Special Anal treat
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Added: 18 Aug 14
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Description: Guy have a special treat for Daniel tight ass. Daniel loves to be shafted, but hasn't had many cocks as big as Guy's, and gasps every time that Guy thrusts into him. Guy rolls Daniel onto his side, and pounds his ass as he pulls roughly on his nipples. He covers Daniels balls and ass in cum.
A Stem In The Stern
Category: Asian
Added: 13 Aug 14
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Description: We've seen this Asian boy in action with Nobu, but how about satisfying himself, for us? In the tub, Riku plays with his nipples and hole; his dick is already at full-staff. Rolling his hands over his balls, he then sits on the side of the tub to rub. Adding some suds, this Japanboyz.com cutie is definitely a "self-serve" type of guy. Working his "bubbly" hole, Riku pumps for more froth, and sensation. Watching his dick rock back in forth, as he fingers, is a nice treat. On the bed, I inspect a "stem in the stern" of his hole. His grin lets me know, he is ready to go. Spreading his "pink treasure," he looks right at the camera, as I cum; I mean film. Watching the "***** flow" in those tasty balls, his "tag is wagging" down below; is he motioning me? Enjoying his eyes as they glaze, Riku continues to stroke. Okay, let's be honest, it was supposed to be a solo, but "my spray" says otherwise; good thing I can multi-task. Shooting up on him, Riku gets even hornier.
Patio Playtime Part 2
Category: Bareback
Added: 02 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:01:36
Tags: Facial Outdoors Bareback Featured Latin

Description: Still sharing their balls, Saul works his way into Emerson and begins to pound. As the camera zooms in, Emerson's tight hole is a perfect spot for Saul to play. I'd say these two have frolicked here before. Turning things around, Saul offers up his hole and Emerson takes a turn. I agree with Saul, “rico” is right; these boys are a delicious pair. Climbing up onto Emerson, Saul's hole gets hammered while these two cuties “work” the patio. Putting Saul into position, Emerson takes him from behind and slams his cock in, balls deep. Ready to cum, Saul has Emerson suck it out. Face fucking the boy, Saul's load is a sweet treat for the awaiting twink. Slathering Emerson's face with the jizz, both boys share a kiss and “seal” in the flavor. Emerson then stands and delivers into Saul's mouth, still glistening with his own cum. Happily, they smile and “coat” one another with all their fun.
Rimming Required
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Added: 29 Jul 14
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Description: Cope is hungry for some ass and Cody Black serves him up a buffet of cute boy hole. Cope treats Cody rough and slaps and spanks him into submission.
Young Shadow Jeks Off
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 11 Aug 14
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Description: Back for a second stroke show, Shadow strips naked and kicks back on the sofa to get himself hard. After treating us to some cock stroking, Shadow gives us a good look at his asshole. He then continues to jack off, spewing a thick load onto his tight stomach.
8 Inches From Brazil - Denis Torres and Jefferson Garcia
Category: Brazilian
Added: 18 Jul 14
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Description: It's gonna be sweet. Especially when big-muscled Denis Torres is licked and tongued by super-young Jeferson Garces. When Denis' cock is finally fully exposed, we are treated to a suck-off session of gargantuan proportions. His cock is the entire size of Jeferson's boy-face, but he manages to devour it anyway – deep-throating his man-partner until he decides that he wants to take the huge ½-meter pole into his awaiting man-hole. Even though his cute, firm ass doesn't even look big enough to envelop Denis' entire cock, he somehow manages to take it all. The fuck frenzy continues as the tatooed top roughs up his boy-bottom-buddy until they both explode in a noisy cum-splattering fury.
Maddock Explodes His Hot Steamy Load
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Added: 10 Jul 14
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Description: Maddock slowly strips for the sexy USMC, making Sam salivates on all fours, taunting him with his dangling shaft. Finally, completely naked, Sam moves in toward his awaited treat and continues to suck on his new friend's thick tool. Tired of being on his knees, Sam flips over on his back allowing his throat to open up more so that the Firefighter can face fuck his wet stiff down Sam's hungry mouth. Barely holding it all in, Maddock explodes his hot, steaming load all over Sam's face. Shooting thick white streams of cum across Sam's tired cheeks. Sam could hear Maddock cumming as a hot load landed in his ear. Completely satisfied, Maddock's breathing lightens as he watches his warm, sticky cream drizzles down Sam's rigid mug.
