Steamy Anal Fuck With Massive Muscled Men
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Description: See these big and huge muscled men do what the want the most. They desire for some steamy and hot muscled gay on gay dick to asshole fuck. See how these big muscled gay get it on when they are out resting after a long and sweaty hiking trip. Watch as he gives his gay partner the best blowjob to make him hard in preparation for his tight asshole. Watch as he uses a violet dildo to widen his tight ass. Witness how he rides him and pushes his long hard dick on his narrow behind. Watch him cum blast on his partner.
On The Road Southern California - Tax Archer
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Description: Tax Archer is why we take road trips. He's gonna be a star. He knows it. You (and Joe Serna) are gonna make him one. He's as bold and colorful as the sheets on his Venice Beach hotel room bed. From the get go, Tax makes it clear that he “lives for Venice Beach.” After getting to know him in this session, so will you. When we first meet our new best friend, he's wearing gray cut-off shorts, a sleeveless Vail t-shirt, white socks, and carrying a straight porno mag. It's a good look for him. And for Venice Beach. He could be a marine—or a beach punk. He's got a baby face that's cute and nasty at the same time and gets pretty red during this intense workout. If Tax actually worked out his whole body a little (instead of just his cock and his mouth), he would quickly lose his traces of baby fat, sculpting his natural build (pretty smooth, except for a great trail) into even more of the classic SoCal stud than he already is. You can't live for Venice Beach and be shy, so it's not at all surp
Erik Finnegan and Thom Barron
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Description: Erik's trip to Frankfurt takes another turn as he finds himself enslaved on a factory floor. There are four guys in suits waiting for new slaves. Erik and another slave run on all fours tied to straps. The two must suck one after the other, including Thom Barron, hard. The assholes of the slaves are then willingly licked - Erik is on a table being taken by two of the suited masters: while Thom Barron fucks the other guy from behind! Both slaves are thoroughly fucked. Finally, Erik lands on his back and is packed full of cock from both ends until he is then covered in cum.
Jake Sheridan and Aiden Woods
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Description: The Nationwide Model Search is in Wichita, Kansas this week. And this week's model find is Jake Sheridan who has fantasized about being in porn for a long time and traveled from his hometown to hook up with the Bareback Road Trip. And for his trouble he's rewarded by being fucked in the ass by smouldering hottie Aiden Woods. Aiden cums in his ass and Jake is stoked - dream and hole full-filled.
r153: Pro Help
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Description: Warren needs gas money for his trip, so Franco pairs him with his friend, porn star Sebastian Young. As a gay-for-pay amateur, Warren has never had to deal with the amount of muscle and cock that a pro like Sebastian brings to the table, and Sebastian makes sure to put him in his place.
Bareback Field Trip
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Description: British Underwear Party invites you on a bareback field trip with a bunch of horny English school lads. The boys are sat around a table in their school uniforms when Paul admits to student teacher Will that he has lost his school tie. After the rest of the lads have left the table Will decides to teach Paul a lesson and demands that he strip down to his underpants. You can tell by the stiffening cock in Paul's pants that he is excited at the prospect of burying his meat deep inside Will's arsehole. Before long Will is bent over the table with Paul hanging out the back of him still wearing his undies. Unable to hold on any longer, Paul shoots his seed over Wills butt cheeks and Will returns the favour by off loading his spunk into Paul's face. Not quite the punishment Paul was expecting!
Baysian Love Ep3
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Description: Getting back from his trip, Dax checks his email and finds that Coda's “been busy.” In for a bit of a spanking, the bad boy bends over. Dax wants the “punishment” to fit tightly in Coda's hole and has the boy suck him until hard. Swallowing Dax orally is impossible, the guy's just so big; looks like the bad boy's going to have to find another “opening” to appease his partner. Dax turns his attention to his favorite part of Coda, his hole. Face fucking the boy before he fucks him, Dax references “the cock” that the twink had while Dax was away. Presenting his “dirty little hole,” Dax takes the boy and bends him over the couch. Hitting it hard, “the slut” gets all of Dax as a reminder of who really owns his ass. In a missionary position, Coda jerks himself while satisfying the top. From behind both guys, we can enjoy the reprimand as balls hit taint and a “Filthy” hole is pounded. There's just something very fitting as to the way the “hung” socks keep wagging righ
Baysian Love Episode 2
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Description: Right where he likes to be, Dax's face is all up in Coda's ass before the bottom hops on for a ride. As Coda maneuvers onto the top's thick cock, both gasp with pleasure. These boyfriends are so into one another; Coda's “fucks” are met with more pounding. Dax's log rams up into the boy's hole. Rolling to their side, Coda moans, “you feel so fucking good;” “awesome ass” replies the top. Shaking every part of Coda's body, Dax is slamming that boy's ass hard, just the way they like it. Slowing the pace, Dax deepens the thrust; Coda grabs his dick and jerks himself as he is “internally” satisfied. Coda whines, “I'm gonna cum,” and shoots up to his neck. Dax then pulls out and spews onto his boyfriend's belly. Spent, the two kiss and wipe up. Unfortunately, Dax has to go on a business trip and can't take Coda; what is a sexy houseboy to do…or is that “who?”
