Thrusting His Cock into His Furry Hole
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Description: B*shing deep into his inner workings with the vigor of a demolition crew, Matthew looks lost in ecstasy as America pulls his thick fuck stick all the way out and turns him around to break back into his snug anal fortress on all fours. After a nice long session of ramming Matthew's guts and stretching his anus to the max, America throws him onto the nearby chair and mounts him from behind, passionately pushing his way to a *****-vessel bursting climax that causes thick rope after rope of steaming jism to coat Matthew's face and the chair's fabric. This is the final straw for Matthew, as the last few tugs on his giant dick sets off a massive eruption of gooey man-juice that makes sure the few spots of his body which were still dry are now submerged in little white swimmers. Ah, the joy of having a front row seat to such passionate action is almost too much to be told.
Red Velvet
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Description: Dean and Ryan will make you salivate uncontrollably today. In this scene you get to see these two naughty twinks getting it hot and heavy on top of a red velvet couch. Check them out as they rip their clothes off, tugging and sucking on each others' cocks before they give each other head in a 69. After a hot blowjob, Dean now fucks Ryan's tight ass until he cum so hard! You won't be able to look away at this hot gay sex scene!
Mi Amor
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Description: Long time boyfriends Malcolm, in the black shirt and Abel, in the grey, head inside for some fun. Malcolm, who will top, teases Abel about what he's been "up to." Assuring his boyfriend that no one has his attention besides he, Abel, the bottom, begins to kiss his "novio" very affectionately. Playfully, they remove one another's pants; nice use of feet, Abel. For, enjoy these two as they use every inch of the couch, and one another. Zoomed in, you can almost count the hairs as Abel's oral abilities are very evident. As he is blown, the top also work's the bottom's hole with his wet fingers. Grinding and then rimming, Malcolm eats up before sliding in. The top also stands and pushes Abel onto his cock then puts him into a missionary position; both are very "able." Close, the top pulls Abel's head back to aim into the boy's open mouth, drenching his face as well; the love is "written" all over his expression. The bottom then tugs until he repays the "flavor" into Malcolm's o
Classic CAUSA 153 Kole
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Tags: 11-Year Anniversary Anal Casey Black CAUSA Classic ClubAmateurUSA erotic massage finger fucking Kole masturbation rub and tug Rub n Tug sex toys Sexplore Your Curiosity Straight

Description: Kole and I have found our groove working together, and this video is quite demonstrative of that fact. We laughed, drank some dayum good wine, had lots of fun, played with a much larger vibrator & dildo, and of course, I tortured him to phenomenal orgasm (which Kole says is “cruel and unusual). LOL! I'm going to make this short & sweet as this weekend is the adult webmaster's conference in my neck of the woods, The Phoenix Forum. So, enjoy my latest adventure with CAUSA's exclusive hottie, Kole! CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©
CAUSA 466 Masen
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Tags: Anal Casey Black CAUSA ClubAmateurUSA erotic massage finger fucking Masen masturbation rub and tug Rub n Tug sex toys Sexplore Your Curiosity Straight

Description: I believe the intensity of the sexploration during Masen's second shoot was a bit more than he bargained for. Given that prostate stimulation is usually new to my guys, sometimes, their brains do not know how to process the pleasure. Masen's brain is one of those, and although you'll see his eyes rollling back in his head several times, I think his conscious self isn't quite ready to embrace anal pleasure. He is willing to engage in reciprocal activities with another male for the first time, so I'll bring Masen forward in baby steps. ;) Enjoy! CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©
Classic CAUSA 63 Kip
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Tags: Casey Black CAUSA Classic ClubAmateurUSA erotic massage finger fucking Kip rub and tug Rub n Tug Sexplore Your Curiosity

Description: From the first moment that I laid eyes on Kip, he did it for me. His big baby blues will make you weak in the knees and a little moist a little bit higher up… Hehehe… Kip's got a naturally beautiful body. There's great definition to it, but it's not overdone like most of the “Abercrombie” boys of today. And many of you (as I was) will be quite pleased to see that he's got pubes (unlike most of the “Abercrombie” boys). You'll most likely hear me comment in that regard in the video. Hail to Dorothy, the guy's got pubic hair! LOL! Kip was referred to us by Gabe (who took a stack of my business at the end of his last shoot), and I'm definitely glad that he did. This was a pretty erotic shoot. Kip relaxed and really got into with his whole body in motion. I know that I enjoyed myself, and evidently from Kip's cumshot, he most definitely enjoyed it, as well. Dear gawd in heaven, he shot clear up to his mouth and it dripped down his chin, past his shoulder, and onto the pillow. Of course,
CAUSA 465 Peyton
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Tags: Anal Casey Black CAUSA ClubAmateurUSA erotic massage finger fucking masturbation oral Peyton rub and tug Rub n Tug sex toys Sexplore Your Curiosity Straight

