two stunning first timers, Mitch and Jorge, and completely satisfies both of them. And we satisfy you by covering the action from absolutely all angles. Power bottom Jorge was insatiable and after a deep rodding from Harry Louis s thick uncut cock, demanded Mitch s meaty uncut cock deep inside him too... eventually all three of them are spraying each other down with man juice. This is the wettest one we ve ever filmed, with Harry Louis blowing not one but two great gushing loads.
into the red (uknakedmen 28)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 19 Jul 09
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Duration: 0:01:43
Tags: jorge ballantinos axel ryder uncut cocks

Description: UK Naked Men is going underground, where Axel s cruising the stalls of a run-down mensroom for a willing hole or two. He finds them in Jorge, who s hungry for cock and wastes no time in massaging Axel s 10
british gigolo (uknakedmen 25)
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 12 Jul 09
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Duration: 0:02:01
Tags: 3 some uncut cocks double penetration

Description: Anything America can do we ll have damn good bash at, and I think we ve surpassed, in sexy filth at least, what anyone from a cross the pond could muster. Sexy stud Ben Statham hires British Gigolo Michael Madison to come over and fuck his boyfriend in front of a roaring fire. the heat from the fire doesn t match the heat from the men and what we had hoped would be a glossy tribute to the escorts we love, turns into a hot, sleazy fuck and suck fest. These guys are totally into each other (really all the way in) and they slurp, suck and fuck their sweaty way to Ben and Michael s double penetration. (Who was it in the lounge asking to see double penetration? well how about a double helping?!)
Kitchen Confidential (uknakedmen 25)
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 10 Jul 09
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Duration: 0:01:31
Tags: uncut cocks rick bauer

Description: Rick Bauer returns and he has something tasty to share. He s joined by Danny Davis who gets more than a mouthful and gobbles it down greedily. This makes both men even more hungry and they re eating each other like it s the last supper. Table manners are discarded as they roll naked on the kitchen floor, whipping up a batch of fresh man-cream which they spray onto each other, adding the finishing touch to a very satisfying dish.
The Intruder (uknakedmen 14)
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 29 Jun 09
Views: 83268
Duration: 0:01:45
Tags: nic james jake ryder uncut cocks

Description: As Jake Ryder ****** he is unaware that masked intruder Nic James is watching him. Nic s looking for the family jewels but finds himself fascinated by the site of Jake s naked hairy body. He can t resist pulling back the sheets and let his leather-gloved hand hover over every inch of him. The scent of Nic s arousal stirs Jake and though he s surprised to suddenly feel Nic s hot mouth on his cock, he lets him know that he won t cry out - well not in panic anyway, he ll soon cry out in ecstasy when Nic s huge hard cock is ramming him hard and he s feeling the hot splash of Nic s cum as he explodes onto him and they collapse in a pool of sweat.
Going Under (uknakedmen 20)
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 04 Jun 09
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Duration: 0:02:08
Tags: paolo bertoli andreas sharp uncut cocks

Description: Have you ever wondered what might be happening as the anaesthetic kicks in and the doctors rubbered up hands can take to walking wherever they want? You d be completely at his perverted mercy, just like poor Andre. But in Andre s fantasy he s loving his over-zealous examination. His most tender pink parts are explored by fingers, dildo and then by the doctors humungous member. (and look out for our favourite sex pot nurse Gina Freelove)