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Description: Hi I am Chuck Challenge in Fort Lauderdale Florida-I like to do submission wrestling
Bukkake Group
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Description: They're pushing in closer around Daniel's face until it's simply a blur of cocks slapping him into a fierce face beating of rigid, rock-hard action! This conference call gets complicated, as the guys talk over one another, shoving their dicks into Daniel's mouth. The face-fucking rapidly turns to deep-throating submission, as Daniel tugs at his own throbbing penis. Troy unleashes the goods from his package first, followed by Colt Waters. Colt splooges cum globs onto Daniel's eagerly awaiting face. Daniel sucks Colt's gooey cock clean, and then turns to Max for more. Ryan pulls managerial rank, saying, "I'm gonna cum". Daniel catches Ryan's massive load as it splashes all over his cheeks, down his nose, and into his mouth. Daniel smiles, licking his jizz sticky lips, as he approaches Max. Daniel sucks on Max's balls, practically willing Max's ejaculate to spring forth! Daniel wags his tongue, strectching it outward from between his lips to catch Max's sperm soaked surprise. With cum dr
Jesse's Endless Hole
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Description: Huge cock sex-pig Antonio Biaggi furiously fists Jesse Balboa into submission nearly elbow-deep, alternating between his massive cock and his fiesty fist.
Rimming Required
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Description: Cope is hungry for some ass and Cody Black serves him up a buffet of cute boy hole. Cope treats Cody rough and slaps and spanks him into submission.
raw submission 2
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Description: hot, hungtwinks just turned 18 and they're already barebacking fit to burst, load after load of creamy sperm deep inside their hot almost virginal holes,
raw submission
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Description: our sunky boys are up for their first bareback encounters, ready to seed some smooth, hairless twink holes
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Description: Let's keep on with the orgy show: The hooded mares are fucked hard. They don't see the fuckers, they can only feel the dicks. They feel all of it big time. The concept of the horse meat market is that the holes will be fucked by a horde of juicy giant pricks. The main thing is to feel the shooting cock. All these submissive mares can't wait to receive their load by a big number of dicks. Don't we all dream about this to happen to us all?|
Captain Rex Plows Him on All Fours
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Description: He leans back and let's the submissive fireman suck away. Then Rex starts to get aggressive. He decides he wants a piece of fireman ass. He puts Beau on his back and shoves his big army cock into Beau's ass. Beau winces from the ecstasy as Rex slides his cock all the way in, to the base. Without giving Beau much time to get used to what's up his ass, Rex starts to pound away. Rex puts Beau on all fours and takes him ***gie style. Beau is still loving having his hole stretched by Rex's big cock. Then, Rex starts to feel the rush of cum rolling in from his aching balls. He pushes Beau back onto his back and lets loose a gush of cum all over Beau's face, spilling a bit on the bed. Beau lies there taking every last drop on the chin.
CAUSA 447 Adan
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Description: When the move to Scottsdale became a done deal, I made a short-list of Florida models with whom I wanted to film another time before my departure. The third installment of “Scent of a Porn Producer Leaving” brings us ClubAmateurUSA's red-headed Jesus, Adan. ;-) Seeing Adan sneak glances at the cameras during filming, I realized, while editing this video & scrolling through the 82,000+ screencaps, that mentally, Adan is a conscientious objector to his own physical responses to certain aspects of his participation. It's especially evident during any sort of anal play. For anyone, allowing anal play is submissive in nature, and for Adan, it questions his masculinity & pushes his boundaries further than he is comfortable in the construct of his bisexuality. From one of his comments, it sounds as though Adan's wife may no longer support his participation in CAUSA content, and as a result, that may be feeding some of his hesitance & self-awareness. Regardless, this is another hot dayum vid
Private Eric & Petty Officer Tanner
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Description: He works Eric's uncut manhood from top to bottom, making sure he takes every inch down his throat. Eric moans and grunts with pleasure as the submissive sailor does his dirty work. After Tanner has done his oral duty, Eric bends the slender young guy over and takes him from behind. He slowly slides his cock into Tanner's waiting ass as our Petty Officer groans enthusiastically with the ****. He isn't sure if he can take all of the massive meat and tries to move away while Eric holds him closer. Eric pounds away happily on Tanner's hole, using the sailor for his own pleasure. When he's done giving Tanner a good fucking, he flips him on his back for a facial he'll never forget. Eric's ass cheeks clench as he begins to let loose the gushes of white cum. With each new squirt, Tanner's cheeks become more glazed. Finally, Tanner gazes into the camera with his face covered in the marine's manly juices.
Servicing Sergeant Tony's Cock
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Description: Tony's cock grows thick and long inside Jakobee's throat. Jakobee gets so into servicing Tony that he can't keep his eyes off of him. That is a big no-no in the military (for the straight guys). Tony orders Jakobee's eyes down. The only contact he wants is to give a good face fucking. Jakobee's rugged good looks and submissiveness wear on Tony. He warms up a bit and finally gives permission to kiss his chest. Tony soon has his fill of Jakobee's warm wet mouth. He jumps up to smear a big white load all over Jakobee's now pink cheek and full set of lips. One final order later, and Jakobee is kissing the cum off the tip of Tony's big brown dick.