Description: Cutie-pie Peyton returns to the CAUSA, and I put him through his anal & prostate stimulation paces. Interestingly, his protestations “I'm a top! I'm a top!” are not substantiated by his cock. While consciously Peyton is wont to claim that anal & prostate aren't comfortable for him, his cock stayed rock hard during said manipulation during both his first & second shoots. I believe that for now, it's both an issue of Peyton needing to be in control, as well as, a conservative upbringing & societal expectations of masculinity. So, we took a break from the stimulation. Then, once I had him face up on the table, I simply pressed the head of the CAUSA Silver Bullet against his manhole, and in no time, Peyton looked up at me, smiled, and said, “you can go deeper.” Enjoy! CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©
Classic CAUSA 103 Jaxon & Hydro
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Description: Jaxon & Hydro originally aired as a two-parter in May & July 2005. For today's Classic CAUSA, I've combined the two videos into one. Below are the two original storyboards. So, the last evening that the boys were in Scottsdale for their Spring Break, I sent Aaron & Kyle off to Fashion Square to cruise the high school chicks (LOL!), and I threw Jaxon & Hydro onto my bed and said, “go at it boys!” Well, we got a little criss-cross handjob action, a little self-penetration, and little CB penetration, and lots of laughing and joking around. We were able to get down to business, and Jaxon & I definitely showed Hydro a good time. With almost two hours of footage to this video, I decided to break it up into two parts. In part one, the focus is definitely on Hydro's pleasure. And part two: So, we pick up Part 2 with the focus shifting to Jaxon… As we left off in Part 1, Jaxon and I had successfully brought Hydro to his first orgasm. That's right his first… After a short break for us to
CAUSA 464 Trey
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Description: From Masen & Sesso to Classic Casey, we continue our tour of Italy with new CAUSA model, thick & veiny-cocked Trey who until sliding onto my infamous massage table, had never before engaged in sexual interaction with another male. Trey's thoughts of ********** his curiosity only began a couple of months ago while perusing the personals on our local Craigslist. Then a few weeks ago, he created a profile on AFF, and the rest, they say, is ClubAmateurUSA history. As you'll soon witness, Trey has a more reserved, gentle spirit with a smile that lights up the room, and while having him get naked for me, when Trey turned around to show us his ass, my mouth hit the floor when I saw that he has one of the hairiest butts to ever appear on CAUSA. Wow! Given how reserved Trey is, pay close attention to his breathing when he's face down & I begin prostate stimulation. Talk about flaring nostrils… Additionally, I do not recall throughout my years of filming having seen someone's heartbeat so stro
CAUSA 463 Sesso
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Description: One afternoon not too long ago, as I was engaged in my recruiting efforts on AdultFriendFinder, I clicked on a profile, saw the images, & could not send an email fast enough to Sesso: It's been a few years since we filmed, and I'm not sure if you have any interest again appearing in adult content, but if you do, my site subscribers would love seeing you again. Your one & only video with me is still commented on quite frequently. Sesso's response wasn't a definitive “no”: Hi, yes it has. Im not sure if I feel like doing that anymore. ITs been a longggg time lol. So, why not one more try… Well, ya look better than ever! Love the pattern of chest hair & would love to capture you on video again for my site subscribers, and your status does say that you badly need a massage. Obviously, my power of persuasion worked, and thank the baybee geezus that it did! Sesso does look better than ever, and with his all-over body hair… WOOF! One final note, Sesso set a CAUSA record for farthest c
Classic CAUSA 77 Shayne
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Description: You know when “the one” walks through the door. He's got “the look” that makes you steal a second glance and gives you a little moisture down below. Hehehe… I knew when Shayne contacted me on AdultFriendFinder, that I was hell bent to capture him on video. He's young, hung, hella cute, and sexually curious. Uhm… PERFECT! So, the evening that we exchanged emails, I immediately gleaned his availability and pushed to get him over for a shoot sooner than later. We exchanged our last email about 1:30 AM. Shayne phoned me at 9:40 AM, and he was in my home on the massage table at 10:45 AM. LOL! There's no mistaking that if he wants to play in this industry for awhile, he'll definitely do well. I've told Shayne that I want to work with him as long as he's willing, and we've outlined a shoot schedule for the next few months. Without further adieu, I present Shayne's rub & tug on I know that once you see this guy in action you'll be as I — wanting to see as much of him as
Muscle Stud Devin Strokes His Hot Cock
