Sex at the tailor's
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Description: Slim twink gets his mouth drilled by an old man
Inked Business Dude Blown at the Bar
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Description: Will Helm is back in his tailored suit for an afterwork drink, and luckily Killian Dhias is alone running the bar, giving him the perfect excuse to open Will's fly and give the fat dong inside a well-earned blowjob before taking it hard up the ass ***gy style.
Tailored Fit Cock
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Description: James Huntsman has found himself in a position to have a renown tailor visit him at his home. Luke Milan has an expert's eye for fashion. Luke suggests James strip down to his underwear to try on some of the options. Once James disrobes, the thought occurs to Luke that he may very well be able to trick James into taking off his undies, thereby become completely nude. Luke concocts a story about a matching pair of underwear James should try. Without any coaxing, James is wearing his birthday suit. Luke finds an excuse to bend down near the enormous dick, and takes it in his mouth. James can't believe his tailor is sucking his fat cock. But he's certainly not stopping him! Luke is a true dick fiend, made evident by the manner in which he ravenously slurps James. Watch him take good care of the whole package as Luke jerks his own meat too. Then see Luke lay back so his client can fuck his sweet ass nice and hard. James isn't the usual customer, with his very well built physique. His st
Sex at the tailor's
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Description: Slim twink gets his mouth drilled by an old man
Tailor Scott and Hugo Mex
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Description: Hugo Mex is the new face working the graveyard shift in the hospital mortuary. After weeks of unending boredom, he sneaks his boyfriend in on a gurney so they can kill time in a much more fun and sexy manner. Tailor, Hugo's tattooed and pierced boyfriend sprouts a huge erection while lying on the cold steel cart under a sheet. He's totally horny at the thought of playing the stiff brought to life by Hugo's kiss. The kinky boyfriends suck and fuck all over the mortuary, Hugo's rigid dick penetrating Tailor's firm and gaping hole until they both shoot massive loads all over Tailor's taut stomach.
Suited and Booted Oral Bullies
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Description: ******Tops Master Billy and his best man Wayne are being fitted for wedding suits by a pervy old tailor who keeps copping a feel of their athletic young bodies while pretending to be taking their inside leg measurements. Time to turn the tables on this dirty fucker. Feeding their cocks out through the fly of their suits they take turns to face fuck the sub, using their stiff cocks to choke and gag the cunt. Sub peter was quick to caress Billy's bottom, now his face is rammed between the young groom's firm buttocks as he's ordered to lick and worship the Top's tight buds, sticking his tongue deeper and deeper into Billy and Wayne's holes as the aroused school friends stroke their hard cocks and kiss.
Tailored To Fuck
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Description: presents The Gay Office's "Tailored To Fuck". Lucio Saints is alone in a changing room with Jean Franko when his shirt gets stuck in the zipper of the pants he's trying on. An attempt to help is mistaken for a sexual advance but the anger quickly turns to passion leading Jean Franco to make Lucio his bottom.
A Boy's Raw Urges, S02
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Description: presents scene two from Cobra Video'S "A Boy's Raw Urges". Sometimes we just have to give into our urges. Do you have any? We tailored this steamy video from our fans suggestions who wrote in suggesting what they would like to see in a video and the Cobraboyz got extra naughty just for your pleasure. This all-bareback adventure shows our 7 Cobraboyz at their hottest with str8boy seductions, rimming, fingering, tons of close-up shots and well as teabagging, ass play, and the most in the mouth cum shots, facials, and in ass orgasms that we have ever filmed!
Tailored Stud Adam Killian Pumps Jessie Colter
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Description: They might be friends and equals in the world of business, but behind closed doors Jessie Colter submits completely to the whims of Adam Killian. Adam's thick, 8-inch cock is always in need of service, and Jessie is just the guy to drop to his knees and suck the throbbing piece of meat off. Adam, while a passionate lover, isn't a selfish one: he and Jessie reverse roles and Adam takes Jessie into his mouth for a loud, hard, and wet blowjob! When they're not sucking cock, the couple enjoys some hard and tireless ass play, which leads up to Adam deeply penetrating Jessie's hole. As Adam fucks Jessie, the bottom's legs are tangled in his suit pants, allowing him no escape. All he can do is submit to Adam's lust! The sexual indiscretion culminates with both of the guys completely naked, free of their suits: Jessie is laying on top of Adam, grinding up and down on his erection until they both explode in loads of cum!