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Description: You know it's going to be sloppy and deep when it's on DaddyRaunch.com. These fuckers need no into, just a boy and a sling to get things going; good, there's more than one daddy to make the boy squeal. Trading out, one daddy for another, the action is loud and fast, with some nice puckering too. The camera stays close to the "hole" action, the daddies spot one another. And the boy, well, let's just say he's the "enter- tainment" complete with sound. Pumping the boy's hairy hole, one daddy "naturally lubes" up the boy. Both daddies are here for their own amusement; the "joy ride" just keeps on groaning. As the second daddy aims and fires, he shoves the jizz back in for an extra treat; after all, the boy's been a hot, welcoming hole. Standing to catch his breath, the boy begins to "waterfall" all the splooge. The camera catches the aftermath, pooled up on the floor, along with the boy's slicked-back hole hairs.
Sean rubs one out
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 09 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:00:49
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Description: Sean called one day, saying that he was in the neighborhood and wanting to know if he could stop by. This out-of-nowhere phone call could only mean one thing-- he was horny and wanted a place to jerk off away from the barracks. No problem! I think just about every room in the house has had someone do a shoot in it, except maybe SpunkWorthy Central; our own little man cave. It was about time to de-virginize it. I set up the cameras and let Sean pound one out watching some of the boy-girl videos from the site. Twisted as he is, Sean made an enigmatic comment to me afterward about there being "a surprise at the end." And a hot one, it was. As if fingering himself while jerking off wasn't enough of a treat, after busting a load onto his stomach, Sean scooped up the cum and sucked his fingers clean.
r147: Milo Bound
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Description: Naked 19-year-old Milo gives up all control after he's blindfolded and his wrists and ankles are bound. He stops struggling and is treated to a deepthroat BJ and his first rim job. But once he pops his load, Franco decides to torture his super-sensitive cock.
The naked doctor
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Added: 15 Jul 14
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Description: When Dr Twink has treated his patient, the consultation continues. The good doctor takes his clothes off and checks his patient's anal cavity. Does it all work?
Tag Team'd
Category: Bareback
Added: 30 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:02:06
Tags: Leather 3 Way Daddies Bareback Featured

Description: We named this scene from Cum-O-Holics, "Tag Team'd" seeing how Champ Robinson and Chad Brock trade off stuffing their cocks in Mason Garet's ass. Who gives a shit about faces? This video is all about the hole and the cocks that service him. Let's just get right into this piggie, all "puckered" and ready. Talk about "out and proud," his bud is looking quite juicy, fuck yeah. Feeding two daddies, this bottom boy has an "endless" appetite. As the camera captures every inch, "inside and out," these three are having a feast, I can smell it now. Tag teaming the boy, each daddy gets his time and then passes the hole to the other. Watching the gaged rosebud of this bottom from below is a sweet treat. Just as the boy is going to blow, the camera comes up and "shoots." Pleased of the "receiving end," one daddy even licks up the jizz busted. The other daddy now goes in again, and again. Let's just call this an "in-termission;" we're going to be here a while.
Timo Swift Fucks Zachary Perry
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Description: Timo loves getting his ass eaten, he squirms and moans for more, his dick getting harder by the second. Zachary in his sexy jockstrap gets serviced first by Timo's pretty mouth, and then by his perfect cock. Timo's long slick dick glides in and out of Zach's tight hole, the boys rocking together while their strong hands grab at each other's muscles. These boys are so cut and sexy, even they can't keep from blowing their loads all over one another. Zach is the first to blow, he rides Timo like a white pony and releases a white creamy treat all over Timo's chest. Timo flips Zach onto his back so he can paint his face with his military bi-boy batter.
Tony Plays with Joe's Hole
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Duration: 0:06:00
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Description: I stare down at his bulbous ass cheeks as he bobs happily on my dick. I can't resist the whiteness of his ass, and push my finger deep into his cavern. His sphincter constricts on my third knuckle as I penetrate him as far as I can. As I pull out, he winces as his pucker tries to retain my finger. I shove my cock into his crack and feel the fur around his hole while his hole stares at me. He reaches up and starts sucking my cock as he jerks off furiously. He starts to moan with his mouth still full and then leans back to shoot his load on his stomach. When he's finished pumping out his white goodness, he sits on the blue sofa waiting for his next oral treat. I climb up on the couch and shove my dick in his face. I explode white streams into his wide open mouth, covering him like a glazed donut.
