San Diego Bareback 3
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Description: Will Anton is a tourist from Hawaii, and needed some San Diego cum up his Asian ass. He told us that he had never been fucked before (no, we didn't believe him either...), and wanted to lose his virginity on tape! San Diegan David Duke loves Asian bottoms and was really eager to pop Will's cherry for us. Will starts out on his knees, sucking his top's cock till it gets rock hard and sticking straight up. David is eager to get down to real business, so he puts Will on his back and begins to lick the bottom's fuck-hole. He licks the sweet cherry for a long time, getting the ass ready for his big cock. When it's time for the main event, David slides his bare cock up what he told us was the tightest ass he has ever had. He fucks him hard and long. Will jacks off and licks the cum off his fingers!
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Description: I found myself in the right historical centre of Prague this time. Maybe it wasn't the right spot for my so-called interview. Only tourists, no czechs! After a while I saw the first young dude, by himself so I tried. He was czech, kinda cute and talkative. But I only got his underwear from him. The second lad told me to fuck off within a few minutes. But then I spotted the one. Cute, young and a bit lost. Just visiting his auntie and without any plans. Perfect fit for my project. He was very sportive and talkative. Within a while he showed me his cock on the street. I knew I am going to score today. It was just a matter of the right offer. Took me some time, but ultimately I've convinced him to go to the hotel with me and have some fun. Great, fit body in a combination with his cute and sweet face was a perfect combo for my today's hard on.
Golden Gate Season 4 Scene 3
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Description: Golden Gate Season 4 Scene 3 Naked Sword Travis gets a long, hard, and rough welcome during his first trip to a seedy leather bar, but maybe that's what he had in mind all along? After literally losing his shirt, the horny tourist is followed home by a San Francisco leather daddy, whom you'll see has a very unique way of welcoming out of town guests!
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Description: Hi there! Today I wanted to show you not just cute czech faces but as well a bit of Prague's beautiful architecture. Therefore I chose world famous Charles bride as my spot. So let's get the party started. Full of tourist, but I knew I am gonna catch some czech young lads. And I was right. First some young students on a field trip then another young gentleman. But I was disappointed cause there was no fun with them. After a while I've spotted a cutie. I saw him only from behind but my inner SEX sense was dragging me towards him. 25 yo , just recently moved to Prague. Straight after I saw his face I knew that I can't let him go without tasting his sweet cherry. I think he realised his value due to his great looks and soon it wasn't about me persuading him but about him telling me how much it will cost me. But as you will see I didn't care one bit about his prize. He was worth of every penny. Enjoy, Gents!!
banged up abroad UKNM
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Description: Massive cocked Matt Hughes, one of the biggest cocks in the business is banged up with a vunerable French tourist - Ludovic Canot, and a randy swarthy prison guard, Can he fit that 11 inch, uncut cock up Ludovic's arse? its gonna be a squeeeeeeeze
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Kyle Wilkinson Fucks Jan Cores
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Description: Here's the first episode of the movie 'Confession'. Jan Cores will tell us a nice meet which took place some time earlier. While he was on the dock of the warehouses, Jan made the acquaintance of Kyle. He thinks that Kyle is very cute and start the conversation. Kyle is actually an English tourist who walks through it to discover a little town. Immediately, Jan offers to guide him! Does he have a idea in mind?
David Grayson and Nicholas
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Description: Dam square is heaving with tourists in the afternoon but Nicholas and David manage to spot me and walk towards me. They look better than the pics and clips I saw of them and I cant wait to get them back to mine. The boys get naked downstairs and climb the stairs to the mezzanine bed, which gives me a prime view of both their rumps. By the time I join them upstairs David is already sucking Nicholas's hard cock. David stands up and presents his cock to Nicholas. He gladly fills his mouth with such generous amount of meat and gets facefucked. David pushes Nicholas back on the mattress, puts a pillow under his ass and goes down to lick and prepare his mate's ass. Nicholas has a very tight ass and David fingers him until his hole is loose enough to accommodate his thick cock. David fucks him on all fours then turns him on his back and plowing him deep before literally drowning Nicholas in a massive cumshot across his chest which triggers him to shoot all over his belly.
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Description: Thugzilla and MR. Buck are on the hunt for some hot white ass. They hit up a local tourist spot and find themselves a hott one, so hot his name is Diablo. Things get a little preheated on the drive back to the shoothouse when Thuglizza whips out his already hard black cock for there newly found whiteboi to suck on. It only gets hotter and nastier when they make it back to the fuck pad.
Cute Asian Boy Strip
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Description: Joy says hello, then showing his smooth Asian body and cock for us. Then he get fucked hard by white tourist!
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Description: San just love white tourist cock. He takes it real deep in both ends....
Into The Wilde: Episode 1 - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Christian Wilde was so turned on by his first time bottoming that NakedSword asked the sex-crazed stud if he had any other hot fantasies he wanted to live out. Of course he did! Before we knew it, we had Into the Wilde — a NakedSword Original series where Christian's act outs his dirtiest sex dreams. In the first episode, it's sex on the road when Christian gives Brandon Jones a tour of San Francisco that isn't in any guide book — but should be. It's two hot boys in the back of a moving van, fucking like there's no tomorrow in front of the city's most famous tourist sites! It's San Francisco like you've never seen it before (unless you've seen a double-cum shot on the Golden Gate Bridge, that is!). One fantasy down, three to go …
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Description: Here's the first episode of the movie 'Confession'. Jan Cores will tell us a nice meet which took place some time earlier. While he was on the dock of the warehouses, Jan made the acquaintance of Kyle. He thinks that Kyle is very cute and start the conversation. Kyle is actually an English tourist who walks through it to discover a little town. Immediately, Jan offers to guide him! Does he have a idea in mind?
