Ass Resort
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Description: Super-star Bo Dean is enjoying a cold margarita while on vacation, chatting it up with the smoking-hot bartender, AJ Irons. Bo's complaining to AJ that he can't seem to find anyone to hook up with. AJ is no fool and isn't buying that line of BS, but he plays along anyway and offers to give Bo a helping hand... mouth... cock... ass... whatever Bo wants! Bo bends AJ over the bar and shoves his thick rod into AJ's tight hole. The whole bar is on the verge of coming down from the intense pounding. AJ gobbles up every inch and begs for more. Spread eagled and getting his ass rocked, AJ begs for Bo to cum. Bo is happy to oblige and splatters AJ's iron stomach with AJ following suit soon after.
Perfect Italian Hunk
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Description: If you have ever had the fantasy of hiring a sexy stud to clean your home in the buff, 27 year old tattooed Joe does not disappoint. You will not find a more efficient and thorough naked maid than this dark-haired Island Stud! Joe is a REAL guy... a man's man. He is a Seattle Seahawks fan and spends every Sunday watching football and drinking ***** with his buddies. Joe has the perfect hunk body. Italian genes gave Joe jet black body hair perfectly placed in precise spots: thighs and legs, the happy trail to his crotch, his arm pits, in the open crack of his fine ass and neatly circling his perfect pecs. He has a natural defined chest with two beautifully pierced tits and a big Hawaiian Tiki tattoo on each arm. What a Stud! Joe is one of those straight men who is clean, well kempt and educated. He knows he is good looking but does not have an ego about it. He is strong willed and likes to argue his point, sometimes just for the sake of arguing. To him oral combat is fun! Watch his r