August preview - PART 2
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Added: 15 Aug 14
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Description: It's Freshman time at BelAmi during the second half of August. Newcomers Rhys and Hoyt have their first cover shoot together, Ramon, Tony and Yannick are here for a steamy 3way (you already know them all by other names), Milan and Brian and an interview with Gregg. Take a look at the following trailer to see what else is coming your way...
Big Dick Billy
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Description: You gotta love this little redneck fucker. He makes his living travelling the country building Circuit City stores. Typical trailer trash, Billy loves to play with that big dick of his, and have his ass fucked. He'll make someone a great partner when he decides to settle down.
New York Teaser Trailer
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Added: 02 Jan 14
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Description: Ah New York, home of the Great White Way, Times Square and hundreds of delicious gay men ready to eat you up! We have been dying to visit the Big Apple for ages and we finally got a chance to visit and cruise the hot spots for hungry, horny locals itching to fuck the fresh faced newcummers! We met scads of amazing boys including first timer Dean Wyatt, just off the bus and ready to become a star; Antton Harri and Saxon West hooked up in brazen New York fashion and showed us how Americans can do it nasty and dirty. We also met JR Bronson and Jay Black for an unbelievable scene. We're keeping touch with these lads and hoping to crash with them on our next trip to Manhattan!
Berlin Teaser Trailer
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Description: The streets and clubs of Berlin hold thrilling prospects for us. We had been receiving invitations from German fans and models for months to come film in Europe's capitol of seduction and sin and we could no longer make excuses not to go! Why did we wait so long to return to Berlin? Joe and Misha gave us a really warm welcome, shooting an amazing office fuck, and Tony Gear showed off his prowess in a pair of three-ways! The men of Berlin are eternally horny and pursing an endless appetite for raunchy, dirty sex!
Sexy Grampas 3 Trailer
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Description: These grampas can still kick it! After years of healthy sex, these grampas still want more...
Stroking His Latin Uncut Cock
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Description: Joey Rico is a sexy tattooed latino from San Diego. He was the kind of guy who was popular with the girls in high school. But he's been popular with the guys since he got out. Although he's mostly a straight guy, this lean muscular latin drink-of-water is horny and ready to make some gay porn. He's been told that he looks "bootylicious". And I have to say, this ****'s ass is amazing! Everything on him is awesome- face, body, and cock. He unbuckles the tight jeans and a hard-on is visible beneath the taut cotton of his boxer briefs. He slips his pants down and the dark and veiny, uncut wonder is revealed. When he pushes his pants down further, a thick black bush pops out above his stiff cock. He continues stroking, like he's switching gears in a tractor trailer. He caresses himself, sliding his hand up the ripples of his stomach to the perfect curves of his pecs, onto the tattoos of his upper chest. Occasionally, he uses his right hand to brush against his brown balls. As he rolls onto
WOM - Stockholm Teaser Trailer
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Added: 01 Jul 13
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Description: The men of Sweden are heating up and were eager to strip down and get nasty for our cameras. Beautiful and unbelievably endowed Bjorn fills our highlight reel, with tempting solo action, plus ass-pounding turns with thick-dicked studs Logan and Ralph. Logan and Tomas are eager to get into the mix as well, showing off their sexual machinery in the glow of the Scandanavian spring.
Latin Bambino Ass Trailer
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Added: 24 Jun 13
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Description: Latin bambinos Azz Rico and Roger Rodriguez are having a lewd water fight! A deluge moves in and both studs duck and cover! Azz makes a risky move and suck Roger's ten inch pinga! When Azz has had enough ass play, he lines his big ole uncut dick up to Roger's tight puckered ass. When the freak inside him gets unleashed, Azz plows Roger's rear-end ***gy-style on the tailgate. Then they find even more positions to fuck. Azz show Roger how to lay back and take the ride! It's as hot as they cum!
Can he Handle the Pinga Trailer
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Added: 20 Jun 13
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Description: Stoic dicks and scrub brushes are no defense for Young **** and Kaden Roads who start a hose fight at the car wash! They tell jokes and swap intense kisses. Young **** throws Kaden on the hood of the car and sucks him off. Can he handle the whole pinga? Watch these smoking hot homeboys suck it up and squirt all over!
Kaden Roads and Brad Michaels Trailer
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Added: 14 Jun 13
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Description: Brad can't resist Kaden Roads' wet woody at the car wash, so he deep throats it! Watch these homies go beyond their limits! In the back of the truck, Brad tells Kaden its time to bend and spread. Kaden squats on Brad Michaels' stiffy and rides him with unbridled passion and sheer lust. Feast your eyes on a very special triple load of spunk while these two fuck like wild ******s in heat!
