Erik Finnegan and Thom Barron
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Added: 23 Aug 14
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Description: Erik's trip to Frankfurt takes another turn as he finds himself enslaved on a factory floor. There are four guys in suits waiting for new slaves. Erik and another slave run on all fours tied to straps. The two must suck one after the other, including Thom Barron, hard. The assholes of the slaves are then willingly licked - Erik is on a table being taken by two of the suited masters: while Thom Barron fucks the other guy from behind! Both slaves are thoroughly fucked. Finally, Erik lands on his back and is packed full of cock from both ends until he is then covered in cum.
David Knows Dick
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Added: 20 Jan 14
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Description: Watch now as David directs Eddie Bear and X-Ray Danny in a hot suck-and-fuck scene. Next David fluffs super-hung Q-Cub for director Ken Slater, and takes that rod all the way down without gagging once. Then he steps in to heat up the action between Panther Cub and Andy. Then it's on to the next guy, and the next, including Andy, Brian Meister, RedHot Jeff, Chub Cub 78, Indy Cub, Sebastion Ice, Thom Cub, and Alex. In all some thir**** hot and horny bears, plus David. If you want it rough, he'll give it to you rough. If you want it loud, he'll give it to you loud. Just tell him what you want. David De Jesus knows dick, and he's not shy about showing it.
Andre, Mark and Leroy Lellek
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Added: 22 May 13
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Description: While looking for his disappeared mate Thom, gay skinhead André is captured by two soldiers in an abandoned military area. He hasn´t any chance against them. Helpless and ************ under a gas mask, he is been fisted deep and without mercy. But it seems, that one of them develops more emotion for him…
Thom Barron and Rainer Wagner
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 18 May 13
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Description: Gay Skinhead Thom Barron just wanted to play paintball in an desolate military area together with his mate André. But here they are not alone. Thom falls into the hands of a perverse gas mask bloke in full protection gear. He examines thorough all the orifices of Thoms naked, muscular body, before he takes care of his hard boner.
Young Lovers - Fuck Like Rabbits!!!
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Added: 20 Feb 11
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Description: Love is in the air, especially here at BLAKEMASON this Valentines weekend! We thought we'd bring you something very special - real life lovers - so let me introduce you to Corey and Thom who chose to share themselves with the world. And let's face it, it's not often two cute young lovers like Corey and Thom are willing to share what goes on behind closed doors... aren't we lucky! So let's be clear about this - it's a one-time only film from both of these guys. There are no solos to follow, no cheeky threesome, just a one-off film from a young couple at the height of their sexual prime! The guys start with some fervent kissing which leads on to some serious cock sucking before they form a hot sixty nine where they swallow each other to the hilt... these guys have been practicing ;-) Corey takes the lead and moves the action on... and Thom is more than happy to sink his cock into his lovers willing hole! Now, 18 year olds really do fuck like rabbits and Thom maintains a nice fast
Fuck Fiction
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Added: 29 Apr 10
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Description: An elaborately made, action-filled porno road movie. With CAZZO stars Thom Barron and Fred Faurtin in the leading roles.
CazzoClub: Thom Barron + Jens Hammer
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 23 Jan 10
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Description: Jens Hammer suffers in abandoned barracks. His master Henning van Pink drills him to serve his perverse needs. Young Thom Barron releases Jens from his ***** using his magic wand.
Rugby *********s Naked!
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Added: 11 Nov 09
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Description: Ruggerbugger have posted on the hottest new updates ever! Max and Thom Evans are real-life *********s and new young stars of British Rugby. Ruggerbugger has them posing fully naked together in a steamy hot new video! With just 18 months apart between them, the boys are clearly at ease with each other as they compete to demonstrate who has the most muscular body. They give accidental glimpses of their cocks and fully display their big round asses. Download and save this amazing video from!