Sal and Rex
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Description: We had finally found our way to our destination which was a large private estate in the middle of Texas. The boys had been hanging out for most of the day and the Texas heat was obviously making them all a little horny. I walked into the common area of the house and saw Rex flirting with Sal. I pulled up a table and put it in the middle of the room and grabbed the cameras and let them go at it. As I was watching these to go at it, I kept thinking on what a great pairing this is going to make. Rex is mature and confident and loves to have sex and Sal just can't get fucked hard enough, deep enough, long enough or fast enough. Things started out sexy and quickly went into a nasty fuck session. Rex put Sal on his back and climb up on top and fed him his cock. Sal loves to be dominated and took to Rex's cock like it was ice cream. Rex then returned the favor and got down on his knees and striped off Sal's pants and suck his cock good and long. At this point they were both covered in swe
Arse Just Loves Cock!
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Description: Seeing as Sam E's solo film went down so well with all of you at home I thought it best to get him back for a nice hot fuck session! He rather liked the look of Tony and his big fat cock and well, let's just say Tony was as pleased as I've ever seen him to be ;-) Sam's a beautiful guy with a fit body and his ass just loves to be filled with dick... and make no mistake, Tony made sure that cum the end Sam was completely satisfied! It doesn't take long for their clothes to come off and Sam's quickly enjoying the taste of Tony's uncut meat. Tony's not the least bit shy when he swaps places and swallows Sam's cock to the hilt... and the guys soon scrabble in to a hot 69 which allows Tony to prep Sam's arse for the fuck that's about to follow. He rims and fingers Sam's tight hole while Sam's sucking away frantically on his dick until he decides it's time to fuck! Tony puts Sam on his back and slowly eases his dick all the way inside his arse. Picking up momentum, the guys are soon swe