Sloppy Asian Bareback
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Description: Danny get fucked raw by a horny western tourist in Thailand. Danny is not hard to ask, he has done this many times before ! ;)
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Description: Every tourist coming to Prague has to visit the Wenceslas Square. It is full of impressive buildings underlining the beauty of our country. And every gay tourist will see that it is overcrowded with nice young boys. I must admit that most of them are tourists. Often from other countries. But if you are open and talkative like me you will easily find a nice Czech boy there as well. Actually I already wanted to give up for that day when I finally met this youngster. He was so afraid and he looked so innocent that I had to try my best to persuade this handy student to make him my toy-boy for the night.
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Description: I never realized how popular we are even in the Czech republic, my home country. I “cruised” at the X-mas market in the city centre of Prague when I saw this nice boy. And he was Czech. Which is never guaranteed because there are so many tourists at the historical sights. Well, and I just started to play my little game with him when a group of girls and boys approached me and asked my if I am the “Fast money” guy. The boys have been interested but as their girlfriends have been there... well. Anyway. This was a little bit embarrassing for the cutie which I stopped before. Now the people around all knew what he just agreed to do. And he did it. We took a cap to my favorite hour-hotels round the corner.
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Description: In the city centre of Prague it´s sometimes difficult to find willing guys. Most people there have quite well-paid jobs or they are simply tourists. So I every now and then go to the outskirts and try my luck there. Today I decided to search next to a cheap super market. It was easy to get into contact and the money was obviously appealing to all guys there. But the first one minded my cam (clever boy) and the second one didn´t have time. Well, when I finally found a boy with beautiful eyes I soon knew that it was him . He agreed to show me his dick for 4.000 crowns in the middle of the street. For 5.000 more he started to suck me in the cellar of his nearby apartment. Now guess what happened next.
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Description: It's strange. In summer I always get horny from those young men in shorts. And I always think there can be nothing better than this. But in winter those cool jackets and pants turn me on as well. Anyway. Today I started the hunt at the town square. It's always full of tourists and if you don't take care it's easy to approach the totally wrong person. I was lucky today and all the boys there were friendly even as they refused to show me their private parts. When I saw a young guy with Arab looks I was totally attracted by him. He was about to meet his girlfriend so I really had to try my best to persuade him. But money can be persuasive. After he agreed to show me his dick I wanted to go further, Check it out!
The Thai Sex Tourist Files
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Description: Slim Asian boy Dao get fucked ***gy-style by big white cock.
Gaping Asian Hot Fuck
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Description: Danny is a true bottom and his hole opens wide when a cock get near it. Here he get fucked bareback by a Russian tourist with a camera. Danny love it and he even let himself get fisted at
Along For The Ride
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Description: Cruising a tourist trap, Thanet gloms onto super-cutie Supinda and treats him to a ride on an elephant. Once he gets him home, though, they take turns riding each other. Waking up with a ****fully stiff neck, Somkiat calls for physical the******, Sunthornwit. After some skillfully applied massage, studly becomes randy and begins to ****** his benefactor. Well, you know where this is going. Finally, Farrut decides scrubbing Ahn is more fun than washing the truck and the two end up wrestling each other out of their clothes and into much pawing and plundering. Good reasons to be Along For The Ride.
Hard Brown Twink Fuck
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Description: Dink , cute Thai boy with dark brown skin get his brown eye penetrated by sex tourist.
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Description: Mike get fucked bareback by a crazy sex tourist with a camera. Full video at
Cum Punks
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Description: Sommad Chomchop goes to a tourist destination in order to find something to enjoy. After he leaves, empty handed, he is driving and finds Kovit Anucha, on the road heading home. In this “Cum Punks,” Sommad picks up Kovit and takes him for a ride, Boykakke style. Both in the back seat, Sommad wastes no time in rubbing on Kovit; he kisses, caresses and devours Kovit's dick. At home, the boys continue their fun; Sommad has definitely found his “something” to enjoy. They undress and taste one another. Sommad cannot get enough of Kovit's dick and sucks it eagerly. Kovit loves the attention his cock is getting; he returns the flavor by relishing Sommad's dick with his mouth. As the camera zooms close, a side view confirms Kovit taking all of Sommad in. Kovit then works on Sommad's hairy hole, eating it with wild abandon. Kovit then has Sommad up on all fours while he fingers; using first one, then two digits. Widening Sommad's hole, Kovit is ready to enter, fully. Lying atop Sommad, Kovit ri
Thai Hardcore Bareback
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Description: Oat Love getting fucked deep and hard all bareback by Western Sex-tourists! Full movie at
Tight Asian Bareback
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Description: 19 year old Wes get fucked raw by sex tourist in Thailand. All caught on tape archived and now aviable at in their archives.