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Description: Seemingly frustrated by confinement, Devin's upper lip curls into a snarl and he quickly releases himself from his shirt. Hiding under said shirt lay a set of immaculate pecs and a broad sun kissed chest. Apparently his jeans were becoming too tight to bear as well. He slides his tree trunk thick thighs free and immediately spits into his hand and starts to tug a big pink dick. Completely ignoring the pair of jeans still dangling around his ankles, Devin gets to work. No mercy today for Devin's cock, or his hole for that matter. As Devin's comfort level rises, inhibitions are lost, and his fingers start to disappear. When Devin is on his back and has both hands free to concentrate on the matter at hand, he pushes closer to the edge. After a good round of manhandling his cock, spitting, snarling, and cussing Devin finally peaks and blows his thick load all the way up to his neck. Panting and smiling, the sneer gone from his lips Devin completes his task and sighs with relief.
Gripping His Sexy Cock
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Description: As he strokes, his massive cock swells and stretches the fabric of his underwear until he unleashes the pink monster. Gripping firmly, he strokes slowly. He pulls off his shorts and underwear, spreading his legs wide open. Finally shirtless, the slim lifeguard gives his schlong some good tugs. His smooth skin is adorned by several tattoos, but very little hair. He spits in his hand to lube up the massive meat while gripping his balls with the other hand. As his chest becomes flush, his back arches and his whole body stiffens. His cock begins to spew a giant load of spunk onto his ripply stomach. His pink lips purse and open wide as he expels one huge breath of ecstasy.
The Yin & Yang of Boyhood Part 2
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Description: Having a second look at Yoshinori cumming, we now want Yura to show his boyhood. Knowing how well the bottom's mouth works on Yura, it's not long before the boy is up. "Gloving" the good stuff, Yura then lubes his bottom boy up and works on getting in; but everything worth having. Topping Yoshinori, Yura gets in and goes balls deep from the get go; the nice "backside" view of the top verifies that. As the two enjoy, both take turns jerking the bottom's dick, which's a bit more sensitive post-blow. Flipping his partner over, Yura takes care going back in; seems like getting it "from behind," has the Yoshinori loving the sensation and it shows. Damn, this "bend-a-boy" positioning is hot as hell. After a bit, looks like they're both done with the yin/yang as Yoshinori begins to suck Yura again. Slobbering on his partner's cock, this bottom really has more than one talented hole. With a bit of a tug Yura spews onto Yoshinori's shoulder and the boys kiss, "cumming" full circle.
Haruto Is Stimulated
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Description: Do you like this model? His name is Haruto and he enjoys pleasing. In one of his playtime singlets, he begins at the top, with some "man-nip-ulation." As his cock grows, he begins to fondle his bulge through the material. Quite the "pointer," Haruto unleashes himself; the tip already is covered with precum. Stroking, this full-pubed boy, has got lots to share. Fingering his "sticky mess," he continues to stimulate himself, and us. Pulling off his singlet, he tugs then rolls onto all fours; his delicious hairy hole is prepped. Working even a little pinkie in is quite a feat, "butt" the sensation begins to open him up. Pumping my finger as I rub his taint, the boy starts to moan. On his back, I then work in a dildo; Haruto is hard as a rock. Manipulating "my little friend," brings on more moans as Haruto "sucks" the toy in. As he balls swell and he strokes feverishly, I let him take over. Hitting just the right spot, he tells me he's cumming, and blows a thick glob of jizz,
Two Prisoners
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Tags: restraints chains CBT threesome tug of war big dick boots masks Iron Lockup

Description: Rob Karota & Milan Tatoo|Milan has two things he's pretty stoked about - one is a new camera that he's not putting down for anything - not even a blow job that his big dick (the other thing he's stoked about) is currently getting. The pierced up tattooed bad boy is watching Rob suck on his schlong and then he rams him hard with his raw pierced pecker.|bareback, twink, piercings, kissing, big dick, blow job, POV, tattoos, cum shots, Twinks 08162014s1|Sir likes balls. They're like puppies who like a game of tug of war, it's just that the boys they are attached to don't seem to agree. Stuck between the discomfort of the ball stretchers tugging on their jewels and their arms bound above the boys work to find a happy medium. Of course, Sir disagrees with this objective and raises the stakes.
Classic CAUSA 109 Casey
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Added: 29 Aug 14
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Tags: rub and tug straight

Description: Having never had another male touch his cock before, Casey responded as I anticipated… BOING! And after 30+ excruciatingly torturous minutes of rubbing & tugging, he exploded in one phenomenal orgasm. I think Casey was surprised by his own load because you'll see him look down in disbelief at his cum-covered six-pack abs and chest.