Gregg Meyjes & Lukas
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Added: 18 Jun 14
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Description: This scene was filmed shortly after our 'Triple Treat' casting and features Lukas together with our model of the week from last week, Gregg Meyjes.Lukas tops Gregg in a passionate fuck, full of getting to know each other better. Their interaction starts together with Kevin, but then the guys are left alone, to freely enjoy their beautiful bodies, where Lukas sucks Gregg's cock first. All action swaps to Gregg giving a head to Lukas and then slightly continuing with rimming of Greggs beautiful ass and of course ending up with a lusty fucking and two tremendous cumshots. Enjoy.The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!
Kyle Savage & Dylan Saunders
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 17 Jun 14
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Description: Dylan knew his ass was in for a treat the moment he saw Kyle's throbbing rod and he was more than happy to be used strictly for Kyle's pleasure
Filling Up On Juicy Swimmers
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 27 Jun 14
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Description: Left alone at the swimming pool, these two gorgeous, smooth muscled studs can't keep their hands off each other's perfect swimmers' bodies and achingly stiff boners. Stripping out of their swimwear they treat each other to a 69er blowjob before the beefiest dude pounds his raw cock up his mate's perfect ass.
True Cock Worship
Category: Older on Younger
Added: 11 Jun 14
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Description: Evengy invites Roman, the younger guy, over for some servicing. Today is all about Roman's “stud piece,” and getting him off. These two Boykakke.com models go hot and heavy as the cock worship begins. From the start, Evengy is all over Roman, who enjoys the oral attention. As Evengy undresses Roman, the two caress. Pulling out Roman's cock, Evengy immediately latches on and is face fucked; the youngster knows how to treat this daddy. Pulling on Roman's hairy ball sack, Evengy welcomes every inch and tuft of this boy's body. Both stand naked and watch one another tug, but Evengy can't keep his mouth off of Roman's cock. He has Roman stand, then sit as he licks, sucks, and tugs his way to a happy end. Close, Roman stands over Evengy, who drops to his knees to catch the cream. Evengy greedily laps at the boy's balls and drinks in all that Roman offers; true cock worship at its finest.
Muscular Stud Pumps His Cock to Explosion
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 08 Jun 14
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Description: The horny devil just could not wait to get his jeans off and his dick out for me. The real treat was when Jude slips his shirt off and exposed a broad muscular chest with just a touch of man-hair on it. A sexy treasure trail on his stomach leads to a nice pube patch above a large beautiful cock with a set of low hanging balls. He starts out with slow and deliberate strokes of that gorgeous cock of his, pumping his hips and fucking his hand while uttering small moans of pleasure. Up on his knees, Jude pulls a long clear thread of pre-cum that bubbles from the top of his dick towards me. He can't stop looking at that beautiful sight, and neither can I!
30 Cumshots
Category: Asian
Added: 07 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:01:49
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Description: This is a nice compilation of cumshots from the past. On Boykakke.com, we always like to end each video with a nice facial. Today, we are treated to “30 Cumshots of Boykakke.” So get your cum towel and a friend, who knows how to 'turn the other cheek,' and enjoy.
Fuck Me On The Couch
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 05 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:05:32
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Description: Horny blonde twink Matt is aching for pleasure and Sean is more than willing to give him the hard cock that he needs. In this scene you get to see these two hot guys getting it on in a hardcore fuck right there on the couch. Check them out as they go down on each other, slurping cock like it's their favorite treat, before Sean slams his thick shaft balls deep up Matt's tight asshole. Wanna see more?
A Series of Loads
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 31 May 14
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Description: A collection of the hottest cumshots of the previous year is our New Year's treat to you. More than 21 loads on display from multiple angles, and in slow motion glory. These military men are at full salute and unloading for your pleasure. We've captured cum-covered Marines enjoying the aftermath of a good fuck or their first gay blowjob, lifeguards with their holes puckered after a good long bang and jizz dripping from their mouths, and firefighters with their hoses erect and dripping with spunk after a long day of pounding and sucking. Watch expl*sion after expl*sion of these muscled hunks being caught on camera for the first time. Grab your cum rag and get comfortable!
