sneaker thieves
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Description: When Jonny and Jake find a sneaker fetishist stealing their trainers to sniff and wank into they punish him with their fat, uncut cocks and a double load of cum in his face.
Bareback Outdoor Threesome
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Description: Our older bareback Latino trainer takes two younger gay Latino studs out to an abandoned excavation site and shows them a thing or threesome about gay bareback fucking on the hood of a car.
Argie's Ticklish Workout
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Description: If you love male feet tickling, then this one is sure to excite you beyond your wildest dreams! Cute and sexy Asian boy Argie drops by for his first gym workout with Trainer Ricky. In his usual fashion, Ricky convinces Argie that he must be restrained to the gym for his unique and intense legs workout. Argie is confused as he finds himself immobile on the gym. Ricky takes of one of his shoes and Argie is beginning to understand what this is all about. Ricky begins to tickle his white socked foot, and gets an incredible ticklish reaction. Soon the sock comes off and Ricky delights in Argies extremely ticklish male feet. It's not long before the other shoe and sock is off and Ricky is scribbling and dancing his fingernails all over Argies super smooth ticklish soles. Then Ricky gets the feathers and flickers them all over Argies feet. Argie is about to crawl out of his skin and the relentless tickle torture goes on non-stop for 16 minutes.
big booty model
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Description: Zach Rode is a 19 year old certified personal trainer. Just what I need to get in shape this year! With his dark features, strong chiseled body, and best of all, dat ass, I will make it to the gym everyday. We did put him on the spot with some tough questions in the interview but who was paying attention anyway with this stud in front of you. This man was hot enough that I even flew out to him, just to get him beating it on film. Zach Rode ladies and gentleman, turn up your mics.
So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?
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Description: Welcome to So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?, a new behind-the-scenes series that attempts to answer how and why everyday people become porn stars at CockyBoys. In this episode, we meet Tayte Hanson -- a New York City personal trainer by day and a go-go dancer by night.
Michael Zinder
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Description: |Michael is 28 years old and from Brno in the Czech Republik. He speaks several languages fluently and works as an architectural engineer. He also moonlights as a personal trainer and it is more than obvious he looks after himself in the process. Enjoy this well endowed young man as he shows off his beautiful body for you.
Prisoner Number 01172014s10
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Description: You think your trainer is mean? Try a psychotic puppy workout complete with CBT, tt, ass and thigh caning. No, your sets are not timed, puppy doesn't care if you are winded, go bitch go!
Worshipping His Filthy Trainers
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Description: Down in the cellar Jordan Kiffeur is on his hands and knees like a do* licking Tony Rekins' sneaks like a submissive slut. Tony pounds his alpha status home when he ploughs his massive cock up Jordan's tight ass.
Personal Ass Trainer Malik TN in Action
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Description: Sasha Poliakoff is having a hard time with his form in the gym, but luckily beefy muscle dude Malik is there to help him out. He's soon got him practicing his breath control with a facefuck blowjob and stretches his ass muscles with a deep dicking.
Kinky trainer
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Description: Even though Rick Lautner tells Phillipe Gaudin that he likes his sex 'kinky', Phillipe (who scored the role of trainer for this scene) decides that he will take it more slow and tenderly. At least Phillipe starts out that way before picking up the pace and fucking Rick until he shoots an amazingly giant load of cum. Seems our trainee is doing just fine! Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!
Personal trainer jerks & eats cum
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Description: "Ever thought about doing porn?" I asked Lucas when I saw him at one of the local college campuses. It took a minute for it to register with him, but his eyes suddenly lit up and answered with an enthusiastic yes. Turned out Lucas started watching porn when he was ten years old and has been waiting to turn eighteen so he could try it out. I think you guys will agree this 6'2, 205 pound stud is a natural. Lucas has the face of a movie star, the body of a Greek God, and he's hung like a horse, to boot! He's a personal trainer who played water polo and hockey most of his life, and the results of all that hard work are on full display. Just wait until you see him flexing for the cameras.
Harley Everett and Dan Daley
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Added: 25 Jan 14
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Description: With Dan's dad demanding his son man-up, he employs a tattooed, musclebound brute to kick him into shape. Little does he know however, that Harley Everett is exactly what turns his pussy son on, and after some rooftop stretching, Dan gives in to his semi-hard urges and kisses his trainer right there! Harley knows what this means, and luckily it's all about a stretching of another kind, and allows this little piece of shite to service his body from head to toe, with a long stop-over at his dick! With spitting, dirty talk and some proper ass workouts, this young lad might not toughen up, but he's certainly been shown how a real man fucks!
Wes Solo
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Description: Wes is 19 years old, straight and comes to us from San Diego, where he's a full time personal trainer and for fun he enjoys mixed martial arts. Aside from being a hot little hunk, he has an amazing body and knows it! After describing how he's maintained that hot body, he's ready to get down and dirty for the camera. Wes closes his eyes, as he begins to pleasure his perfect cut cock. Laid back across the pillows, his lubed up cock is both stiff and mouthwatering. He continues stroking and warns that he's going to cum and within a few seconds, Wes lets go with a creamy load across his smooth 6 pack abs. With a big smile, he wipes his fingers full of cum and licks them off!
Asian Twink Ass Pounded
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Description: Under strict discipline hot young Asian twink is sucking off his trainer. He gets a lot more though and is soon bent over and taking a big hard Asian cock up his tight hairless hole.
Fucked hard by his trainer
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Description: At his training workout Jordan can't do anything right as his trainer always finds something to nag him about. In the end the trainer gets so annoyed that he decides to completely change all the exercices: cock sucking and arse fucking are now on the programme...
Waving His Perky Bubble Ass in the Air
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Description: Today's special is a young, cute jock from the Southwest. Ryder was a little nervous coming in to meet me. It turns out he was totally fine getting naked in front of the camera, but the interview was the scary part for him. This college cutie is a stripper by night and a hunky trainer by day. Ryder boasts that he is good on the pole and one of his favorite tricks is landing in the splits! I wonder what other tricks this tall, built, filipino mix has up his sleeve. Ryder is very cute with his lovely olive skin and bright blue eyes. But the real treat comes when he pulls his shirt off to expose a rocking body. Ryder has ripped abs, broad shoulders and some pumped up pecs. Tall, tanned, tattooed, and he even has a pair of nice feet on him! After teasing his tool though his pants, Ryder slowly slides down to nothing. His legs are impressive, hairy, thick, strong and long; you can tell this *** is a real college athlete. He strokes his dick to full attention, taking his time with...
Hot Gym Trainer Gets Tied up and Gang Fucked in a Porn Store
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Description: Horny brazillian guys takes into their gym studio room to satisfy their hunger. This wild guys loves to suck cock and rimmed each other. They enjoy for a hot and sensual bareback action.