A Boy's Raw Urges, S03
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Added: 16 Jul 11
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Description: presents scene three from Cobra Video's "A Boy's Raw Urges". Sometimes we just have to give into our urges. Do you have any? We tailored this steamy video from our fans suggestions who wrote in suggesting what they would like to see in a video.
Boardroom Buds Nick Ford and Gabriel Lenfant Flip-Fuck
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Description: Taking up residence in a posh apartment, the suave Gabriel Lenfant and Nick Ford sneak away from the office for some passionate romance. They grab one another's finely tailored suits and smack lips, making out with intertwined tongues. Nick's hands remain frisky the entire time, and he coaxes out Gabriel's uncut dick and sucks on it until he's rock hard. Nick's cock is next: Gabriel pushes Nick to the sofa and unleashes his member. Nick loves playing with Gabriel's mouth, teasing his tongue with the head of his prick. Both Gabriel and Nick are quiet gentleman: they swap oral and rimjobs with low and passionate moans. But Nick wants all of Gabriel: he bends the gorgeous brunette over the sofa and invades his ass, pounding him with intense lust. While Gabriel is still wearing his dress shirt and vest, Nick tears off all of his clothes and fucks Gabriel completely nude. Nick is a versatile lover, though, so he doesn't resist as Gabriel flips him onto the sofa and slips his huge erect dick
Suited for Sex! Businessmen FUCK
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Description: These two hard-nosed executives first catch eyes at New York City's bustling Port Authority Terminal and quickly move there rendezvous to an intimate executive office location. As John Magnum adjusts his tailored pinstripe suit, the incredibly sexy Jeremy Bilding appears behind him and the two start kissing sensually. Before you know it, they slip there gorgeous cocks our of their well pressed dress pants and swallow every inch of each others' cut dicks. The power hungry Jeremy then bends John over the couch so he can eat from John's smooth, meaty ass. After John get's his fill of Jeremy's non-stop ass teasing, he orders Jeremy to fuck him and Jeremy happily submits to his demands. Jeremy proceeds to fuck the muscle bottom over and over again showing us who's truly in charge. Jeremy pounds the cum right out of John and follows it up by shooting his own load straight into John's wide open mouth. Catch every second of this intensely hot scene as these boys show us how a proper business m
Menatplay - Fleshlight Solo
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Description: Steve Hunt is back at MAP Headquarters looking hotter then ever! The Hungarian stud is all suited up and looking so handsome but I can't help but notice his huge bulge and can't wait to see what's underneath those tailored trousers! Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long as Steve starts to touch himself all over and bends over tightening his trousers and revealing his hot butt! When Steve takes out his cock and balls I can see why he had such a bulge. Wow this guy has a beautiful 9
Long haired boy fucked hard
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Added: 14 Nov 09
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Description: Johan Lapointe is the perfect guy to do a scene with. He is a real pro. And you feel that it's a job tailor made for him. He is versatile and always ready for a good time. And what a good time we've had.
Vintage Tailor
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Added: 11 Oct 09
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Description: An old vintage gay film that shows a nice guy sucked by his tailor Un vecchio film gay che mostra un ragazzo carino che riceve un pompino dal suo sarto
the military tailor (uknakedmen 16)
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Added: 30 May 09
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Tags: lucas knowles Rick bauer uniform uncut cocks

Description: Officer Lucas Knowles is having problems with his uniform pants and decides to take them to the military tailor, Rick Bauer, to have some alterations around the tight, bulging crotch. But Rick running his hand over Lucas' inside leg causes even more problems which even military stitching can t contain and Lucas has to save the pants by releasing his long, fat, uncut dick, which the humble tailor happily slurps on, before they strip stark, bollock naked and Rick gives Lucas' arse the pummelling it s begging for.
Men At Play - Cuffed
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Added: 09 Mar 09
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Description: When David clapped eyes on the hot young maintenance boy and asked for his number he didnt quite realise what he was getting himself into. Little did he know that the seemingly shy faced boy had a kinky side, so when they arrange a secret encounter in the
Men At Play - The Tailor and Lucas
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 12 Jan 09
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Description: Ever since his first appearance on MAP a few months back, the guys have been queuing up for a personal fitting with our personal tailor, so it was no great surprise when Lucas requested an appointment with Kurt... asap! And once there we could see exactly
The Tailor - Behind Closed Doors
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 08 Dec 08
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Duration: 0:00:33
Tags: menatoplay men at play Kurt Rogers 10

Description: Our first visit to the our Tailors shop left us with some lingering memories so we decided to pay Kurt another visit. And as it turns out we werent the only ones with the hot flashbacks. This time, as we spy on the mega-hung hunk undressing infront of the