Shower Bondage - Riu Melo and Goncalo Morales
Category: Brazilian
Added: 31 May 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: Francisco's friend's shower is the perfect cell for keeping a tight, little bottom like Riu Melo right where he can do his best work. Goncalo Morales seems ready to enjoy the treat behind glass when he's brought into the bathroom. Seeing him check out the slave while he rubs his bone through his pants is hotter than fuck. Alexander captured it perfectly. When he's got his cock adequately stimulated, it's time to open the cage and use his sneakered foot to wake up the hole he's about to use. Riu struggles to get out of the duct tape that is holding his wrists and ankles bound, but he opens his mouth up accommodatingly for Goncalo's hard dick. Goncalo flips on the shower and washes out Riu's pussy before he tears it up with his fat cock. Riu's face tells the whole story.
Scott Johnson Solo
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 27 May 14
Views: 281
Duration: 0:01:03
Tags: Masturbation solo

Description: Scott Johnson just moved to San Diego and needs some extra cash for college. Although not into labels, he has been with guys before; the first time was at a frat party. He is here today to jerk off; this SDBoy watches some gay porn, gets hard and blows a creamy load. Lying on the couch, he tugs to get hard; adding his own spit for extra lubrication. As he rises, I think we are in for a big treat. As he gets to his happy place, he rubs his nice hard nipples and bites his lips; his eyes are constantly glued to the guys on the TV. As the camera angles from above, we see he is indeed a nice size with some girth. His legs start to tense and release as he works his cock. He slaps his dick against his body; we can appreciate his nice piece of meat. Now moving the camera to a side view, Scott seems to really like his head, with his hands; all the sudden he says, "I'm gonna cum;" he oozes out a creamy load down his shaft and onto his fingers. A quiet cummer, but a nice p
Dominik Belko & Kai Cruz
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 24 May 14
Views: 2102
Duration: 0:02:01
Tags: blow job kissing deep throat rimming fucking boots cum shots Cazzo Club

Description: Stable boy Kai is shining a saddle to a high gloss as the horny gardener Dominik appears. The big bulge in his pants lets Kai quickly forget his work. He is immediately giving a hearty milking of the gardener's piston. They soon trade places and Kai cock is deep throated by Dominic. Dominic then treats Kai's hole to a deep, sloppy rimming before ramming his cock deep inside the stable boy's ass. Before you know it hot jizz shoots in a high arc throughout the stable.
The Best Of Black Men 2 - Felipe, Fernam and Garcia
Category: Brazilian
Added: 25 May 14
Views: 3728
Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: You're in hot water, make bubbles. The jacuzzi at the local men's sex club is the scene for the next hot scene. There are four guys in this scene, but over FIFTY inches of cocks are displayed for the viewers delight. Two smooth, super-dark hunks attack Fernam de Souzas mouth and ass with their gargantuan dicks. In fact, it is obvious at one point that the bottoms arm and wrist are smaller than the cocks he finally manages to take into his mouth and ass. Its a miracle that the first bottom is alive when they are done with him. Then we are treated to another fuck session by an equally adorable bottom who had been watching on the sidelines of the jacuzzi the entire time. Soon, the entire room is filled with the smelly sex scent of white cum on dark, sweaty skin.
Navy Stud Stroking
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 15 May 14
Views: 729
Duration: 0:04:22
Tags: All-AmericanHeroes gay-military gay-jackingoff gay-jerkingoff gay-solo gay-masturbation gay-stroking gay-porn

Description: His arms bulge out of his sleeves as he massages his cock through the material of his shorts. When he unzips, we're treated to a view of a nice thick piece of meat. He strokes his cock rhythmically while staring at the screen. Then he whips off his shirt while his stiff dick sticks up straight. He leans back to reveal a tattoo on his left pec—the mucles flexing with each stroke on his cock. This blonde haired, blue-eyed sailor works his cock steadily, getting harder every minute. Finally the stiffness needs to be relieved. He closes his eyes and beats faster. He grips his tool with all his might as each gush of cum follows, larger than the last. His entire stomach is coated with a thick puddle of translucent semen.
Meaty Muscle Machinists Part 5
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 06 May 14
Views: 2712
Duration: 0:00:52
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Description: Ray Dalton gets under the rim seat, to feast on Jim Ferro's muscled ass. Jim treats Ray like his personal toilet and floods Ray's mouth with salty man-piss.