Back it up Bitch
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Added: 28 Jun 14
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Description: June 25th, 2014 - It always sucks to be the new guy at the frat house..literally! Both of Nick's holes are probably regretting the day he ever set foot in the house after the throat stuffing and ass pounding the other guys in the house gave him but in this house “tappin out” just isn't an option!
Takin' A Dip & Tappin' Some Ass
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Description: Enzo Di Karina has been enjoying the pool at a clothing optional gay resort. Done with his dip, Enzo heads over to lay out and take in some rays. As he walks past our cameraman, we get a glimpse of Ivan Chatt who's busy checking out Enzo and follows him. No need for words between the men, Ivan squats down and starts sucking. Enzo looks over at the camera and gives us a big smile while he enjoys his blowjob. He then decides it time for Ivans' trunks to come off and buries his face in Ivan's ass. A real assman, sniffing and licking. Enzo grabs the lube and gives Ivan a slip of the finger before going back to give Ivan some more face fucking. The two men do a little mutual masturbation and Enzo is fully erect and pulls out a condom. Again, no words needed here boys as Ivan just turns over and assumes the position. And again, Enzo looks right at the camera and gives us that big smile while he bangs away. They take a break from fucking to do a little "tongue fucking" in each others mouth an
Brady and Gavin
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Description: Brady Jensen and Gavin Waters have a lot in common. They're both blond, have perfect golden tans and are shaved smooth from head to toe. They're also both horny as hell. Looking like they've just woken up from a nap, both guys are sprawled naked on the bed, stroking their hard cocks in unison. As they open their eyes, they lean in for a series of soft kisses before Brady sits up and heads toward Gavin's throbbing cock. He swallows just the head at first before relaxing his jaw and going as far down the shaft as he can. The 69 session these guys get into is scorching hot and it's followed by a close-up view of Brady giving Gavin a 5-star rim job. Then it's time for Brady to jacket up and slide his 8-inch dick into his buddy's hungry hole. Gavin gets pounded face down, on his side and, finally, on his back. All that drilling must have hit the spot because our bottom boy shoots his load first before Brady pulls out and adds his own healthy deposit to the pools of cum.