Bred by a Huge Uncut Muscle Cock
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Description: Italian stallion Luca Bondi, with long thick uncut cock and the body of death, flexes his top muscle and throws Ian Jay into the tub.
A Stem In The Stern
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Description: We've seen this Asian boy in action with Nobu, but how about satisfying himself, for us? In the tub, Riku plays with his nipples and hole; his dick is already at full-staff. Rolling his hands over his balls, he then sits on the side of the tub to rub. Adding some suds, this cutie is definitely a "self-serve" type of guy. Working his "bubbly" hole, Riku pumps for more froth, and sensation. Watching his dick rock back in forth, as he fingers, is a nice treat. On the bed, I inspect a "stem in the stern" of his hole. His grin lets me know, he is ready to go. Spreading his "pink treasure," he looks right at the camera, as I cum; I mean film. Watching the "***** flow" in those tasty balls, his "tag is wagging" down below; is he motioning me? Enjoying his eyes as they glaze, Riku continues to stroke. Okay, let's be honest, it was supposed to be a solo, but "my spray" says otherwise; good thing I can multi-task. Shooting up on him, Riku gets even hornier.
Fucking Adam Blank
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Description: Frat boys Tom Luis and Adam Blank stop over at Jim Crew's for a soak in the hot tub. Adam boasts about how good he sucks cock and proves his point by servicing both of his frat *******s. They move to the bed, where Adam gets double penetrated, followed by a spit roasting by Tom and Jim. Then it's cum facials for all!
The Dildo Experiment
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Description: In this solo jerk off scene, young Shane takes a bath to relax and try something different. After spreading his butt cheeks, so we can get a good look, Shane gets comfortable in the tub and shoves a purple dildo deep inside. It takes a bit for him to get the hang of it, but once he does, the cum starts to flow.
Matias And Gabriel
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Description: Alone in the hot tub, Matias gets seduced by a cute horny Latino boy named Gabriel. Gabriel gets Matias' trunks off and is wowed by the enormity of his big Latino cock. But Gabriel deep throats that monster with ease, relishing every moment, dreaming of when it will be drilling his ass hole. Matias mounts his face in Gabriel's sweet ass and rims him for a while before sticking that big bad thing in him. After a nice long horny bareback fuck session, Matias paints Gabiel's face with his cum.
Ciao And Leny
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Description: After a long day of cleaning up the garage, Ciao and Lenny decide it's time to relax in the jacuzzi for a while. But these two horny Latinos got other things in mind. Ciao can't help but notice the huge erection under Leny's swim suit, and calls him over to the hot tub for a closer look and feel. Ciao pulls down the swim suit and out pops Leny's enormous cock, and starts sucking, barely able to fit in his mouth. The action moves to the lounge chair where Leny penetrates Ciao's ass with his big dick, and fucks him in all kinds of positions.
Latin Boy - Handjob and Cum
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Description: - Continuation of a handjob in the hot tub, Carlito Lucero's cock function gets properly examined, in great detail, his body explored from front and rear, culminating in nice cumshot! Do not miss this one!
Arab Rules - Al Tufail, Almahdi Hamaad and Imad Aldin
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Description: Nur has finally made his way into that bubble bath. He's only got his legs in and he's fisting that dick like he means it but then slides to the bottom of the tub to relax in the hot water and the foam. We go from his seductive lip licking and cock rubbing to find a beefy trio sitting back and rubbing on their cocks. Almahdi Hannad, Al Tufail and Imad Aldin all have been hitting the gym and it seems to have built up their fuck muscles as well. It's a short chat before the cock sucking starts. All three guys are sporting a nice piece between their legs. Almahdi is one of those guys whose dick stands tight up against his abs when it's hard and it looks delicious. While a good rim job is hot to watch regardless, when Imad squats down over Almahdi's face to get eaten out it made my prick leak. This is another example of Alexander using voyeurism in a scene to great effect. Almahdi laying back and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his dick head while Al Tufail stretches Imad's hole
Alec gets fingered during first handjob
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Description: Alec is Nevin's best friend. They've actually known each other for most of their lives, and when Alec signed up with the military, Nevin wasn't far behind him. These two have a bit of a bro-mance going on, for sure. Alec is the instigator between them, always pushing the envelope a little. They even had a jerk off race together in a hot tub one night, just for shits n' giggles. Alec is the one who goaded Nevin into doing his massage video. That alone earned him a gold star in my book, so after Nevin made the leap, it was Alec's turn in front of the cameras.
18 Boy - First Handjob - Part2
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Description: - This one is for those who prefer not so muscular types. Olegin is smotth and slim, and somehow really sexy, which may have to do with his nice big dick. Watch him get a handjob in the tub, nice sexy scene where you can almost imagine your hand doing the job. Nice cumshot at the end!
Latin Handjob Adventure - Part1
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Description: - Watch handsome and muscular Carlito get a handjob! First bit of body worship followed by Carlito in a hot tub getting his cock stroked by our producer! Enjoy!
Fresh 18 Skater Boy Gets Handjob - Part 2
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Description: - Just imagine having Eric in your tub, and having to feel his smooth hard body, his dick getting harder and harder, and Eric asking for more to satisfy him, so you proceed to jerk him off... and nice surprise at the end!
Gay Asian Bathtub Twinkz
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Description: Look what happens when you put two unbelievably cute, perfect bodied gay Asian twinks together in a bath tub. What occurs could not be prevented, and the result is hot gay asian bathtub sex. These two cute boys really go at it and fuck like a couple of lovers in this oversize tub until they spill their hot juicy loads.
Fucking Pigs Part 3
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Description: Chad Brock hops out of the tub, grabs Patrick O'Connor, bends him over a bench and pounds the living shit out of him while Ray Dalton eggs Chad on.