Bound gay slaves get jerked off and *******
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Added: 19 Feb 14
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Tags: CBT masked guys slapping squeezing pinching whipping domination discipline humiliation submission

Description: Just when you think this *********** couldn’t be any better at being a willing and helpful slave during an SM session, here comes this piece. As the Master is playing with the crucified slave, the subservient *********** is playing with the victim’s super stiff cock. His good work during the session had earned the *********** a special privilege. Watch as the Master puts a gas mask over his face and makes him sit still as some serious nipple torture and CBT takes place. Well, isn’t it the perfect reward?
Redneck Fuck 1
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 01 Dec 11
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Tags: Mancheck

Description: This intense movie delights us as our local subservient RedNecks serve themselves up to be *******, beaten and then used - they don't even know it is our man Shadow who has strapped them down and beaten them. This is an intense movie catering to those who like their action sprinkled with discipline and domination.
Presenting Brutal Tops Inc
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Added: 04 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:00:30
Tags: Domination masters submissive bottoms tops BDSM S&M groped analplay dildo cocksucking bondage torture whipping

Description: Imagine a service run by handsome, worthy Masters where subs take part in the most ****** session they could ever dream up. It's called ****** Tops Inc. Here the dominant masters order subs on their knees and fill their mouths with hot piss. They masterfully deal blows with their leather belts making subservient men worship them and eat their ripe sweaty armpits and hairy asses. Find the most professional, imaginative and cruel tops in the world at ******Tops.
Kyros Christian Dominated, Tied up and Fucked Hard
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Added: 15 Oct 10
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Description: Subservient sex slave Kyros Christian tied up, rimmed out, and fucked hard by Ryan Thompsons hung ****** cock. Ryan dominates the boy and ties him up with handcuffs just before eating his little ass out.
Dirty Businessmen
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Added: 25 Aug 10
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Duration: 0:00:14
Tags: CMNM suits businessmen office nudity sub dom

Description: The dominant men in the CMNM office always mix business with pleasure. They enjoy wearing suits and working hard, but when they want to relax they get an eager young businessman in to strip, use and train to grovel at their shoes. The hot manly scent that emanates from his big sweaty ball sack and his tight asshole drove them into a frenzy. Matthew was overwhelmed as the three of them demanded his attention, groping his naked body all over and making him display his cock and ass. This is a crash course for this athletic hetero man in being utterly subservient to the desires of three clothed businessmen. Download and save the new ClothedMale/NakedMale video from!