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Description: Gingivitis: No. Hepatitis: eh, let's just choose to assume they rim each other anyway. This is Chad. His boyfriend, whom he lived with, decided that things just weren't working out anymore. He replaced chad with a new, muscly, black guy and told Chad to move his shit out. Probably should have put the new guy's toothbrush in a safe place or at least monitored your angry ex as he packs his things. The toothbrush is first used to scrub down the bathroom and then it gets a good "white-washing" of its own.
cum in glass stimulated by electrical toothbrush
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Description: cum in glass stimulated by electrical toothbrush,then i poured back the cum onto my foreskin
Wanking with a Toothbrush
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Description: Im using my old toothbrush and put it up my ass while i cum on my undies
John Magnum and Tucker Vaughn
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Description: Doing his morning getting ready ritual, John Magnum is joined by his ********'s best friend, Tucker Vaughn, in desperate need of a toothbrush. Fortunately, John always has an extra one handy for such occasions as ****** overs. In this case, no ****** over was needed when they decided to have a morning delight.