Jackhammering a Hungry Hole
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Description: Mike Martin and Gavin Greene are old buddies, hanging out and catching up. Unconstrained by the presence of their girlfriends, the guys can talk freely about anything: sports, tattoos, even sex. Gavin mentions that a recent basketball injury really messed up his shoulder. Mike offers to work out the tension for him. Mike helps Gavin out of his shirt, and begins rubbing his shoulders. Mike's arms effortlessly spread down the length of Gavin's lean torso. Gavin doesn't seem to mind as Mike's hands roam freely across his chest, gently whisping over Gavin's nipples. Mike pulls back for some air. Mumbling about the broken cooling system, he takes off his shirt. Gavin only needs one look at Mike's Black Forest of chest hair to know what he wants. Gavin quickly offers Mike a massage. Mike sits down on the sofa between Gavin's legs. Gavin tentatively begins to touch Mike's back, shoulders and chest. Gavin rubs his hand through the thick bulk of fur on Mike's hairy chest. Mike leans into Gavin'
Heimish Bald Gay in Sizzling Fuck
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Description: Heimish and voluptuous fucking stunts by these two sweet gays. Sweet but sizzling hot anal & cock uck
Patrick Deflowers Riley
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Description: Patrick works his magic on Riley in his very first shoot!. They have a intense kiss session before moving into to smagic uck each others hot dicks, soon after he is giving the hot virgin lay next to him a hot fuck he's not going to forget anytime soon! - they fuck harder and harder before blowing there huge loads!
Finger Fuck Amateur
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Description: Artem is back for another solo shoot. He loves it dirty and also loves to talk out loud when having sex. Artem is a natural bottom and when wanking off alone he needs to finger fuck his ass so he can get off and cum!