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Description: Training soldiers can be tough work; involving grueling hours of physically strenuous workouts in order to forge new recruits into defenders of our nation, and Army Specialist Alex has what it takes. Underneath his combat uniform stirs a huge thick cock and cum filled low hangers that are a perfect fit for Alex' large paws. It's clear that Alex is an expert stroker, running his tight grip slowly up and down the full length of his stiff rod. His fingers drift lower as he tugs at his balls and then slowly lets his fingers slip into his tight hole. Then one finger becomes two fingers sinking into his hot hole. He starts pounding away at his meat faster and harder, but has amazing control as he keeps himself from letting loose until he is ready. Then he lets a massive load rip all over his chest and abs before slumping back in total release.
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Description: Perry hit a little financial rough patch when he got a speeding ticket. On top of that, his GF had gone out of town for a few days so he was more than ready to bust a nut. I was glad to tell him that I could help him out with both problems. I set Perry up in the bedroom with some porn and lube and let him go at it. He must've been extra horny 'cos his cock was hard in about 20 seconds flat. I always like seeing how the guys jerk off without any sort of direction-- kinda plays to my voyeuristic side. Perry used his signature reverse-handed stroking style, everyone once in a while cupping his other hand around his big nut sack. And then there's his intense "O-face." The same one he got right before spilling gobs of thick cum onto his ginger pubes.
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Description: Every inch of Lance's cock throbs going in & out of his toy
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Description: Pavel always wanted to be a stripper and in this video he gets his chance.
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Description: Oli Jay is tied down to the table with his naked body vulnerable to the massaging hands of cock stroker Sebastian Kane. He loves to make boys wiggle and writhe, and Oli's chubby dick is soon becoming a hard shaft of uncut meat for the dominant master to milk. He really gets off on making a cock explode a cum load, and with some determined edging he does exactly that to his poor boy!
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Description: What would a Defiant contest be without Shane? This serious stroker shows up to give a lesson in splooge soaring that they won’t soon forget. Shane toys with his precum and uses it to lube up his ass pucker before he sticks a finger in it. Whatever buttom he pushed, must have been the right one, because when this boy lets his load loose, it flies further than anyone else!
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Description: Dario Beck rubs his bod as he lounges inside—with Adam Russo rubbing his bulge while eying the stroker from outside. Adam enters, dropping his jeans as his boner bounces out. The two stare at each other as they jack, Dario dropping to the floor to suck the shaved-headed stud. The two soon kiss as their cocks touch—strands of spit and precum moving from Dario's dick to Adam's quad. Adam sucks back, sliding Dario's foreskin up and twisting his tongue inside. Adam plants his lips to the base of Dario's bush before munching on his foreskin, then plants his stubbly chin inside the hairy stud's hole. Russo fucks him from behind, a shiny pearl of precum forming on Dario's boner and leaking down in a long strand. On his back, Dario shows off his juicy boner as Russo rubs the bottom's bod and strokes his cock. Russo varies from fast to slow, Dario's boner pulsing as the top hits the spot. Lifting his pelvis up in a bridge position, Dario's big balls bounce as he gets pumped from below
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Description: Sit back and relax with this sexy stud Miles to admire his huge assets, As he jacks off, he leans back on the couch giving a cock hardening view
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Description: In our on-going series of Pokers and Strokers, here you'll find several of our guys in behind the scene action where we ask them walk with their dicks hard while begging
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Description: One time Jeremy and his friend were hanging out drinking ***** in his motor home. One of his fuck buddy girls called and when he asked her if she wanted to come over and get tag-teamed by him and his friend, she hurried right over. I mean, it's got to be every girl's fantasy to get boned by two hot young guys in a motor home right? Well, maybe not EVERY girl...
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Description: Nolan embarks on his greatest adventure in his short porn career, The ToeGasm! We explained to our twenty-one year old surfer/skater/cock stroker what a ToeGasms was and he was all about trying it while the cameras rolled. Nolan has a tight body and a huge nine inch cock that he loves to jack off. Watch as his toes spasm, flex and wiggle right up until the time Nolan unleashes a huge load of cum all over himself. Nolan's first ToeGasm is a memorable one for us all! See it all & lots more foot fetish videos & photos now at
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Description: and I couldn't resisting trying it immediatly.really huge but sooo good!
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Description: I decided to do another video with this stroker. It was a bit different for me but I did like it.
Dickz Cyberskin Stroker Jerk
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Description: This is my first toy vid and I wanted to give you something to check out. I have a written review of the toy. Just send me an email and I can forward that to you along with a longer clip.
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Aim To Please - Shane
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Description: What would a Defiant contest be without Shane? This serious stroker shows up to give a lesson in splooge soaring that they won't soon forget. Shane toys with his precum and uses it to lube up his ass pucker before he sticks a finger in it. Whatever buttom he pushed, must have been the right one, because when this boy lets his load loose, it flies further than anyone else!
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Description: I was in shock when I started watching this scene. It is so intense it is borderline violent as one frustrated jock ****** feeds another his sweaty dick. Willing or not, the teammate develops a thirst for cock and the tension drops as the sexual leisure becomes mutual. All their training in the off-season has clearly paid off as our boys complete for Stroker of the Year. Just when you think the game is over, our star players head for the showers where we discover who's the pitcher and who's the catcher. It looks like today's a double-header.
stroker toy
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Description: This is an old toy I have, which now is no longer, I now use sleeves, i'll upload one soon.