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Description: The surveillance video doesn't lie -- you're been bad, and you need to be taught a lesson. The punishment is up to you: solitary confinement or some hard lessons at the hands of TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Marco Wilson, who lead a gang of private eyes out to capture their sleazy suspects. What's your choice? That's what we thought. You might want to bite down hard on something... this is gonna Sting. Aroused by hidden camera footage, investigators Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels take a break from policing to satisfy their urges -- ending with an unforgettable fuck train. Shaved-headed criminals Harley Everett and Patrick Rouge break and enter a warehouse -- and then each other as their dirty deeds provoke an aggressive encounter. Ripped specimen Marco Wilson admires his chiseled frame in the mirror -- then beckons voyeur Logan Scott inside for some sucking before pounding the muscle man's hole.
Shut up, and take it!
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Description: Jacobs was bent over the desk, and penetrated repeatedly. All he could do was beg not to be sent back to prison.
Parolee made into a bitch
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Description: As seen in this recording, Covington submitted to a cavity search and then was made into having oral and anal sex with a Florida State Parole Officer. According to a court appointed psychologist, Covington is still suffering from psychological trauma.
Won't hit her no more!
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Description: Grant was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, and plead guilty, serving only a short time in prison. Following his release, Grant was assigned to his local Florida State Parole Office. Officer Johnson was his case worker. Unfortunately for Grant, Officer Johnson had a mean streak when it came to domestic violence. According to Grant, Officer Johnson sexually assaulted him on a monthly bases
It ain't legal in this state!
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Description: Anthony Mose served 7 days in a county jail for repeated marijuana possession charges. Mose had to choose between a two year prison sentence or getting fucked by his Parole Officer!
Snitches become bitches
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Description: Carter Jacobs was convicted of attempted robbery, assault and home invasion. His accomplice, Benny G was the states primary witness. In exchange for his testimony, Benny was sentenced to only four months in prison, while Jacobs served four years at the Florida State Penitentiary in Bradford County. Jacobs was released in Sept 15th 2009, under strict conditions to report to the Florida State Parole office. What happened next is a matter of public record.
Breaking Parole
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Description: Following a failed urine test, the Parolee in this recording was made obligated into performing oral sex and then bent over the desk. The young man was only 20 years old at the time of this recording. According to state records, he has since passed all his tests.
Dealer violates Parole
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Description: Simon Brinks was only 20 years old when he was blackmailed and ******* into having sex with his male Parole Officer. As seen and heard in the video recording Officer Johnson said 'the only way you can avoid going back to prison is if you got a big cock in those pants.' He'll now think twice about going back to dealin'
Setting up Gibson
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Description: According to Gibson on the afternoon of August 4th, Officer Johnson and Officer Harrington sexually assaulted the young man during his weekly meeting. . Most disturbing of all, the recording clearly shows the officers placing illegal narcotics in the Parolees back pocket prior to searching him. This allowed the Officers to extort the young man and obligate him into sexual intercourse.
Secret Fantasies Finale Pt I: A.J. and Brock
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Description: Bill's unedited email to us: My secret fantasy might seem weird. I don't know. When I was young we had a really hot male housekeeper (rare, right?). I had two fantasies. The first one was that I set up "nanny cams" all over the house. After I got home from school I'd watch the surveillance tapes back and find him masturbating in our living room. My other fantasy was that I'd come home early one day and catch him in the act. Of course, he'd make me promise not to tell my parents, and I would make him fuck me in order to have me keep my mouth shut. I still think about him to this day!
Man taking shower tied and spanked
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Description: Man taking shower surveilled by pervert gay who ties him with hands behind spanking his strong ass and giving him a ******* blowjob in bdsm video shoot
Speedos Party
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Description: Wish you could spy on a group of college guys changing in and out of their speedos? The pervy SneakyPeek cameraman has a horny surveillance video of a group of jocks partying and trying on new swimwear. The lads are getting ready for a night out and have more than a few drinks so get quite wild and inadvertently flash the camera secretly filming them. Find horny spycam videos at SneakyPeek!
MansField 1962
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Description:  In the summer of 1962, the Mansfield, Ohio Police Department photographed men having sex in a public restroom under the main square of the city. A cameraman hid in a closet and watched the clandestine activities through a two-way mirror. He filmed over a three week period, and the resulting movie was used to obtain the convictions of over 30 local men on charges of sodomy. With some of this footage the Mansfield Police later produced Camera Surveillance, an instructional film circulated in law en*****ment circles. It showed how to set up a sting operation to film and arrest “sex deviants.” William E. Jones found a degraded version of the film on the internet, then reedited the footage to make Mansfield 1962, a haunting, silent condensation of the original. NO AUDIO
Undercover Police Surveillance
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Description: Over 48 hours undercover Police Surveillance watched the goings on of some totally hot dudes, before fucking them over literally !
Peeping Tom
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Description: Imagine our surprise on a visit to tar beach, when we saw our Randy neighbor getting it on in the kitchen. This redheaded guy has a huge piece of meat and who was going down on him? None other than our very own long poled Ely Scott. Watch as these two boys do stuff that'll make you blush, as you peek in from the roof! HOT