Sunny Side Up
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Description: Nothing like some sweat and toil to get horny. Max Born, on the right will top, and Jerry Kaytton, left, will bottom, but both will use their tools to get the job done right. Getting out of their clothes, each takes a turn on the "oral express;" swatting and punching one another as they suck. Both these beasts are hung and swallowing may not be possible, but don't tell either one of these guys. Max then turns Jerry around, "sunny side up." Easing his partner in, the bottom grabs Max's thick cock and checks another thing off his "bucket list." Max hops up on the scaffolding to grab a seat and slide in his meat; Jerry will be riding atop for a while. As he slams down on Max's groin, the bottom's cock helicopters. The pair then lies on their side, Max taking his partner from behind; both secrete and grunt as they continue to grind. Filling up that sweet hole, Max gets close, but it's Jerry who blasts first, all over his furry belly.
Neighborly Twink Fuck Part 2
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Description: Sandwiched in between the daddies, Toraemon gets himself ready to satisfy these two. As the pair work on the youngster, the boy does make twitching a very sexy sight. With Toraemon's hole on full display, they show him how an ass should be worked. Lubing up “the ringer,” they discuss how the bottom is a size queen; he shows with his hands how big he likes his plugs. While Toraemon plays with the rings, the bottom moans with enjoyment. Up and gloved, Toraemon jerks for a bit and then “dives” in. From the get go, the top pumps away easily; the other daddy works the bottom's nipples. As the trio toil together “polishing the silver,” the thrusting goes faster; looks like Toraemon has the bottom “standing at attention.” Pulling of his condom quickly, Toraemon spews all over the inside of the bottom's thigh, dripping onto the floor.
Oral Humiliation
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Description: The Sarge and officer Fellows have taken their prisoner into the custody suite for processing. Master Toby strips off his body armour and utility belt. The stench of hot male sweat escapes as he removes his heavy protective layer. Toby knows just how to use a sloppy tongued cock whore like mr wilkins. The sub is put work lapping up the streams of sweat dripping down his Master's body, sucking wet salty beads of toil from Toby's armpit hairs and tongue bathing the Top's body all over. What a dirty little fucker this bottom is. Getting down on all-fours Master Toby spreads his ass cheeks so his pungent hole can get a good clean courtesy of mr wilkins eager mouth - aided by the Sarge ramming the sub's face deep between Toby's gorgeous globes and putting his boot squarely on the back of it's head to keep it in place. Every breathe mr wilkins struggles to take is tainted with sweat and dirt from his Master's ass.
Straight Buff Redhead Surfer
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Description: What a hunk! What a great surfer! Randy, the very athletic outdoorsman returns for his second nude shoot! This sexy long-haired buff boy was excited to get back in front of the camera! As a youth in Colorado, Randy worked with his Dad in the family landscaping business. Our red headed wonder boy got excited when I suggested he work naked around our garden! Watch his bubble butt move as he carries the 12 foot ladder and positions it against a huge tree trunk before climbing - fully nude with his ass in the air! What a beautiful, beefy, well-proportioned body this surf stud has: great abs, perfect chest, thick arms, naturally smooth body... except for his thick ginger dick hair which has NEVER been clipped or trimmed - ever! You will want to try and tackle this guy when you see him nude! Watch Randy's whole body sweat while he is high above the ground - bare ass naked working! He loves to talk as he toils in the sun. Listen to his cute mid-west accent as boasts of his rugged Island a
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