Flipping on the Mat
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Added: 20 Apr 10
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Description: Hard looks from our hard bodied wrestlers set the tone. John makes the first move but Tristan evades nicely. That's all the encouragement Tristan needs to start talking smack. John shuts him up, for all of a second, with a beautifully executed modified hip toss. It's officially on! The studs slam around in a flurry of punches, tosses, and submission moves all while flexing and constantly letting the other know who has the upper hand. It looks like Tristan gets the upper hand after a low blow, but it's John who winds up on top, literally, with his cock dangling in Tristan's face. To the victor goes the spoils so Tristan's ass is the first to be offered up to John's THICK cock. John's a good sport and lets Tristan go for a ride too. They flip again and Tristan shoots his load onto John's massive chest while John's cock is buried deep inside him. John gets up and towers over Tristan, dropping a load onto Tristan's chest and chin. To be sure Tristan knows who won, John smears his cum in Tr
Tristan Baldwin and DJ Mann
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Added: 23 Dec 09
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Description: It's been a while since Tristan and his buddy DJ have gotten together and they are ready to make up for lost time. Both take notice of each other's incredible physiques since they've last seen each other; Tristan with a gym body and DJ lean and cut. It's each other's cocks they anxiously want to get reacquainted with the most. The men unleash their swords and swallow them down. Rock hard, Tristan eats DJ's ass, priming it for the drilling, which he then provides. They flip and DJ's long dick plows Tristan's bubble butt. Now the flop and DJ is spread eagled, accepting Tristan's fuck-pole once more. DJ lets loose a cumshot with Tristan still deep in his ass. Tristan straddles DJ's chest taking aim for a facial. Both falls short, splattering DJ's chin. Tristan makes up for it by licking up his own cum and then kissing DJ, making sure he gets a taste.
Hee Haw
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Added: 12 Dec 09
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Description: The age old question... how do you get a straight guy to have gay sex for the first time? Just tell him you're his best friend and ask him. Works for Tristan. Southern stud Tex gives in and sucks some dick and when he's hesitant to rim his best friend, Tristan's got a trick to get him to do THAT too (turns out no straight guy can resist the taste of cherry lube). Tex lays Tristan down on his back and fucks him with his Texas Longhorn dick. When he can't take it anymore, he talks Tex into kicking those long legs of his up so he can get a feel for what it's like to have a dick up his ass. Tristan takes it easy on his pal at first but then gives him ALL he's got. Tex loves every inch of Tristan and declares
Reboot with Tristan Baldwin and Brent Biscayne
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Added: 17 Oct 09
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Description: It's a simple rule of nature. Nerds have bigger dicks. When Tristan needs some tech support, the computer repair man Brent is more than happy to help with the
Tristan Baldwin and Jake II
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Added: 20 Sep 09
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Description: Tristan has an amazing physique with perfect muscular definition. Two years ago he fucked me after giving me a lap dance. At last Tristan was willing to take it up the ass. I couldn't wait to get my cock up his tight hole with no condom. It was heaven. I pulled out and shot a first load on his belly, then kept stroking to shoot another load directly into his mouth. Tristan turned me over and rimmed my ass getting my hole ready. He pounded me hard bareback then shot his load right at the camera lens. You might end up licking your screen!
Pool Party with Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons and Dominik Rider
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Added: 09 Aug 09
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Tags: Cocksure Men Pool Party Tristan Baldwin AJ Irons Dominik Rider

Description: What starts as a relaxing day by the pool for Tristan, AJ and Dominik quickly escalates into steamy three-way action as a sexy card game gets things going. A spilled drink gives AJ an excuse to give Dominik a nice blowjob, and before long Tristan gets in on the suck fest. Now so hot they have to cool off in the pool, Dominik buries his face in AJ's ass, and Tristan gets his licks in, too. Back on deck, Tristan takes charge and slams Dominik's ass, then AJ takes over, and Dominik sprays all over himself while still getting pounded. Then Tristan slips his thick cock into AJ's asshole and pounds away, with some able assistance from Dominik. Dominik's reward - Tristan and AJ both shoot their loads into his mouth.
Tristan Baldwin Serviced
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Added: 15 Oct 08
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Description: I love a man in a uniform, so Tristan indulged me by showing up in one of his old ones. Undressing a model has never been more fun. And once he is undressed, he does some very well-positioned push-ups on my face. Once we made it to the bed, it's one of the sexiest times I've ever had, considering we aren't actually having sex (at least as Bill Clinton would define it). But I am worshipping one amazing body, who's up for just about everything - and it doesn't get much better than that!