Tattooed Stud Spycam
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Description: SneakyPeek has a new video of a hunky tattooed stud jerking off in the morning before he goes off to work on a building site. He’s filmed through the barely open curtains of a window in his trailer and has no idea we’re watching him spill a big creamy load.
Azz Rico and Kai Summers Trailer
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Description: When adorable Azz Rico wrestles wide-eyed Kai Summers down to the ground, the heat really turns up! Azz plants a deep tonsil-licking kiss on Kai. Then Kai starts exploring some uncharted territory with his tongue. Azz starts rimming Kai and the ass play continues. The dirty duo gets into some acrobatic positions. Kai bends and spreads over on the tailgate, while Azz plows him from the behind. Azz takes his time fucking Kai with some slow, deep strokes. Then they both unleash huge loads of cum!
Kenny Kash and Brad Michaels Trailer
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Description: Cover studs' Brad Michaels and cocky Texas bad boy Kenny Kash go AWOL to exercise buck-naked! Sexual tension builds when Kenny wrestles Brad on his back. They swap licks and suck each other's sticks. Brad bends and spreads while Kenny lines up his dick and mounts his buddy Brad in ***gy. Butt bully Kenny power fucks Brad while he moans and groans. Then these stars spunk on each other!
Vanilla Filling Chocolate Candy (Delicious)
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Added: 23 May 13
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Description: My boyfriend want me to film himself while jerking off. I'm not a great director, but I can produce nice "trailers".
Naked Backyard Boys Trailer
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Description: Next up are new-cummers Brenden Michaels and James who are goofing off in the backyard naked! They swap spit, suck dick and roll around on the freshly cut lawn. These ****age sex maniacs can't even wait for the bedroom! The Sex-charged bottom boy Brenden feels his ass quivering for some straight dick, so Brenden busts out some lube, and prepares himself for James' hot beef injection. James famous quote, A hole is a hole, and worships Brenden's ass better than his girlfriend's pussy! At least that is what he told Spunkstar! Brenden may be one of the most enthusiastic bottoms of the year-he has legendary porn star potential! Brendan Michaels and James
Ass Chowing Boys Trailer
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Description: As the party lingers deep into the night, Ouija is poking around Cooper's mom's house, when he stumbles across Czech stud Joey surfing the net for sex. Oiija knows he can seduce this bi-curious Joey with a massage that turns into a face rider's anal workout! Joey slaps his nine-inch uncut sausage around ******** it into Ouija's ass flavored mouth! Blowjobs and rimming are Ouija's specialty, and Joey proves himself a top stud. Both studs spray their cum all over their chests, and Ouija even licks it up with enthusiasm!
Miami Teaser Trailer
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Description: The men of Miami are heating up and were eager to strip down and get fucking nasty for our cameras. Porn star and cock addict Jessie Colter fills our highlight reel, with tempting solo action, plus ass-pounding turns with thick-dicked studs Max Dunhill and Troy Webb. Bo Bangor and Christian Matthews are eager to get into the mix as well, showing off their fucking prowess under the swaying palms of sex Miami beach.
Hot Hard Guy Jerkoff Trailer
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Added: 19 May 13
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Description: Isn't it funny the hottest guys have the hardest time hooking up? Such is the case with eighteen year-old DJ, who finds his own room to jerk off in. DJ bones up in no time, spitting into the shaft of his cock, stroking it softly, then rolling over and dry humping the mattress. He talks dirty when he gyrates across the bed sheets, offering up every inch of his handsome and delicious white meat! DJ's fans will be climaxing over and over again!
Twinks Reverse Cowboy Trailer
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Added: 17 May 13
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Description: Across town, super-sexy Josh makes a second appearance in this video showing up at Dusty O'Riley's apartment. Josh wants to have his own party a two-man party and when he sees the size of Dusty's fat cock, Josh goes crazy! They sixty-nine and then go ballistic on the couch. Dusty's ass quivers awaiting Josh's rock-hard cock. Josh slides his greasy tool into Dusty's tight ass in both reverse-cowboy and ***gy-style positions!
Jerkin the Nine Incher Trailer
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Added: 15 May 13
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Description: Returning home from School Lil' Menace starts jumping up and down is his graduation uniform while shouting repeatedly School's out forever! Now, this college graduate can fully concentrate on his sexual desires. He quickly strips out of his cloths as his nine incher swells up between his legs and rises to attention. The college grad strokes his lube covered cock fiercely as he rapid moves his tongue around, humoring the camera. Lil' Menace was built for sex, and his cock is ready to become a porn legend!