Jock Strap 2 Scene 4
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Added: 07 Oct 14
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Description: Jock Strap 2 Scene 4 The French Connection Some men's obsession, a turn on to many, a symbol of athletic masculinity to all! Watch beautiful young Brazilian men bursting out of their jockstraps! XXX Action, bulging jocks and tight young bodies, and huge loads! what more could you want?
Ethan Tucker disrespects the flag
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Description: See the vicious brunette hunk Ethan Williams taking his clothes off in front of the flag. He loves disrespecting every symbol he can while masturbating his hard rod of meat in this lovely semi-exclusive video that's bound to get hotter and hotter.
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Description: Die Anal-Massage bzw. Prostata Massage, sowie die Massage des gesamten Beckenbodens birgt die Quelle tiefer Lust und sexueller Empfindungen. Ein entspannter Anus bei einer vollen Erektion ist für die Sexualität der Männer sehr wichtig. Diese Entspannung, die während einer ausgiebigen und liebevollen Anal-Massage entsteht, bringt Männer in Kontakt mit ihrer Hingabe, der Öffnung ihres Herzens sowie ihrer Verbundenheit mit sich selbst und der Welt. So können tiefe sexuelle Gefühle empfunden werden. Eine volle Erektion, wenn sie zutiefst angenommen, gewürdigt und verehrt wird, bringt Männer in ihre kraftvolle Größe. Die phallische Kraft gilt, verbunden mit den Qualitäten von Mut, Macht, Potenz, Stärke, Durchsetzungsvermögen und Handlungswille, als Quelle des Lebens und als Symbol von Männlichkeit. Verstehen Männer es, diese Qualitäten mit ihren „weiblichen Anteilen“ zu verbinden, die z.B. etwas mit Schönheit, Hingabe, Fülle und Zartheit zu tun haben, so können sie ihre phallische Kraft a
Real Hawaiian Jock Keoni
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Description: Keoni is a sexy 20 year old native Hawaiian boy with a yummy smooth brown body, a beautiful hairless bubble butt and a handsome Hawaiian face! His thick thighs and wide feet come from growing up on the Islands barefoot, and running along the endless sandy beaches. As a young boy he would play soccer on the beach with his many *********s! This local Island boy is NOT shy about stripping off his clothes outdoors and showing off for the camera! Keoni performs nightly at a popular Hawaiian resort as a luau fire dancer. Check out Keoni's endless creamy native brown skin when he strips off his surf shorts! He has delicious sun-kissed brown skin EVERYWHERE! A real local Hawaiian boy! This video contains many great moments of Keoni looking directly at us seductively - with his big sexy brown Hawaiian eyes. Listen as he explains in his own words the historical meanings of his many Polynesian tribal tattoos. A symbol of his large Hawaiian family is placed across his shoulder
Master Avery performs a pagan ritual
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Description: Master Avery sacrifices Alessio Romeros body with hot wax, a double flogging, and the single tail. As the final offering to the masters master, Alessio is fucked hard in tight bondage and made to cum on the pagan symbol
Power Trip, S01
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Description: presents scene one from Studio 2000's "Power Trip". POWER TRIP was shot on location in the real thing; a bike shop that specializes in customizing the Harley-Davidson; the big beast that is a symbol of masculine power, speed, excitement, thrills, violence and challenge. Behind these dangerous beauties are the men whose talents and abilities are trained and honed to tool these machines to perfection. These are the men who labor to make the Harley the unquestioned king of the road; cut from the same cloth; testosterone perfectionists who tool their equipment and parts to a cutting edge of power, heat, lust and an almost visual potential for violence and speed. To climb aboard one of these sleek, power-packed, fearsome beauties is to embark on a POWER TRIP. To enter the world of the men behind these machines is another kind of POWER TRIP; equally dangerous and exciting, where the thrills and chills are often sexual duels of driven libidos and muscle-powered bodies of ripplin
Athlete Submits Naked
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Description: Footballer Paul thought he could evade taking a routine ***** test by coming up with excuses, but the football club board members make it a policy to keep all players firmly in check. This famous sportsman needs a firm lesson in humility. Paul learns he's not above being stripped naked on the spot and getting his foreskin and asshole sniffed. His body does belong to the club. The older clothed men get massively aroused making this horny young sex symbol crawl naked at their feet begging for forgiveness with his ass sticking up in the air. He quickly remembers that this is his proper place. See more Clothed Male/Naked Male videos at!