Where The Sun Don’t Shine 4 – Michael
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Added: 24 Nov 14
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Description: Just back from skateboarding, Michael is horny and wants to pop a nut. He pulls out his huge cock and jerks on it, then lubes a vibrator and inserts it up his butt. Michael works his cock and butt until he explodes on his fuzzy stomach.
Twink rides Military cock
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Description: Robert orders Tanner to straddle his hot tool and ride it like a fucking ******. Without hesitation, Tanner throws one leg over like he was straddling the world's largest mustang and slides right on down his new friend's member. Fucking till the sun went down, Robert decides to flip Tanner on his back, and spread his legs to better drill his raging rock, hard cock into Tanner's gaping hole. Barely holding out, Robert pulls out of Tanner and shoots right down Tanner's throat. Good thing Robert is a bit sloppy, not all of his creamy, white cum was swallowed by Tanner's abyssal throat, his first shot of sticky ooze went clear across Tanner's face with only a streak of white cum behind. Every other ounce of thick, warm, juicy jizz was swallowed by Tanner, leaving both men out of breath and satisfied.
Nature Bareback
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Description: Out for a nature walk, Daniel and Vilnis are enjoying the warmth of the sun and the invigorating fresh air and seclusion is giving them some horny ideas. They stroll into bushy area and the horny action begins. After some face fucking Daniel rams Vilnis with his big tool. His moans of pleasure blend in with the sounds of nature as Daniel cums to climax and spurts his pearly load all over Vilnis' face.
Heated Latinos get wet and go gay under the sun
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Description: The hard protruding dick of that skinny brown youngster looks like a warm welcome, so his vanilla-skinned gay mate can't but rise to the bait. The cock-loving cutie swims closer ready to lock his soft full lips around the tempting chocolate pole. He loves the taste and can't simply get enough of it!
Sandro and Franco
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Added: 04 Nov 14
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Description: When things heat up under the sun, Sandro has Franco come over to help cool him down. While sunbathing, Franco wakes up to Sandro's big black cock in his face, an invitation he gladly takes in the mouth.
Bi-Sexual Suck Fest
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Description: When Mikey could not take the sensation any more he pulled his dick out of Brad's mouth and shot globs of thick, white puddle all over Brad's flushed face. Brad just basked in the warm, juicy cum that splattered on him. Like a cat warming in the sun, he seemed to almost purr. With a loud moan, Mikey shot the last sticky glob of jizz, rewarding Brad for a job well done. Not bad for Brad's first time.
Crotch Rocket
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Added: 20 Oct 14
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Description: Some guys just don't care who's around when the fuck. Carlos wakes Steve up while they're napping together on the lawn by rubbing his crotch. Steve responds the same and things get hot and steamy while the two engage in all kinds of sex acts under the sun! Soon Steve is barebacking Carlos right there out in the open before everyone's cum spills.
Nature's Bounty
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Description: This trio of bounty is at the beach to start off, or get off, today. As boys will be boys, they pull out their toys and play. Filming these sun-kissed cuties, Riku, with the ponytail and Kaoru find a quiet spot to kiss and fondle one another. "Heading" in the car, the boys can't keep their mouths off one another; Riku uses his tongue ring on other parts of Kaoru as well. When it "cums" to sucking dick, Riku gets a mouthful on this back to nature Japanboyz.com video. At a nearby park, they continue the fun and flavor as Kaoru adds a bit of metal to his meat. Face fucking Riku, the pair enjoy all that the "wildlife" has to offer. Close, Kaoru finishes off in Riku's mouth; it is evident that "nature" is plentiful, and sweet.
Wet Muscle Pigs
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Added: 27 Sep 14
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Description: Wet Muscle Pigs - the title says it all! Shot in the hot Florida sun, these six sex-crazed pigs kept each other hydrated by drinking each others' piss.
Three Gays Fuck Outside
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Description: These three guys were laying out in the hot sun. As they started rubbing sunblock on each other things started to get even hotter. They stroked, sucked then one of them ended up on all fours with a dick in his mouth and his ass at the same time. After they fucked their tight ass' latino twink friend, both studs banging him jerked off until they cum so hard.