Milking My Magic Mushroom
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Added: 23 Aug 14
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Description: A montage of a recent mushroom milking marathon of mine, with a pre-cum shot and a slo-mo explosion of joy juice. If you like it let me know in comments. Just say "Hey man, nice shot..." or something of that nature. Any young gents out there who like mushroom trips are welcome to ride mine. Just message me if you're interested in booking a reservation. Seats are limited.
Rusty and Mikey's sexy shower outdoors
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Description: After a sexy boat trip that included some hot blowjobs, brunette twinks Rusty and Mikey are back at home and ready to relax. Watch them taking a sexy shower in the garden while flaunting their hot booties and sexy cocks. They definitely look very hot and they're ready to keep the party going with a sexy make out session!
Tiger on the Prowl!
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Added: 17 Jul 14
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Description: On our last ATL junket we met Tiger. He was so ready to take the Breed on, and said he wanted the thickest dick we had on the trip.
Peto Coast and Blue Bailey
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Added: 16 Jul 14
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Description: Euro-top Peto Coast's trip to San Francisco turned out to be ecstasy for Blue Bailey. Blue, fresh off our last scene, wanted every inch of Peto's uncut cock.
Gaelan Binoche & Harris Hilton
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Added: 08 Jul 14
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Description: Harris has arrived a little later than the other guys on one of our trips to South Africa and the team has left Gaelan in the house to welcome him and show him around. After a long flight from Hungary, Harris turned up more than just a little horny and takes advantage of the fact that they have the house to themselves to get to know Gaelan a little more intimately. Gealan fucks Harris on
Road trip jerk off with the boys
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Added: 12 Jul 14
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Description: I hauled Nevin, Hugh, and Alec up to the L.A. Pride festival a few weeks ago. Not missing a chance to get some video to share, of course, I had my camera ready. What happened over those 14 hours was worth recording every second. But the two 20+ minute videos coming to you this week will give you all the highlights. If you're horny, go right to the video of the guys all jerking off in the backseat of the car on the drive back to San Diego. When you're all wiped up, check out the second video from earlier in the day with the guys having fun and gettin' naked at the Pride fest in front of a gang of spectators.
Fuk'n Thick Dicks 4
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Description: Ever thought of taking a trip to Latin American and a city like Buenos Aires with hot horny uncut studs eager and willing to please? Well, here's your chance to get behind the scenes of the Making of FUK N' THICK DICKS. All RAW, bareback action as these sexy young hung studs stretch tight holes to the max with their thick uncut dicks. These guys suck and fuck when and wherever they can, and, in just about every position imaginable. From the kitchen to the couch, from the stairway to the bedroom these studs pound and plunder tight, puckered, juicy butts until their hot white, creamy Latin jizz is flying. The scenes are hot and the action is intense, until steamy juice is shooting and spurting into every hole. Watch it all, behind the scenes, uncut, raw, and unedited!
Dustin Tyler and Shawn Andrews
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Added: 29 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:01:54
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Description: For over a year Jason Sparks has been trying to convince Dustin Tyler that he should join the Nationwide Model Search - Jason Sparks' Bareback Road Trip and FINALLY Dustin has agreed and both he and Shawn are the newest recruits to the tour. These guys are so hot for each other that Jason has to cut the interview short so they can start the fucking. The result is a steamy scene that will have you as hard as they were!
CAUSA 451 Filip
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Added: 21 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:03:00
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Description: As we wrap up the second half of Filip's second shoot and the 450 & 451 videos on ClubAmateurUSA, again I must thank all of you for your continued loyalty to & support of CAUSA. Your words of encouragemnt via email, text, & the various mobile apps absolutely mean the world to me, and I must also express my sincere gratitude to Badpuppy founder, Bill, and our new president, Chad, for their support & empowering me to continue the ClubAmateurUSA vision. As I've previously stated, without all of you, there would be no Casey Black or CAUSA. Now… Onto the rest of Filip's video. Holy shitballs, he truly trips my trigger! As I reviewed the 96,000+ screen captures, I took note of the depth of intimacy & sensuality between Filip & me. That's not typically true of my content, but I do believe that during his first shoot, Filip & I connected on a deeper level, and that carried forward into his second time on the CAUSA massage table. I edited this half of this shoot providing you the complete unde
Jorginho and Saulo
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 20 Jun 14
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Description: A recent trip to Brazil, we came across Jorginho, a monster-cock top ready to fuck anything in his path
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Description: Hi there! Today I wanted to show you not just cute czech faces but as well a bit of Prague's beautiful architecture. Therefore I chose world famous Charles bride as my spot. So let's get the party started. Full of tourist, but I knew I am gonna catch some czech young lads. And I was right. First some young students on a field trip then another young gentleman. But I was disappointed cause there was no fun with them. After a while I've spotted a cutie. I saw him only from behind but my inner SEX sense was dragging me towards him. 25 yo , just recently moved to Prague. Straight after I saw his face I knew that I can't let him go without tasting his sweet cherry. I think he realised his value due to his great looks and soon it wasn't about me persuading him but about him telling me how much it will cost me. But as you will see I didn't care one bit about his prize. He was worth of every penny. Enjoy, Gents!!
GayBangBusJapan Part 1
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Description: Yohey is on a journey to CoCo's to find pick up his boyfriend. They are on route to their resort hotel in Fukui where they are going to fuck, but get so horny in the van trip up they can not wait...Shioya, his sweet horny boyfriend, starts sucking his cock like a madman as they drive!!!
Ethan Brody and Dallas Parker
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Added: 23 May 14
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Duration: 0:02:25
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Description: Ethan Brody is a hot new porn discovery and this is his very first time on camera! There's so much fun on the Nationwide Bareback tour - trips to monuments and bars but for sure the most fun the guys have is when they are slamming each other's asses hot and raw and hard and fast!|
Todd Rosset & Jacob Salinger
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Added: 16 May 14
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Duration: 0:00:58
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Description: Today we have a scene with our newcomer of the month, Jacob Salinger. Jacob got off to a good start with us, filming 5 scenes with us during one of our trips to South Africa, but sadly after that changed his mind about filming more, so 5 scenes is all we have with him.Nobody does it like BelAmi!
Eric Parker and Tyler Page
Category: Twink
Added: 07 May 14
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Duration: 0:01:53
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Description: As the Jason Sparks Nationwide Road Trip continues to travel across the countryside, Tyler Page has been paired up with our latest hot discovery. Meet the super sexy Eric Parker - so sexy that even bottom boy Tyler has agreed to top in this scene just to get the chance to be with him.
Brandon Andrews and CK Steele
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 15 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:01:43
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Description: Meet the newest porn find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search - Brandon Andrews. Brandon has just graduated from high school and hasn't found a job yet so spends most his days walking round the house naked jerking off. So when the Jason Sparks Live Bareback Road Trip rolled into town he jumped at the chance to make his first porn appearance. Paired up with the super sexy C.K. Steel - these have a flip-flop-fuck session that will have you cumming on your keyboard too!
Nasty Twinks Having Sex On Yacht
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Description: Thomas and Gabe will make your day with this smoking-hot scene. Today you'll find these two gorgeous guys enjoying a nice sailing trip when things take a turn for the horny and they hook up in a hardcore fuck. Check them out as they strip naked, taking turns to suck each others' cocks before Gabe impales his tight asshole down on Thomas' thick shaft. Wanna see more?
Argentine Assets 1 - Salvador Lozano and Thomas Vega
Category: Latino
Added: 21 Mar 14
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Description: A shopping trip with friends Salvador Lozano and Thomas Vega leads to a hot scene in a bathroom. Both studs have spare, wiry frames, and both have huge, thick dicks. In other words, they're perfectly matched. They take turns kissing and sucking each other, and then Salvador teases Thomas' ass by rubbing his dick against it from behind. Then Salvador fucks Thomas' hole, and his cock is so big it looks like it might split Thomas in half. Thomas sits on the toilet and sucks Salvador's cock while he jacks himself off, and Salvador gently moves his foreskin over the head of his cock until he loses it, cumming on Thomas' chest. At the end of the scene, Thomas sinks into the bathtub, and Salvador playfully splashes his lover with water as he leaves the room.